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In a mysterious Oregon town, the antichrist and her guardian angel are forced to work together to stop the religious rapture— but they don’t know that yet. The award-winning supernatural fantasy audio drama is back for a third season of miracles, damnations, and everything in between.

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Mission Statement

Where the Stars Fell is a show made by, for, and about disabled and neurodivergent people. This lived experience is at the core of our storytelling efforts, and our mission to tell an engaging, empathetic story that features moments of relatability, education, and getting to do the cool thing.

The Story

Where the Stars Fell is a supernatural fantasy fiction podcast from Caldera Studios (Inkwyrm, Mini Marconis) and created by Newton Schottelkotte. Now in our third and penultimate season, the show is a semi-serialized dramedy full of memorable and fascinating characters, a unique twist on the religious fantasy route that seeks to center Jewish mythology as well as Christian, and an original soundtrack full of love for the Appalachian region in which its produced.

Dr. Edison Tucker is having a very weird life. Not being able to die tends to color things that way. Lucille Kensington is the literary scene’s biggest enigma. That’s just the way she likes it. When the pair find themselves sharing a cabin in the strangest town in America— Jerusalem, OR— they’re prepared for a housemate situation from hell. What they’re not expecting is tidings of a stranger sort: Ed is the antichrist, Lucy her guardian angel, and if they can’t find a way to work together soon, the rapture is set to take first the town, then the world… but neither of them know that yet. Welcome to Jerusalem, OR, where what doesn’t kill you is just another mystery.

Where we last left our heroes, Ed and Lucy had acted on their feelings for one another just in time for some big news: the rapture is due in two months, and everyone is choosing sides. As tensions build in Jerusalem, OR, Ed, Lucy, and the rest of the ICUP (Ineffable Congregation of the Upper Pacific; they really need to find a new acronym) try to prepare and find moments of hope and community where they can. This season is set to feature such memorable moments as:

- A body-swap episode (three angels, the antichrist, and a demon! Surely that will end well!)
- Ed finally finding out what happened in the time loop (for real this time, we promise!)
- More spicy sword lesbian action (we know our audience!)

Fanart by pineshrikes of the fabled Fade to Black in Her Ford Friday

If you enjoy Good Omens, Gravity Falls, or Gideon the Ninth, you’ll love what our show has to offer. This season will feature eight full-length episodes, and two minisodes released at crowdfund milestones. The season is set to run from April to August 2023.

$5- Digital Bundle:

- All of our patreon exclusive short stories, plus a bonus crowdfund-exclusive
- Sheet music for “Cemetery” and “Here With You”
- Bonus fully produced deleted scene from Episode 18
- Social media shoutout

$10- Season 3 poster (pdf, lockscreen, and desktop versions)

$25- Sticker pair with two exclusive sticker designs

$50- Personal message from a character

$100- “It’s animal of me”  Linocut design tote bag + postcard print

$250- Crowd scene cameo in season 3

$666- Hand-annotated copy of a script of your choice

25% Funded ($1,250)- We’ll release the episode titles for season 3

50% Funded ($2,500)- We’ll release Minisode 5, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

75% Funded ($3,750)- We’ll release Minisode 6, “Whitechapel”

100% Funded- Season three will be in your ears this April!

Stretch Goal 1- At $6,000 we’ll be able to pay our cast and crew more! We’ll also bring you a crossover episode with Fawx and Stallion, where the Gabe and BB of Victorian London meet the 224B Baker Street crew.

Stretch Goal 2- At $10,000 we’ll create the musical episode we have planned for season 3! With several original songs, we’d love to kick off the season with this big event. This will also add all of the musical episode’s sheet music to the Digital Bundle tier.

We’re lucky enough to have a crew of wonderful Patrons who contribute monthly to supporting the show, as well as the ability to run ads and take sponsors. All of those profits go directly into making the next season, but we need this crowdfund to get us the rest of the way there!

Income Sources for Season 3

Budget Breakdown

Minus crowdfund rewards and consulting, that averages out to about $760 per episode. We’re bringing in a ton of exciting special guests and fan-favorite returning characters in addition to our main cast, plus more original music than ever before; all at the fairest and most sustainable rate we can strive to offer. We believe that a creative community can only thrive when the artists in it are able to do what they do while putting food on the table, and our goal is to move further towards professional rates for our cast and crew every season. From the writing, sound design, acting, music, and goodies you get for supporting this crowdfund, you can be sure that everyone is being compensated for their work to the best of our ability and reach. We try to practice what we preach, and we need your help to do so!

Maybe you’ve been a fan of this show since the beginning. Maybe you followed us here from other Caldera Studios projects. Maybe this is the place where you saw yourself represented for the first time, or discovered that there is a story where someone like you gets to be the hero. Maybe you just like supporting stories that are full of queer characters, characters with disabilities, and characters of color. Or maybe you learned that this is Showrunner Newt’s birthday month, and you’d like to make their 21st the best birthday ever. For whatever the reason, art of this scale and passion cannot happen without the support of people who care. We make this show for the various communities we are a part of– so that they can see themselves like all of us want to. Now, we’re hoping they– and you– can show their support for Where the Stars Fell and help us bring about the apocalypse. In the story. Not in real life.

