Zoe's Song

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Drama, Romance

Jason Haase

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After the death of his beloved wife Zoe, Pastor Jacob McKinnon falls into a deep depression as he questions his faith in God. This story will bring us together to witness firsthand how the love of God has refrained this mourning husband from a decision that will strike his own life.

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Mission Statement

Good Films is a production company that sole purpose is to tell life-changing and everlasting stories for their viewers to enjoy. Zoe's Song is one that digs deep into one's faith and helps battle mental health issues that stem from trauma.

The Story

When someone you love is taken away, you can't ever go back to the person you were. They leave emptiness behind and we sometimes lose our way without them. This film is meant to bring hope, purpose, and life change to the lost and broken. Love will lift you from the darkness.- Jason Haase

Zoe's Song is a Christian-based short film that tells the story of Pastor Jacob McKinnon. After the tragic and sudden death of his wife Zoe, he was tasked to continue their legacy alone.  Feeling abandoned from the God he has served, their ministry was left without leadership to guide the community they had built together. We will witness how he battles depression and addiction as he questions his faith.  Pastor Jacob is now left with an empty heart that he can not repair by himself.  His strength must be found in his weakness through the heavenly father.

Zoe Mckinnon

Zoe is a pure-hearted spirited woman with a deep faith in God blessed with a beautiful voice and is deeply in love with her husband Pastor Jacob. Sadly, her life is taken away too soon by cancer, leaving her husband behind with their ministry. She was loved by many especially the church. 

Pastor Jacob McKinnon

Pastor Jacob McKinnon is a mourning husband who lost his wife too soon. After her tragic death, his life was turned upside down. From questioning his faith in God and turning to alcohol abuse, he has to learn to cope with the pain. It is not until he meets Layla and her 12-year-old daughter Jazmin that his darkness soon starts to fade away.

This film will not be possible if it wasn't for the dedicated crew we have. This team of professionals has their own unique talent that is going to bring this story to life. I have chosen every single one of them knowing that they will bring a unique touch to the story. Additionally, they were also a part of a few of our other productions like, "Elbows In" and "Ian".

It all first started with a vision to change lives, the need to create something remarkable, and the drive to make our vision come to life. From a young age, Jason Haase has developed creative skills that have made him the creator he is today. 

With the motivation from the ones he loves most, he was determined to continue his education and decided to attend FIRST Institute Film school, where he perfected his skills as a filmmaker. Unfortunately, that is when the world first shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With unease and knowing that this pandemic could negatively impact his ability to go out to film, network, and produce all of the creative stories, he had to think of ways to still practice his art. In the midst of the pandemic, with the help of his crew, he was able to write, direct, and produce two extraordinary films. By the time the world opened up with restrictions, he was able to bring the team together using safety measures and produce two of his films on a tight budget and limited resources.

From past experiences, in order to bring this story to life, we have to have the appropriate funding for it. From pre-production expenses to post-production, it can be difficult to fully execute this story to the extent we want to it to be. This is the reason we decided to start this campaign, Jason Haase has a special vision for this project. In order for that vision to be properly portrayed in film, we need the funding and the resources we did not have in prior films.

From tragedy to overcoming adversaries, this story is one that everyone can relate to, one that shows how pure and limitless God's love can be. With your support and contribution, together we can change lives.

Up to this point, we have already finalized the script, completed casting, and hired the crew. We have also collected marketing content for social media posts. Below is the timeline for the remainder of the project that will continue after we are fully funded:

Once the project is complete we will continue to submit to film festivals and host red carpet events for premiere and networking opportunities. In order for this film to be seen by the masses, we will need the collaboration of our followers by continuing their support on our social media platforms. Here are three ways you can help:

1) Make a pledge at the level of your choice

2) Share on social media

3) Tell all your friends who might be interested

The generous contribution from this campaign will be enough to fund the project completely. If in the event this campaign surpasses 100% funding, our plan is to raise our budget in marketing to grow our community.

COVID-19 safety measures

The safety of our cast and crew is of our utmost importance. With that being said, we will follow all CDC safety guidelines such as requiring a COVID-19 test prior to arriving on set and ensuring the cast and crew are wearing masks.


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Costs $2,500

We need the following locations: 1) House 2) Church 3) Private Beach

Cast and Crew

Costs $3,000

We would need the following: 1) Cast 2) Crew 3) Extras

Craft Services

Costs $400

Food on set for cast and crew

Film festivals

Costs $800

To grow our audience outreach, we would use this to submit to various film festivals.

Art and Wardrobe

Costs $800

We will need wardrobe and makeup services for the cast and crew.

Cash Pledge

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About This Team

Jason Haase- Writer, director, producer

Based in Central Florida, Jason has been an event photographer and videographer for over 10 years specializing in portraiture and documentary-style films and promotional pieces.  With a passion for film and motion pictures, Jason attended FIRST Institute Film School to learn storytelling and cinematography.  In May 2021, he graduated valedictorian from the film production program. He currently shoots projects ranging from short films, commercials, and documentaries.

