We'll Never Make It

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Comedy, Drama

Katy Dolle

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WE'LL NEVER MAKE IT is a dramedy about a young woman who gets stuck on the side of the road with her autistic brother and zany Jewish grandma on the way to a family wedding. Their personalities clash in comedic and heartfelt moments as they struggle to survive and make it to the wedding on time.

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Mission Statement

We hope to raise awareness about developmental disabilities while also telling a heartfelt story. Our film is female-driven with an inclusive cast and crew, including an actor on the autism spectrum and a senior citizen.

The Story


WE'LL NEVER MAKE IT is a dramedy in the vein of Little Miss Sunshine  and Rachel Getting Married. It's a family story with serious and light-hearted moments. Our main character, Chelsea, is a young woman who just turned 30 and is grappling with the serious question of what to do with her life. Her parents, as well as her grandmother are nagging her about being single, which is amplified by the fact that they're all going to a wedding. She has been designated as the driver for her brother and grandmother, and begrudgingly agrees since she is the glue that holds the family together.


Unfortunately, as they make their long drive out of the city and into the desert, Chelsea's car breaks down. And to make matters worse, there's no cell phone service. Chelsea is stuck with her high maintenance Jewish grandma who can't stop complaining, and her disabled brother who can't handle emergencies - the two worst family members to have in a crisis. Now, the three of them must rely on each other to get out of this situation, and hopefully make it to the wedding on time.



A statement from Katy:


1 in 68 children in the US today is diagnosed with autism. Yet, we don't see that representation on screen. Oftentimes, a disabled character will be played by a neurotypical actor. We want to change that.


Growing up with my brother Chad was a unique and special experience. I learned to have compassion and patience for others. I also learned that people with disabilities should not be underestimated or stereotyped. They are often underrepresented in film, so that's why I feel it is so crucial for us to depict this character in a truthful way, and have an actor who is actually on the spectrum playing the role of Kevin. 


 My first film, Dancing Man The Documentary, helped to raise awareness and funds for anti-bullying and body positivity. It was through this experience that I discovered my true purpose in life: I want to make art that makes a difference. I hope that with We'll Never Make It, I can go in a more narrative direction, and also raise awareness for a cause that is near and dear to my heart - people with developmental disabilities. 



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Costs $600

Our cast and crew needs to be fed during the production!


Costs $500

We want to keep our production as safe as possible.

Post Production

Costs $500

Post production sound mixing, festival fees, distribution

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Cinematography & Lighting

Costs $2,300

Fees for our cinematographer and gaffer, as well as all of our camera and lighting gear.


Costs $700

We want to pay our talented actors what they deserve!


Costs $1,300

It's not easy filming in the desert. We'll need film permits, accomodations, and a pop up tent.

Makeup and Wardrobe

Costs $600

We need our cast to look their absolute best! This will go towards costumes and a makeup artist.

About This Team

Katy Dolle - Producer, Writer, Co-Director and Actor

Katy Dolle is a passionate NYU-educated filmmaker, actress, producer, and editor. She developed a keen sense of storytelling through a lifetime spent working in theater, film and television. Katy carries this energy behind the camera, helping to create stories that are fast-paced, entertaining, and cinematic. She's had the pleasure of working with BuzzFeed, Smosh, New Rockstars, and ColourPop Cosmetics, among many others. 

Her directorial debut, the widely-acclaimed Dancing Man Documentary, helped to spread awareness and raise funds for anti-bullying and body positivity charities. 

Katy is very close to her brother Chad, who has high functioning autism. This project is dear to her heart since it will be raising funds and awareness for those with disabilities.


Daniel Zagayer - Director

Hopelessly romantic about filmmaking since age 12, Daniel has been directing, editing, and producing videos with a simple goal in mind, captivate the viewer.  A graduate of USC School of Cinematic Arts (2012), Daniel has produced short comedy films that use a unique blend of humor and cinematic storytelling. He's produced exclusive content for Funny or Die and Yahoo in addition to directing numerous award-winning short films made in conjunction with his hometown compadres' comedy sketch group, the L.A.W.V.Chillers. 

Daniel's passion for travel and photography lead him to work with major TV networks, Discovery and Travel Channel. Filming in over 40 countries around the globe from locations ranging from the bright neon-lit streets of Tokyo to the far reaches of the Amazon Jungle.


Jenn Gittings - Cinematographer


Jenn Gittings is a Los Angeles based cinematographer with a love for collaborating on narrative and documentary filmsHer recent feature, Simple Being, won the Van Gogh Award for Excellence in Cinematography at the Amsterdam Film Festival and has been acquired by Tucuman Films for distribution in Brazil.

During her time shooting, Jenn has had the pleasure to help create films and content appearing on HBO, Yahoo, College Humor and YouTube’s Hungry and Loud channels. She has also had the privilege of lighting such talent as Vince Vaughn, Colin Hanks, Tony Hawk, Paul Sand, Pepe Serna, Judy Greer, Niecy Nash and Rachael Harris.

Jenn has a background in Fine Arts, with a concentration in Sculpture, Photography and Painting. She earned an MFA in Cinematography from UCLA, where she was able to study under Steve Burum, Vittorio Storaro and Vilmos Zsigmond. 

Jenn is thrilled to be working in a medium that utilizes all of her artistic background while also enabling her to work with other artists, telling their stories in an emotionally engaging visual way.


Jon Hoffman - Actor


Originally from Kentucky, Jon fell in love with acting while in law school. Most recently, he finished working on the feature film Across the Ocean which follows the story of two women leading separate lives in Los Angeles and India. Jon took on the role of Jacob, an intelligent man finishing up his medical degree at UCLA. When his girlfriend of 7 years, Holly decides to take a job in India, Jacob’s world is turned upside down.

Jon is in ongoing scene study classes with his acting coach John Kirby, and has recently returned to improv at UCB. Prior to this, he also studied with Larry Moss and graduated from the world famous Second City Chicago.

We are thrilled to bring on such a talented actor into our project who understands what life is like on the spectrum.


SJ Mendelson - Actor

SJ Mendelson is an actor and producer, known for Terms and Conditions (2016), Beauty in the Broken (2015) and Valibation (2013). We are delighted to bring her sense of humor and unique spirit to the role of Nama. She is also known for her recent appearance on America's Got Talent as her alter ego, Maw Maw Kitty.


Current Team