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There are so many people living in this world with invisible illnesses. Film rarely takes an authentic look at these stories, making these illnesses feel all the more invisible. You Follow Me aims to tell the real story, the awkward and odd journey of learning to live with unpredictable conditions.

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Mission Statement

Our team is made up of people who are compelled to tell this story. Many members of the team either have an invisible illness or are the partners and best friends of those who do. Our mission is to start a dialogue for and with the immunocompromised.

The Story

You Follow Me               

Bekah & Sam are two actors navigating life with the worst scene partners of all - Hal & Paul AKA two invisible pesky conditions.

Episode 1                           

Bekah is an actor in NY who has taken a break from the acting scene and has now decided to come back to give it another go! She is struggling to balance her day to day life with her new strange invisible condition: Paul- a doughy man child who eats his feelings. Paul is the manifestation of Bekah’s invisible illness. Meanwhile, Sam, a working actor and Bekah’s best friend, seems to have it all together. However, she doesn’t because she has Hal. Hal is Sam’s autoimmune man-child condition. Together Sam and Bekah learn to navigate living in New York as actors. If that wasn't unpredictable enough, they've got Hal and Paul to shake things up! 

Where We Are Today?

As a team we have been finalizing the script, and doing all the pre-production work we possibly can. We read the new drafts with the cast and take the time to make sure the story is as clear as possible. Mood boards are created and production meetings are still under way! 

COVID-19 Update             

Due to the subject matter of this piece we are making everyone's health and safety top priority. Members of the cast and crew are Safe Set Certified and we will take all safety protocols put in place by SAG-AFTRA when filming is permitted. As many members of the team either are immunocompromised or are the partners of those who are, we will film when it is safe. New York has just gone in to phase 4 but we are watching the numbers and are hoping to begin either fall 2020 or early 2021. 

We are fundraising NOW since we are very much already in pre-production and need to start paying our designers, put deposits on equipment and locations. We would like to have the funds raised so that as soon as we can press go, we are funded and ready to film! 

Plan Post Production                       

Our plan is to submit our pilot episode to festivals, and take the pilot to market and pitch as a series. We will also be holding a screening in NYC upon completion of editing, providing large groups can gather! If not, some form of zoom screening will take place! 



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Cash Pledge

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Camera and Equipment

Costs $6,000

We will need to rent a camera and some gear for the production

Actors Day Rate

Costs $1,750

In order to pay the cast for their time and energy


Costs $1,000

Someone has to make the film look pretty

Festival Registration

Costs $500

We want to get this out to as many places as possible


Costs $750

We need to film a scene in a rehearsal space for a day


Costs $3,000

This is for our D.P., gaffer, A.C., and key grip


Costs $500

Because we got to eat, no hangry people on set


Costs $1,500

This includes designs on social media, props, wardrobe, and set.

About This Team

Written By: Max Mondi



Samantha Simone- Sam


Kate Falk- Bekah

Drew Michael Gardner- Hal 

Will Cary- Paul


Luna Tieu- Carolyn 


Isaiah Seward- Morty 


Alexander Stene- Alex 


Szalene Anthony- Casting Assistant 



Ryan McGilloway- Director 

Max Garstack- Director of Photography

Allison Houser- Line Producer 

Robyne Parrish- Associate Producer 

Current Team