We’re lucky enough to receive other streams of income for the show, like ad revenue and Patreon, so season three will still happen. What we’re not willing to compromise on, however, is the payment of our cast and crew. Everyone on our team will be paid the same fair rates regardless of if this crowdfund succeeds. What that means is that those rates will come from slower, more incremental income streams, and the timeline for producing season three will become exponentially slower. So: if you want to see how things shake out for our heroes and Jerusalem, OR before, like, 2025, we need to hit our goal!

The only way we will reach our crowdfunding goal is if we can reach beyond our networks. If you’d like to be a part of supporting diverse independent art, you can make the difference in our success! Please share our campaign via your social media, email, word-of-mouth, however you want! We can't do this without you!

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I’m helping to end the world with season three of @starsfellradio! Help bring about the rapture on @seedandspark at https://seedandspark.com/fund/wtsf3/#story

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Costs $384

Our showrunner, co-writer, script editor, and sensitivity reader! Full budget sum: $550.00

Sound Design

Costs $2,093

Sound design to bring the whole thing to life! Full budget sum: $3,000.00


Costs $418

A whole new slate of original songs to enjoy! Full budget sum: $600.00

Voice Acting

Costs $1,364

Our lovely voice actors that bring the characters to life! Full budget sum: $1,955.00

Crowdfund Rewards

Costs $641

All the goodies you can get here! Full budget sum: $919.00


Costs $100

To set our campaign up for success! Full budget sum: $140.00

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

Showrunner Newt Schottelkotte and Co-Writer Lucy Brown have penned a knockout season for your eager ears, and we’re so excited to welcome back our amazing main cast, plus a gaggle of special guests! Keep an eye on our social media to see who’s joining us this season, but for now, here’s some of the folks returning for season three:

Newt Schottelkotte- Executive Producer, Showrunner, Sound Design, Composer, voice of Ed Tucker
Wearing more hats than some would say is humanly conceivable, Newt Schottelkotte is the creator of Where the Stars Fell. They are a Commercial Songwriting and Film student based in the Nashville area, and have been crafting audio dramas since their first show, Inkwyrm. Newt enjoys getting outdoors and attempting to be funny on Twitter.

Lucy Brown- Writer, voice of Molly Dane
Lucy Brown is a twenty-two year old Theatre student from California. She is the voice of Molly Dane and the show’s script editor, as well as the co-writer of season 2 onward.

Madelyn Harvieux- voice of Lucille Kensington
Madelyn Harvieux is an actor, programmer, and doodle enthusiast. In addition to voice acting, she enjoys puzzles, writing, midnight baking, and spoiling her dog.

Kiera Gill- voice of Gabe/Gabriel
Kiera Gill is an actor located in Central California. Previous projects include voicing Trinculo in Bakersfield College’s production of The Tempest, and working backstage as a General Technician Intern for Barrington Stage Company. She loves plays, reading, and her cats.

Kyle Street- voice of Mike/Michael
Kyle Street is twenty two years old and graduating from Middle Tennessee State University this year with a BS in Theatre. He plays the role of Mike Elle in Where the Stars Fell. He is very excited about the role and hopes to be in similar projects in the future.

Max Fleischhacker- voice of BB/Beelzebub
Max Fleischhacker is an actor, voice actor, and musician known for his large repertoire of accents and musical instruments. He is often found acting on the stage, but has appeared in a few short films and other projects.

Sahar Iman- voice of Sufi Shirvan
Sahar Iman is a writer and voice actor based in Boston, Massachusetts. They have been writing for about 17 years, and have participated in voice acting projects online since 2013. When not writing or performing, they can be found as a variety streamer on Twitch.

John Hardcastle- voice of Thomas Lincoln
John Hardcastle is a stage performer and Resident Himbo. He has been in a handful of performances and hopes to be in more!

Eden Shelston- voice of Ezekiel
Eden Shelston is an actor and theatre artist based in Los Angeles County. They began their journey in the theatre world by studying classical ballet and many other forms of dance as a youngster. Since then, they have worked as a choreographer, director, actor, and children’s performing arts instructor. When not engaging in theatre-related activities, Eden enjoys making coffee, making art, and making trips to the library.

Leyla Nikfarjam- voice of Maggie Quince
Leyla Nikfarjam is a student at the NYU Tisch School of the Arts. He shares Maggie's passion for reading and fantasy epics, and thinks that if you like the latter, you should watch Code Geass.

Damitri Mullens- voice of Dr. Stone
Damitri Mullens is a musician and gamer with a passion for acting.

Tyler Petty- Composer
Tyler Petty grew up in a small town in Arkansas, and has been playing piano for about five years. He’s written and recorded his own songs and sung on stage; now he can add that he has recorded music for a podcast. He typically sticks to rock, specifically prog rock, but loves branching out in his style. In addition to keys, he also sings and dabbles in guitar.

Current Team