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Our documentary will shed light on the plight of wild horses by traversing the changing Western landscape on mustangs, interviewing diverse stakeholders, and celebrating adventure, all while empowering women to step outside of their comfort zone.

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Mission Statement

An all-woman adventure team provided us with a unique opportunity to celebrate parts of ourselves we feel we have to hide to fit in as women in today’s society. We aim to empower other women to challenge these societal boundaries through the spirit of the wilderness and the power of the wild horse.

The Story

In October 2021, three millennial female horse wranglers born coasts apart embarked on a 30-day ride with 9 mustangs across the American West. Their vehicle is also their mission: the wild horse and the controversy surrounding its survival on shrinking public lands.

Why Do We Need This Money?

The funds from our first crowdfunding campaign, launched in February 2020, allowed us to complete our pack trip and film the journey. Our incredibly generous community helped us raise over $50,000 to pay for our horses, their feed, our gear, and filming expenses. Now, we have all the footage to create our documentary but we need the funding to put on the final touches: editing, adding music, graphics, and colorizing. We won’t be able to show you our journey until we successfully complete this campaign! Once our film is finished, we’ll be able to submit the final product to film festivals and release it on a large streaming platform. We feel confident that we will be able to get our movie on a large platform (Netflix, Hulu, etc.) for you to watch, thanks to our well-connected and talented producer, Danielle Hinde.

Contributing to our campaign, whether it's $10 or $1,000 will get us one step closer to making our film, and anything we raise over $25,000 will give us the flexibility to create an even better movie. 

Why Us?

The "wild women" are a group of experienced horsewomen interested in learning about the mustang crisis. While we have researched the problem prior to our trip and we all have a deep love for horses, none of us hold strong biases regarding wild horses. This makes us the perfect candidates to learn from different stakeholders in the problem so that our viewers can follow our personal education alongside our 250-mile ride. The result will be a film documenting the successes and failures of policy in balancing preservation with economic development, the shrinking American West, and showcasing the strength of the American woman in stride with the wild equine.

Why This Film?

While there is plenty of information on the wild horse problem available, we feel strongly that there are few resources that do not contain bias, making it incredibly difficult to form a personal opinion. Most articles about wild horses contain some kind of emotional pull to make you side either with or against the horses. One of the main reasons we took on this project is to provide insight into why conservationists, cattle ranchers, wild horse advocates, the Bureau of Land Management (and the list goes on) believe what they do about the wild horse problem. Additionally, this is a potent time to be examining this crisis: the government is rounding up more wild horses than ever, while public lands are shrinking.

Why Now?

A team of highly skilled documentary filmmakers followed the process, capturing what’s left of the wildness in storied high plains and basins. Now that we have finished our journey, it's time to edit and produce our film! We don't want to keep you waiting to watch our film, especially while wild horses are becoming such a hot topic in American policy. The sooner we are able to raise this money, the sooner you will be able to watch our expedition. 

Why Should You Get Involved?

The wild horse crisis affects everyone in this country (yes, even you). Your taxpayer dollars go to the expenses of wild horses that now live in captivity. Your public lands are teeming with wild horses. And even though this affects every single American, very few people know there is even a problem.

We have such a strong community supporting our project (we're still blown away that you helped us raise $50,000!!) and we want to give you the opportunity to be part of it. Join our campaign to help us educate about America's living legend: the wild horse. 

Other Ways to Help

Not able to contribute financially? There are LOTS of ways you can help! Follow our campaign on Seed&Spark, share our campaign with others, follow us and share our content on Instagram and Facebook, and sign up for our email list on our website

Thank you for supporting our project, we can't wait to share the movie with you all!

xoxo, the wild women ?



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Costs $8,000

To edit the hundreds of hours of film we have into a final product!

Assistant Editors

Costs $5,000

To help find the best of what we filmed.

Color Correction

Costs $1,000

To make our film look good!

Sound Mix/Design

Costs $3,000

To make sure our doc sounds good!

Music Composition/Licensing

Costs $6,000

So that we can have music in our film


Costs $2,000

To add graphics to our doc

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About This Team

We are a team of three young women with a passion for the outdoors and a deep love of horses. Our common thread is that each of us have worked as wranglers at a ranch in Southern Wyoming. We have been riding and working with horses since we were young and collectively have experience in backcountry guiding, creative arts, and veterinary care.

Meet the Women (from left to right)

Caroline Heer is a Lost Angeles native and a serious multi-hyphenate: horsewoman, artist, massage therapist, dog mama - and soon to be human-mama! She is also an avid hiker and devoted baseball fan. Caroline has been riding since she was 5, when she began taking bareback lessons. After experimenting with English and Western styles of riding, she discovered the military-based California Rangers Youth Cavalry organization, and spent her youth competing with their elite dirll team, even riding as the opening act in the famed Reno Rodeo with her team a number of times. 

She is currently planning a move out to the West with her husband, their pup, and their little cowboy-to-be. 

