Hey, I'm Christopher!

Denver, Colorado

I live in Denver Colorado with three dogs. A million years ago I started out in film and TV licensing working with HBO, 20th Century Fox, and creators like Tim Burton and Matt Groening. I've been a Project Manager / Art Director / Graphic Designer / Musician / Administrator of Things for many years. I started making films a few years ago because film combines everything I like making: art, music, graphics, and stories. I've been fortunate to work on dozens of other people's films as a producer, advisor, editor, animation and graphics artist, music supervisor, you name it... I've also managed / co-produced quite a few film festivals and co-produced a summer film camp for five years. It's in my blood now.


The first doc film I made entirely by my lonesome is called "Adoptions," which was created by using restored and edited audio from a public domain film about adopted children and parents, combined with footage I shot of animals at the Denver Animal Shelter and also my own adopted dogs. The intent with that project was to advocate for and re-frame animal adoption in a new and interesting way. That short has played at several festivals.


I made a couple other short films using public domain audio and video, too. "Advertising Executive" is a commentary on advertising and gender stereotypes. That short was made using rotoscope animation techniques combined with live plates. Again, the intention behind those techniques was to reframe the topic in a fresh, unusual way. The next one of those is in production and is titled "The Charming Couple,"and then after that is another called "Ghosting."


"Ghost Hollow Road" is the first project I did using loose, experimental rotoscope techniques and is based on a story my sister told me over Skype. It was such an unusual story that it makes a complete little film, and the animation helps to heighten the weirdness of it. Most people who watch it don't believe it's a real person telling a real story, but it is.


My new project is called "Just Us Three," and was spawned from that short. It's a full-length documentary project about my sister and her family and how they have been on various foms of social and physical disability their whole lives. After interviewing them at their home for a few days and gathering tons of source material (home movies, photos) I've spent the last year or so stitching together their self-narrated story, injecting public domain video and animation along the way to enhance sections. "Just Us three" is a project that is intimate and jarring - my intent is to combine their self-constructed, somewhat surreal family narrative with commentary about drugs, domestic abuse, mental illness, and social disability. 


I've also had the fortune to work on a few commercial and doc projects with other filmmakers. I'm especially proud of having contributed to a short doc about DACA called "Five Dreamers" which has aired on Rocky Mountain PBS and many other places. I was also Production Coordinator for a broad-reaching political documentary called "Governors Get it Done." Key members of those two docs are part of the team for my "Just Us Three" project.


My Projects

Projects I'm Supporting


Los Angeles, California Film Short
Comedy, Experimental

A mother of two young children begins to spontaneously vomit LEGO blocks.


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Los Angeless

Los Angeles, California Series
Comedy, Drama

Los Angeless is an anthology series made up of 9 short films by 15 female filmmakers, set in an authentic, unromanticized version of L.A.


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Route 91: The Show Must Go On

Los Angeles, California Film Feature

Route 91 is the story of how one night altered the lives of 22,000 people and how beauty finds a way to emerge from tragedy.


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The Cauldron: Columbia '68

Los Angeles, California Series

1968: The world was on fire, and students at Columbia University brought a powerful institution to its knees


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Los Angeles, California Film Feature
Romance, Sci-Fi

Trapped in a world of perpetual fun and inter-species love, a teenage boy crosses the forbidden frontier to save his childhood sweetheart.


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Sad Orangutans Rob A Bank

Los Angeles, California Film Short
Comedy, Crime

Walden lives a carefree life as an affluent orangutan in LA, however, because of his declining mental state, he decides to rob a bank.


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Burbank, California Series
Biography, Documentary

In a series of intimate conversations, asylum seekers and migrants share their compelling, and dangerous journeys of hope to the West.


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End of Daze: a living manifesto for SOCIALISM

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Film Feature
Documentary, History

Oil is peaking, ice is melting, the rich are profiting, humans are dying. This doc will explore Socialism as the answer to our future.


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New York City, New York Film Short
Drama, Foreign Film

When unexpected guests arrive at Mia's party her vision for inclusivity crumbles, caught in the crossfire of ignorance under the influence.


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Six Nights

Denver, Colorado Film Short

When a dishwasher steps up to salad station, he struggles to balance work life and home life during a busy Friday night dinner service.


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Alien Guy Tim

Los Angeles, California Film Short
Comedy, Documentary

An outcast, Alien Guy Tim, wants to prove that he has been abducted by aliens, but faces many obstacles along the way.


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A Feral World (...Feral 4)

Denver, Colorado Film Feature
Drama, Sci-Fi

In a post apocalyptic world, a lone boy meets up with a lone woman and her dog. Together they journey to find her daughter.


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