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Horror, Thriller

LeMar McLean

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A 'Karen' flees the city after going viral for a racist incident, only to pay the cost of implicit bias when targeted by a homicidal wolf-worshipping cult.

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Mission Statement

As a Black filmmaker, I'm making Who's Afraid as a reminder of how our shared social responsibility should transcend our racial differences. By illustrating how racial biases destroy more than they protect, Who's Afraid uses life-and-death stakes to position empathy as a key to collective survival.

The Story

Why This? Why Now?

Since the common use of smartphones, white Americans have been caught discriminating against Black Americans with impunity on a daily basis. If not for smartphones capturing some of this behavior, the frequency with which these incidents take place would still be considered unbelievable by most.

The "Karen" phenomenon.

This routine of citizens weaponizing the police against Black people reveals a wicked chain of systemic injustice that should infuriate anyone who believes in equal protection under the law.

Two of the countless casualties of a racist system.

But the fear that drives this insidious trend not only kills Black people, but it can also lead to the demise of the offenders. In a world driven by fear and intolerance, nobody wins.

About the Movie

Who's Afraid follows this phenomenon to a cathartic yet heart-pumping conclusion as it answers the question: what would happen if someone had to face a life-or-death situation as a result of jeopardizing someone else's life out of sheer racism? Our main character, Whitney King, commits such an act of racism then flees the city to forget and reset. Unfortunately for her, she runs from one problem and into another: a charming group of locals who require human flesh for their holiday feast.

Scenes from Who's Afraid

As a justice narrative, and given how difficult it remains for marginalized storytellers to make their visions a reality, Who's Afraid represented an opportunity for co-producer/star Siobhan Lee and me to bet on ourselves. Refusing to live haunted by 'what if's and 'if only's, we used our day-job savings to take the bold step of financing the production phase of the film.

We are passionate storytellers and filmakers who came together to create something truely special

Starting as a team of 2, Siobhan and I fully embraced the collaborative enterprise of telling this story. We auditioned many talented actors to find the amazing cast and hired a crew of passionate filmmakers to fulfill the vision from behind the camera.

The Cast and Crew of Who's Afraid, taken on location in Keene Valley.

And in December 2021, with our vehicles loaded with equipment, costumes, props, and COVID-compliance supplies, we trekked up to the magnificent (and snowy) Adirondacks, poised to make our mark.

Writer and Director of Who's Afraid, C. LeMar McLean on location in Keene Valley, New York.

Though most of us arrived as relative strangers to one another, a familial atmosphere set in almost immediately, due in part to the cozy layout of the Rooster Comb Inn, where we all stayed (special shoutout to caretaker Terri for her cheer, support, and homemade soup). We ate every meal together and would unwind around the fireplace after the long shoot days, recalling our experiences from the day and from our lives. 

Some behind the scenes snaps of the team!

And the tight-knit culture we built reflected the ideal of a world that inspired the very telling of Who's Afraid.

Coming from a diverse array of backgrounds, our cast and crew bonded via cultural exchanges that strenghthened us as a team. We valued one another's individuality as we would our own, whether with an impromptu flute concert from veteran actor Marshall Dancing Elk Lucas, a feeding/fawning session with makeup/effects artist Karly Stigliano's pet snail Onion, or the agreement that NO ONE DRINKS BRIAN'S CHOCOLATE MILKS EXCEPT FOR BRIAN (Szepatowski, location sound recordist extraordinaire)!

Uncowed by an ambitious shooting schedule and extreme weather conditions, our team brought the script to life with such unwavering determination that it felt as if the universe was conspiring on behalf of this story. And now that we've shot the film, we need to deliver the finished product of this magical experience.

An aerial still of Keene Valley from Who's Afraid.

Where we are now

We were able to complete the production stage in late 2021 by using our own savings, salaries and credit cards. It is our dream and our calling to tell stories that matter, to change minds and touch hearts, to thrill and inspire. But now we need your help for post-production and beyond. 

Where we can be (with your help!)

What we raise will fund that process, which includes editing, color correction, visual effects, music composition, sound design and audio mix, festival submissions & travel, title and poster design, and marketing materials. All of these elements are vital to the quality of the film and our ability to successfully communicate the story. Our total campaign goal is $46,350, which is a mountain we can only climb with your help. We need to reach 80% of that goal to receive our pledges from Seed & Spark, and we have some great incentives to offer as a thank you for your contribution.

