WHITE GAZE - A Gentrification Horror

Los Angeles, California | Film Short

Drama, Horror

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We hope to raise awareness toward modern forms of colonialism such as appropriation and gentrification and its effect on brown individuals and communities. White Gaze was shot on location in Pico-Union, a historically working-class Latine area in danger of falling victim to commercial interests.

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Mission Statement

From a brown, queer writer-director, the motivation for this project is to increase brown visibility and combat colorism in film while also emphasizing PoC representation behind the camera. We're focused on sharing brown, lived experiences through an authentic lens resonating with universal themes.

The Story

Mission Statement

Our team represents a collective of brown, queer, and PoC artists and filmmakers, several from or residing in the area this project highlights, Pico-Union. It's been an empowering process to collaborate with such diverse creatives as we tell an authentic story to help create social dialogue surrounding cultural appropriation and gentrification, and its impact on marginalized, brown, working class communities.

The Story.

Our film begins as our main character, a young Latine named Gema, is forced to let an overeager stranger, Heather, move in. Gema's reluctant, but has to make rent or risk being evicted. The uneasy peace between them soon escalates beyond just simple housemate squabbles as Gema's exposed to something far more invasive and sinister.

Why support this project? 

The Story: Modern forms of colonialism exist in insidious ways, impacting marginalized individuals and communities. This genre-bending depiction of a young Latine’s harrowing journey speaks to brown, queer, and immigrant experiences alike. This isn’t an uncommon story. We hope this can raise awareness and discourse on racial and social equity. 

The Representation: We have a diverse collective of talented femmes, LGBTQIA+, and PoC creatives in key roles on this team. As well as a film with brown, culture-specific characters and grounded performances. People speak of onscreen representation, however, colorism is often overlooked in this conversation. Support us so that this narrative can shift.

The Art: We're creating something long overdue and vastly unique. Independent art and diverse voices are vital in making this world a more equitable place. Support this film so that more independent art and emerging black and brown voices can be amplified!

Why Me (ETA): From founding the collective, moonroom, which organized dozens of arts and music showcases throughout California to highlight queer, independent artists during API and Desi American Heritage Month and now serves to provide resources for emerging brown, queer filmmakers, to my first narrative project, Stockton 2 Malone, which AFROPUNK lauded for infusing "diverse, intersectional identities into the mumblecore subgenre", and my most recent work, Confluence: A Meditation in Documentary Form, which explored ancestry and identity through the lens of the APIDA diaspora and screened at several Oscar-qualifying film festivals, my passion has always been guided by a desire to address systemic inequalities and amplify voices of marginalized communities in an authentic way. This project is no different!


White Gaze is a social drama and horror, but at its root, it's a sincere generational story about home, identity, and ancestral connection. Our film is inspired by not only the slow burn suspense of films like The Babadook, Get Out, and We Need to Talk about Kevin, but the dark wit and genre-fluidity of culturally-nuanced movies and shows such as Atlanta, Raising Victor Vargas, and Roma.


Funding and support.

Consider contributing to our campaign and supporting brown, queer, independent, inclusive cinema unabashedly highlighting a timely message.

Please choose a level of support you’re comfortable with. If nothing else, share with family, friends, and your extended networks, and click the blue heart to follow. This increases visibility to the project and helps us gain momentum toward reaching our goal!

I (ETA) have privately self-financed this through savings from my day job as an Instructional Aide at a K-8 school and the graciousness of cast and crew to accept deferred pay or to work in-kind. However, this does put me in a precarious month-to-month financial situation. This would not only alleviate that financial burden and help cover costs, but ensure that this is a financially equitable production for all cast and crew involved and providing the project with a modest capacity to submit to film festivals.


Thank you!

Thank you for reading this far. I'm so grateful for the team that's been assembled and their hard work (not to mention, how the neighborhood embraced this micro-budget project). They all deserve to shine! If you have any questions about this project, reach out! We want to hear from you and get you engaged with our movie!




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About This Team

ETA (writer/director/editor) - ETA is here to create something unique and socially impactful. They're coming off a successful festival circuit for their last film, Confluence: A Meditation in Documentary Form, and are thrilled to explore short-form narrative with White Gaze. Their passion for filmmaking is rooted in the creation of characters to amplify visibility for marginalized groups and highlight culture-specific spaces.

Shanhuan Manton (producer) - Shanhuan has a wide set of creative skills and brought years of production experience in various capacities. Their most recent work, Confluence: A Meditation in Documentary Form, has screened at several Oscar-qualifying film festivals.

Gema Limeta (associate producer/actor, Gema) - Gema was born and raised in the Pico-Union area. As a first-time actor, they bring a grounded, nuanced realism to the lead role and lend firsthand, lived experience to the story.

Shannon Gibbs (actor, Heather) - A seasoned actor with several plays, short films, and a noteworthy appearance in Jackass 4.5 under their belt, Shannon brought a complexity to their role of Heather. 

Alain Argueta (associate producer/actor, Alain) - Alain was born and raised in the nearby South Central area, a predominantly black and brown neighborhood. As a first-time actor, they brough a grounded brevity and realism to the character and lend firsthand, lived experience to the story. 

Mikaela Rose (production designer) - A longtime resident of the Pico-Union area and multidisciplinary artist, Mikaela helped create an authentic Latine backdrop for the story, overseeing everything from set decoration and wardrobe to hair and make up.

Cole Maslansky (director of photography) - Cole is a workhorse. Coming from a music video background, their eye was steady and stylized. They were a vital part of our team and the telling of our story.

Sam Veeramachaneni (associate producer) - Sam brought their years of experience working on commercials, music videos, and short films as an all-in-one video production creative and consulted in each phase of production, including the crowdfunding pitch video.

Current Team