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Yeasty is a film in a league of its own. It's bold, daring, vulgar, and utterly unique. It's a way for me to laugh at my own experiences, and I’m so excited for everyone else to be in on the joke too. Yeasty is real events with real setbacks told through the lens of real fears. Yeasty is me!

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Mission Statement

Yeasty was created as a way for me to laugh at an embarrassing experience. It will help women feel seen, young adults feel understood, and Jewish children appreciate their assertive, but loving parents. Best of all, it will help women embrace their bodies and their weird, yeasty parts.

The Story

The word "Synopsis" is drawn over a pattern of red lips on a yellow background.

Yeasty is a 23-year-old virgin on a mission to finally "do it", but her plans get squashed when she finds out she has a yeast infection! Convinced that losing her virginity is what will help her move forward in life, she sets out to rid herself of the infection with the support of her best friend Jo. Yeasty begins a journey of fixing her vagina and finding someone who’d like to get inside it, all while battling pressures from her parents to find a nice Jewish boy and her cool sisters who are a constant reminder of everything she has yet to achieve.

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Drawn image of YEASTY. Attributes about her surround the image. Yeasty is a 23-year-old virgin. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but she's on a mission to change it. Too bad for her she's YEASTY AS FUCK! But she's going to change that too. Her parents want her to meet a nice Jewish man. Her sisters are really cool & a reminder of everything she has to accomplish. Yeasty is silly & anxious & weird & a little gross. After all, Yeasty wants to move forward in life, but first thing's first: girl's gotta pop that cherry.

Drawn image of JO. Attributes about her surround the image. Jo is Yeasty's best friend & her emotional support. A little more knowledgeable & a bit more mature than Yeasty, she's here to help her get rid of her yeast infection & her virginity. Jo is the best friend any girl could have, always putting up with Yeasty's shenanigans & playing along with her jokes.

Drawn image of JOSH and ETHAN. Attributes about them surround the image. Josh. Just a dude Yeasty's hooking up with with. Until.... well... he gives her some unsavory news and ends things with her. Ethan. Just a dude Yeasty wants to hook up with. He wrestles & likes burgers.

Drawn image of MOM & DAD. Text is drawn next to them. Mom and Dad - your typical loving & overbearing Jewish parents.

Drawn image of RACHEL & NAOMI. Rachel - Yeasty's cool older sister with kids. Naomi - Yeasty's other cool sister.

The words "Visual Style" are drawn over a pattern of flowers representing vaginas on a blue background.

Yeasty is going to be an energetic, upbeat film that will have viewers entranced! The film will be shot with wide-angle lenses to give it a weird, unique feel. It’ll be colorful and vibrant with lots of pinks, greens, yellows, and blues. It’ll be fast-paced with quick cuts and fun, fast, music. The camera movements will be rhythmic and the tempo will match the characters’ moods and thoughts. The film will feel like Blondie, Mitski, and Nicki Minaj’s songs had a baby, except that baby was kept in the womb too long and is feeling restless and chaotic.

The words "Director's Statement" are drawn over a pattern of pickles on an orange background.

Almost a year ago I was delivered news that was perhaps the most embarrassing, yet funniest thing that has ever happened to me. A man told me I had a yeast infection. Though I was slightly mortified, a reassuring thought crept in: this is going to make a really funny film one day. I’m happy to say that this idea, which I really thought would remain as such, has materialized into a real production. This film started as a way for me to dramatize my own life, to live out fantasies I would never pursue, and to laugh at the burden of my chronic infections. Through writing the script and collaborating with my co-writer, I discovered that Yeasty is more closely a reflection of myself than I had once thought. We share the same thoughts, fears, and anxieties, and expressing them through this film has lessened the weight of carrying those feelings. It was really important for me not to hold back when creating this film and to not be scared of being vulgar and crude. I want to show people my humor and my fears, no matter how daunting they may be, and to affirm that I deserve to have my voice heard. I believe filmmaking should be fun and should remain a way for filmmakers to express themselves. I wanted to make something that contains everything that makes me excited to watch a film and to make something that makes me laugh. I was once told that though my work may depict a specific experience and feel like it should only appeal to a niche audience, that’s what makes it more relatable and exciting for an audience to watch. Though Yeasty is written for me, I hope everyone can see themselves in her and the journey she goes on.

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We are currently in pre-production and have accomplished so much already in 4 short months. We have a fully locked script, an excited crew which is almost complete, and our grant applications are flowing!

We need a minimum of $20,000 to get this film greenlit, on our way to a final budget of $26,000. The majority of our budget will be going to camera, locations, and production design in order to create a unique and off-beat feel. 

With your help, production will be on track for our anticipated shoot date of May 2024.


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Costs $3,300

Your donation will go towards paying our talented cast


Costs $4,650

Your donation will go towards camera accessories and paying our lovely camera team

Grip and Electric

Costs $6,050

Your donation will go towards renting all of our lighting and the corresponding equipment we need!

Production Design

Costs $3,350

We want to ensure every inch of our set screams YEASTY! Your donation will go towards EVERYTHING you see in the background each scene


Costs $4,220

Your donation will go towards renting each of our filming locations


Costs $1,194

We have to get everywhere somehow! Your donation will go towards renting a truck to carry all of our equipment!


Costs $3,350

Everyone has to eat! Your donation will go towards ensuring our cast and crew are PROPERLY fed and taken care of during filming

Cash Pledge

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About This Team

Dara Bruselovsky - Co-Writer / Director

Ben Szemerenyi - Co-Writer / Producer

Erin Cummins - Assistant Director / Producer

Kim Johnson - Director of Photography

Naomi Crohn- Production Designer

Cailey Gottwald - Sound Mixer

Current Team