Film Festivals

Upon the films completion, we want Who's Afraid to debut at film festivals both here and internationally. Festivals will not only give us the opportunity to get the film seen by a captive audience but also have people within the industry see our work. Our aim is to get this fantastic story under the eyes of as many producers and acquisition executives as possible, to acquire a distribution offer for Who's Afraid as well as the anthology series that inspired it.

The Who's Afraid team behind the scenes.

Ways to help! 

Join our Family & Create with Us

Much like building a better world, we cannot finish Who's Afraid alone. So whether you're a fellow storyteller, a fan of horror, an advocate for female-led films and/or independent filmmaking, or just want to see a great story come to life, we welcome you to join our family by way of financial contribution.

Support Black filmmaking and movies with strong female leads!

Make a Pledge! Pick from one of our incentives or contribute any other amount. All contributions help, no matter how small. 

We create to inspire anyone who's ever daydreamed about following a passion but chose a more practical path instead. We create because it feeds our souls in ways that no other pursuit can. We create to plant guideposts for a better world than the one we'll leave behind. 

And if you believe that stories can change the world, your support will make you an invaluable part of that legacy. 

Follow our campaign and stay connected with us by clicking the button at the top of this page and help spread the word by sharing it too! Help us reach more people by sharing our video and page through social media & email! AND.... We've made it even easier to share our campaign just copy and paste any of the below to your post/email:


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I'm so excited to support @whosafraidmovie, a smart horror film with a social conscience! The cast is amazing, and the location is epic. Join me in supporting black filmmaking and movies with strong female leads!


Also you can follow us on Social Media (@whosafraidmovie) for more pictures, updates and behind the scenes action!


And please KEEP SCROLLING down to see all the brilliant incentives we have to offer when you make a pledge!


Thank you for your generosity and support. It means the world and we cannot wait to welcome you to the Who's Afraid Family!



Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.

Editing & Color Correction

Costs $7,000

“Editing is where movies are made or broken.” A crucial stage in bringing the film together.

Visual Effects

Costs $2,500

To support and elevate our story with important details that weren't possible to capture on film.

Sound Mix & Sound Effects

Costs $5,000

“Films are 50% visual and 50% sound.” Without great sound quality and syncing, there is no story.

Music - Songs

Costs $2,000

To pay the musicians, whose music sets the scene for bringing the audience into our world.

Music - Score

Costs $5,000

Original music to accompany the film, heightening emotion, tension, and mood.

Festival Submissions

Costs $3,000

Festivals are where films are seen and careers can be launched. Let's take the film on the road!

Title & Poster Design

Costs $1,500

Marketing the film with a captivating original image that reflects its essence.

Trailer Edit

Costs $2,000

We need a great trailer to get audiences even more interested in seeing the film.


Costs $450

Let's make closed captioning available for a more inclusive viewing experience.

Deferred Pay

Costs $2,900

It’s important for us to make all the talented and hardworking cast and crew fully whole!

Screening Room

Costs $5,000

Securing a great venue for live screenings can be as important as the film itself.

Production Overages

Costs $10,000

Unforeseen expenses that we encountered on location and were necessary to shoot the film.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

Siobhan Lee is a classically-trained actor from London, England, who moved to the United States in 2019 to pursue the artist's career...And then the pandemic happened.

Despite the setback, Siobhan turned her improv comedy background into the hilarious Quarantine Court series, which she shot at home during lockdown with partner LeMar McLean. And her many years as a Retail Buyer and Ecommerce Strategist have informed her ability as an effective team leader and producer in the entertainment field. 

In addition to Who's Afraid, Siobhan is developing stories as a writer/actor to take her creative destiny into her own hands.

LeMar McLean graduated from Haverford College in 2004 with a degree in English Literature. Despite being denied the coveted Creative Writing Concentration at his alma mater, his passion for writing never wavered.

Upon graduation, he studied improv and sketch at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and became a regular performer in the UCBW Cagematch show for over a decade. During that time, his writing consisted of character monologues, comedy sketches, and stage shows. 

LeMar began producing independent content in 2016, starting with the comedic digital series Breakfast In Bed, co-created with filmmaker Kate Chamuris. In 2017, LeMar pivoted into the horror/thriller space with the short film Page One, written by and starring Tarik Davis (The Amber Ruffin Show). Since Page One, LeMar has stuck with the horror/thriller genre to launch his screenwriting career in earnest.

While LeMar remains the producer of the longest-running Black improv comedy show in New York City, CPT: Comedy People's Time, he also has several scripts in development, including an anthology horror series that centers on contemporary social issues.

Current Team