Wolves Inside

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Western, Drama

Samantha Ireland

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1897 in West Texas, a woman, and her granddaughter encounter a dangerous stranger who is seeking revenge. In one fateful night, they must all come to face the wolves that walk among them and the ones inside themselves.

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Mission Statement

All major roles and positions are held by women. 85% of the crew and 50% of the cast are women. Our team consists of people of different ages, race, and sexuality. This is a story told through diverse female lenses and our team reflects those voices.

The Story


Wolves Inside is the second short film written, directed and produced by Samantha Ireland.

This story explores the conscious choices people face while fighting with their animalistic compulsions in a brutal and unforgiving world told through the eyes of women from different walks of life. 

The central idea of this film was inspired by the Native American parable: The Tale of Two Wolves



Growing up and watching Westerns, of all kinds, I always gravitated towards the central male figures and anti-heroes of the stories- The lone wolf who's come to town to serve justice, the unknown drifter struggling with their inner demons, the silent gunslinger paying back a debt. Their undeniable strength and vulnerability seething beneath the surface captivated me as an audience. Unfortunately, I rarely connected with the female characters in these films.  The women, until recent, have been oftentimes portrayed as tropes in this genre-"Miss Kitty" of the local saloon, the mournful damaged widow, the objectified damsel in distress. I never saw myself or women I knew in these stories. 


I think it is vital to see flawed characters with exceptional power, fighting a great battle of sorts within a story... and these characters must also be women. Women should be able to recognize themselves and connect to characters and their struggles onscreen. There isn't enough out there for us yet and we still have a long way to go. 


That's why I wrote this film. I want to atone for my younger self. I want to make stories that are told through the eyes of compelling women in a time period idolized by many.


I want us to be more than just a trope. 



We wanted to create a community of women in front of and behind the camera telling a female-led story. Women hold all major positions in this production. Women are severely underrepresented in this industry both in front of and behind the camera, and we hope that changes one day. We want to do our part with accruing a group of women in our area to showcase their talent for this story and we hope this encouragement continues in future productions. 

Pictures of Morgan Honaker our Sound Mixer and Ivy Chiu our Cinematographer 

When I was a teenager we would travel out to Big Bend National Park and the surrounding towns for our family vacations and I have always cherished those memories. West Texas is an underutilized area of our state when it comes to filming. It has the picturesque outline of the Chisos mountains, colorful open skies, and beautiful desert landscape that encompasses a particular time of life. I knew it would be the inspiration for many stories I would tell as an adult.


We plan to shoot on location in the ghost town of Terlingua, Texas.




There is more to these characters than what will be portrayed in this short film. We would like to use this short film as a jumping off point for something much larger. The stories that have been drawn from these characters, outside of this film, are not only thrilling but are also a journey of the human spirit in a time where life wasn't simple.  We want to indulge in these stories in a longer narrative format and we believe this film will establish a path in that direction. 


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Production Design & Props

Costs $700

To capture simply and accurately the time period.

SFX & Wardrobe

Costs $700

To capture the brutal story and time period.


Costs $3,000

Equipment to rent to actually shoot the film.


Costs $1,700

Pay, Lodge and Transport our actors to bring the story to life.


Costs $3,600

Pay, Lodge & Transport our talented crew.


Costs $1,300

Provide the meals and craft services to our hardworking individuals in this production.

About This Team

Samantha Ireland

Director, Writer & Producer


Samantha is an actress, writer, director, and producer located in Austin, Texas. A native Texan. Samantha has been working in the industry since 2011 with work ranging from sketch comedy to indie dramas. Last year Samantha wrote, directed, produced her first film, THE SAW a micro-comedy short about a woman using a unique method for coping with her anger management, that had a small festival run with winning a few awards including Best Texas Micro-Comedy Short from Austin Revolution Film Festival.


 Samantha is most known for her work with Rooster Teeth Productions voicing fan-favorite characters in their world popular animation series and performing in their various comedy web shorts. Samantha was also recently cast in their upcoming meta-comedy horror feature film, Blood Fest. 