Louisa Behnke is a Massachusetts native, and recently moved back after seven years living out West. Louisa is a graduate of Fort Lewis College, where she majored in Adventure Education with a minor in Environmental Policy. She spent this summer guiding five to six day rafting trips on the Snake and Salmon Rivers in Idaho. When she moved home, she got married to the love of her life, the man she met freshman year in college. Louisa enjoys spending all of her time outside and is re-adjusting to the East Coast life by riding English once again, fly fishing for striped bass, and spending a lot of time on the ocean. 

She has been riding since age eight and competing in hunter/jumper competitions from the Northeast in the summer to Florida in the winter. Louisa's first love was her horse, Arthur, whom she owned for six years. These days, she enjoys helping to ride sales horses and bring along young horses at a local stable.


Katherine Boucher is a Vermont native and Wyoming transplant. She has been an avid horse lover since age 9, starting her equestrian years at an eventing barn in Williston, Vermont. Her passion for horses led her to get an Animal Science degree with a concentration in pre-veterinary medicine and a minor in music, from the University of Vermont. Katherine is now the Head Wrangler for a ranch in Southern Wyoming and she continues to ride both Western and English. Her hobbies include singing, playing guitar, yoga, and spending time with her kitty Evie and her horse Cica. 


Meet the Production Team

Danielle Hinde


Doomsday Entertainment, started and owned by Danielle Hinde, is an industry-leading director representation and production company that leverages its innovative talent to create cutting-edge content including music videos, commercials, branded content, short films and documentaries.

Danielle started her career as a music video dancer, where she began a long-standing love affair with music videos. She serves as both Executive Producer and as a Director’s Representative to filmmakers such as Hiro Murai, Savanah Leaf, James Lees, Claire Edmondson, Yoni Lappin, Remy Cayuela, Tristan Holmes and more! 

In addition to producing the documentary about MoCA’s street art exhibit, “Outside In: The Story of Art in the Streets”, she has recently overseen groundbreaking and award-winning videos for Marvin Gaye, David Guetta, Katy Perry, Juanes, Capital Cities, Childish Gambino, Earl Sweatshirt, One Republic, Die Antwoord, J Lo and hundreds more. Doomsday has also produced the Grammy winning feature film “Nine Types of Light” for TV On the Radio, and other short films including “Clapping for the Wrong Reasons” starring/written by Donald Glover, short film “Today’s the Day” starring Danny Devito which premiered at Tribeca, short film “Identify Theft” starring Kate Burton and Bill Irwin and short film “Exit” starring Maria Bello which premiered at TIFF. Doomsday has also produced spots for Beats, Nike, Jordan, Doordash, Corona, Google, Gillette, Sonos, Lincoln, Microsoft and Apple to name a few. 

Most recently, Doomsday won Best Music Video at the 2019 Grammys for Childish Gambino’s “This Is America”, directed by Hiro Murai. Other awards include gold at the Clio and Ciclope festivals, and Grand Prix at Cannes Lions, as well as several Music Video Production Association Awards, MTV VMAs, Best Video at SXSW, Los Angeles Film Festival, Vimeo Awards, Director of the Year at UKMVA, and Best Music Video at the 2019 Latin Grammys. Danielle Hinde was nominated for Best Producer at UKMVA 2015. She is also a professor at USC for Film Production.


Aaron Colussi

Director of Photography

Aaron Colussi is a photographer, videographer, and director based in the Rocky Mountains but often found on the road. He is a recent The North Face Expedition recipient, a member of the BBC Nature Unit, Netflix Nature Unit, and is a Forest Service Wildland Fire Contractor.

Clients include Adidas, Reebok, The North Face, Salomon, Brooks Running, On Running, Netflix, BBC, PBS, AOL, Ford Motors, Tesla, General Mills, The Nature Conservancy, The Forest Service, Outside, NY Times, and many many more.


Colin Rinaker


Colin attended Indiana University, majoring in Telecommunications with a focus on design and production. His documentary "When The Curtain Falls" won Indiana's coveted Multivisions Media Showcase. Colin now lives in Fort Collins, Colorado and continues to do what he is passionate about. Colin has shot on films, television and commercials and is a FAA Part 107 Certified Drone Pilot. Colin's goal, when it comes to his work is to "get the shot." Crafting, executing and capturing the moment when everything is perfect. 

David Broad


David is an American filmmaker born and raised in New York City. He is the founder and president of Left Of Frame Pictures, a production company focused on the production of documentary films, television series and branded content for some of America's largest brands. He oversees teams dedicated to developing and producing content as well as partnering with financiers and distributors.

Prior to starting Left Of Frame Pictures, David worked as a producer, assistant director and editor for various independent feature films in Los Angeles and New York City.

David has also been involved in education, assisting in the outreach, operations and recruitment for a New York charter school network. He has also volunteered as a tutor of Physics and US History in some of New York's most underprivileged neighborhoods.

David received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts where he graduated with a minor in History.

Kevin Crisp

Sound Mixer

Current Team