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Butterfly Click Test | Improve Your Pace


Butterfly click test is another approach used by gamers to strain their clicking pace. It is one of the most promising practices to test your clicking skills. You must place your two fingers on the exact mouse button to execute it. You will strike the mouse with both fingers alternatively.


This approach of Butterfly click test is considered more stabilized than the jitter click test. There are possibilities of damages in other methods, but it is regarded as a secure method; it does not hurt you in any way. But remember one thing the significance of the clicking method is the same as of other practices.

How to Enhance Your Pace in Butterfly Click Test?

As you comprehend, it is distinct from other methods. You have to put both your fingers on the mouse’s right side; preferably, you have to shoot the mouse with one finger, and the second finger is in the air. Then you click with the second finger and placed the foremost finger in the air. Determinate one thing you keep to do it fast.

The Participants have 10 seconds in this butterfly clicking mode. To click faster, try to hit more fastly in the foremost five seconds and then in the next 5 seconds, keep that rate and fetch to the top. At the start, you will not get a high score, but with more and more practice you can get to the top.

Why Is Butterfly Clicking Speed Essential?

People look for the butterfly clicking technique and it is essential nowadays because most of the players are using this technique to increase their CPS in the game. This gives them an advantage over other players because they can click 26 times per second.


This is not possible for a normal player to do. So, the players who are new in gaming or the players who have been playing but do not know this technique of clicking have started to look for it and are practicing this technique.

How Does Butterfly Click Test Work?


Butterfly click tester works just like the normal click speed test. The only difference is that the players who come for this test are practicing the butterfly clicking technique so if you are new and are trying to practice the technique on your mouse, you need to attempt the test by using butterfly clicking. This test will tell your butterfly click speed record at the end.

Step-By-Step Procedure:

  • Search for butterfly click test on google and click the link that pops up.
  • After proceeding to the page, you would see a box where “Click here to start” is written.
  • Click here and start clicking your mouse by using the butterfly clicking technique.
  • The timer would be shown alongside the box so keep clicking until the timer stops.
  • As the timer ends, the results would be shown on the screen.
  • The butterfly click test is the most trendy and advanced technology that is very popular these days.
  • It started with the players using a tricky movement of fingers on the mouse that resulted in creating this type of clicking.
  • It gives even 26 CPS in the game which is an insane amount of clicking speed for a regular gamer. 

But being difficult, this approach is different from the standard clicking as there is no vibratory motion of hands and use of fingers at this fast pace. So, it needs much more practice to master this technique of clicking. 

The most vital question by the gamers nowadays is, “How to butterfly click quickly?” and the answer is what I just said. Rehearse the method, you can watch YouTube videos to have a better thought about the approach.


Many partakers try this for Minecraft PVP. You can also try this approach if you want to defeat your opponent. Moreover, you can convey your scores with your mates and can do the challenge with them.

We offer other distinct click speed tests like 100 seconds click tests and other many tests. You should try these trials as well. If you encounter any problem while trying this test you can simply comment on this post.

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