Kayla Olson


Kayla studied musical theater at the University of North Texas for two years. Shortly after, she moved to Austin, TX to study Radio-TV-Film at Austin Community College. She received certificates in both Production Management and Technology. While enrolled, she interned for the hit PBS show,
The Daytripper.  


After graduating, Kayla co-created and starred in the award-winning web series, Once You Leave for which she achieved a Best Actor award and several nominations. Besides filmmaking, Kayla continues her acting studies with multiple coaches around town. And has worked on a number of short films, commercials and in many roles such as Assistant Director, Production Manager, and Editor.

She is currently in post-production for the upcoming feature film, God Made Man where she served as the Creator, Producer, and Co-Writer. 


Peggy Schott


 Peggy Schott is a native of New Orleans but she works primarily in Texas indie film as an actress,    producer and in casting. Her experience ranges from films directed or produced by Academy Award nominees to University of Texas film students.


Mostly, Peggy loves to collaborate with talented artists to create meaningful projects. As a Producer, she is very proud of the music video for the band Missio’s “Can I Exist”, winner of many honors including New York’s Urbanworld Best Music Video. Also producing the short film The Debt, winning awards including Austin's Under the Star's Film Festival Best Texas Film while giving Peggy the opportunity to work as an actress alongside Samantha Ireland and Nick Stevenson.


Nick Stevenson

Producer & Actor


Stevenson can be seen most recently in NatGeo's The Long Road Home, AMC's The Son and Netflix's stand out hit, Orange is the New Black. He has also guest starred and appeared opposite the likes of Piers Brosnan, Jerry Seinfeld, Kathleen Chalfant, Jason Biggs, Michael Kelly and Jim Caviezel among many others.


In between gigs, Stevenson, paints, writes and frames his own photography often hosting an exhibition here or there. As a writer, Stevenson's ideas never cease. He has three other completed screenplays, one of which he plans to shoot in Louisiana in 2018.  He also plans on shooting at least one of his other features here in Texas 2017/18 along with a teleplay and a violent Television Pilot titled The Bradman's, which he is seeking funding for.


Ivy Chiu

Director of Photography


Ivy Chiu is a graduate of the University of Texas film program. Growing up in Taiwan and Texas, Ivy saw storytelling as a way to connect with people from all backgrounds. A young DP with a penchant for adventure, Ivy has shot projects in Germany, Haiti, India, Iceland, and more. Ivy lensed a Mandarin feature film this summer (her first, yay!), and she is excited to take on a period Western with other badass women.


Morgan Honaker

Sound Mixer


A recent graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, Morgan Honaker is an audio engineer based in Austin, Texas who specializes in production sound recording as well as post-production sound mixing, Foley recording, sound editing, and sound design. She focuses on audio for film and video games but also dabbles in composing and live-event sound engineering. In addition to audio, Morgan also creates video essays on her YouTube channel Film in Deep Focus where she comments critically on different aspects of film and television.


Octavia Lutgen

SFX Artist


Still new to the Austin film scene from the mountains of Montana, Octavia is loving learning and growing as an artist as she works with those that inspire her to continually take on bigger projects. Being inspired by all the wonderful women in the industry, Wolves Inside will be an opportunity to represent something bigger than her while she does what she loves.


Octavia is an intern with the prominent Hawgfly Productions.


Suzanne Orzech 

Producer & Script Translator 


Suzanne is a stage actor who has performed in many productions throughout the Austin area.  Favorite productions include Young Frankenstein, Jesus Christ Superstar, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Evita, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat (Georgetown Palace Theatre), Urinetown (City Theater), Sweeney Todd, Baby, Company (Austin Theatre Project) and Chicago (Théâtre Charles Dullin, Rouen, France).  


Suzanne is a free-lance translator and teaches Spanish at Meridian World School in Round Rock, Texas. This is her first time working in the film realm working as a Producer and Script Translator.

Current Team