His work covers a range of styles and genres from inspirational lifestyle pieces to compelling moody and suspenseful scenes.  Jason is committed to creating and producing films and content of all genres that impact and inspire others.


Ashley Jones as ZOE

Ashley Jones was born in Jacksonville, FL where she began and developed her love for acting. She started at a very early age in local talent shows and plays. At the age of 5, Ashley began acting professionally in various films, commercials, and television shows.
After a long break from acting to have a family and start a new career, Ashley decided to come back to acting full time. Since this decision, she has been seen in many regional and national commercials. She has also been in films, including “Because of Charley” where she starred alongside Jon Amos and two Hallmark Films as a supporting lead. Ashley states, “I have never looked back and even when it feels hard, I wouldn’t trade it for any other job in the world.” Ashley continues to be a working actor and accredits all of her success to God.



Jarron Webster is an American Actor, Writer, Director, and Producer from Owensboro, KY. Jarron has a Master’s Degree in Business and attends acting classes regularly. With a colorful and diverse background including fatherhood, the military, rapping, volunteering, sports, and many more life experiences, Jarron brings a unique, compelling, and original voice to his filmmaking abilities. Winning awards of Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor in the first two film festivals he participated in, Jarron knew he found his purpose. This success led to the passionate journey of attaining his film degree and becoming a well-rounded filmmaker.


Aliyah- as Jazmin

Aliyah is 9 years old and loves to sing, dance, cook, read, and go to the beach. She is a competitive gymnast and swimmer. She also participates in dance and musical theater; at the conservatory. Aliyah is a military child, and that has taught her to be tremendously resilient, and that success is great, but doing to hard work it takes to get there is where it really counts. Aliyah has a big personality, with an even bigger heart. She is fearless, determined, and optimistic. As she continues to learn and grow, she is discovering, every day, that the sky is not the limit; she is!


Milly Figuereo- as Layla

Originally born in the Dominican Republic, Milly found herself venturing into life in the United States at just six years old. She started her career at Home Shopping Español, Home Shopping Network (HSN), and WTVT Fox 13. Over the years she has had the opportunity to work in every aspect of film production. She has been a Producer, Director, Writer for various commercial campaigns which include Fox13 station branding, Ask Gary, as well as numerous local law firms. She has experience as a camera operator, graphics, audio, production assistant, and more.

Milly is nominated as Best Supporting Actress from the Los Angeles International Film Festival, has starred in over 30 local and national commercials, and is currently a host on QVC. 


Christopher Hill- Assistant Director

Christopher Hill is a SAG eligible professional actor from Lakeland, FL. He has acted in multiple series, films commercials, and theatre productions. He is trained in scene study and Meisner technique by Lauren O’Quinn and Landon Price of Class Act Studios in Orlando, FL. He is also trained in Improv at SAK University.

When he is not acting he is a father and husband and also runs and operates Central Florida Self Tape which helps actors with their self-tape auditions. He hopes to continue to make strides in the film industry.


Alron Phillips- Camera Operator, Cinematographer

Alron Phillips is an American filmmaker, director, cinematographer, screenwriter, music producer, and singer-songwriter residing in the sunshine state of Florida. Alron started his entertainment industry career in music in 2007 when he attended MediaTech Institute in Dallas, TX. Where he acquired knowledge in audio engineering, mixing & mastering, live sound techniques, music production, and different aspects of the music business. He would go on to produce songs for different artists and has scored many songs for multiple films including “Relentless” “Choices” and “Methodical.” In 2020 Alron decided to learn how to produce music videos by attending F.I.R.S.T. Institute. While attending FIRST he fell in love with filmmaking. Since then he has been a part of multiple projects wearing different hats. He has currently worked on films like “The Struggle To Victory” “Elbows In” “IAN” and his directorial debut in his film “Methodical” in which he wrote and produced. He has also made his acting debut in the upcoming film “Tables Turned.” Alron just wrapped filming on his second film “Consequences: Aftermath” in which he wrote, directed, and produced. Alron is the founder and owner of NuJuRu Entertainment LLC and its subsidiaries NuJuRu Studios, which focuses on the filming side of the business, and NuJuRu Records, which focuses on the music side. With so many projects that he has coming up, Alron has a bright future in the entertainment industry.

Chris Gustafson- Director of Photography

Chris is a 30+ year veteran photographer, photo artist. Transplanted to Central Florida from the Detroit area in 2015 he brings a wealth of experience and creativity to the table. Chris has been internationally published in books and magazines many times for his fine artwork. His attention to detail and lighting wrapped in a hard-to-define wide range of shooting styles makes him the perfect addition to any project that might require an "edge" or "outside of the box" thinking. A large percentage of Chris's work these days is in the Wedding world, however, he still makes time regularly for personal projects, as well as his passion for working on film sets.

Sassan- Steady camera operator

Sasan Khosravi is a cinematographer and video production specialist with over 6 years of experience. He has been a camera operator, editor, studio technician, technical director, and drone operator. He is currently a camera operator for a local news station based in Tampa and has been a part of many projects including IAN, Elbows In, and Methodical.

Current Team