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Click Speed Test | Test Your Online CPS Test


Click Speed Test is a browser game that permits players to calculate their clicking speed. Based on the player’s performance, the game figures how many clicks per second can a player function and depicts the result on the screen. The CPS test features four different modes that let the player test and practice their clicking speed over various periods including 5, 10, 60, and 100-second modes.

How To Calculate Clicks Per Seconds?

If you are wondering how we compute clicks per second.

Formula:  CPS = Number of Clicks / Number of Seconds.

CPS or clicks per second is the total number of clicks divided by the total number of times. You can easily compute your click speed test score by this formula.

How To Use the Click Speed Test?

Operating the Aim Trainer Click Speed Test is very simple. All you have to do is navigate to the Click Speed Test section and select your desired time frame. 

After that, simply start the test by clicking anywhere. Within the game’s frame and spam your mouse click as much as attainable. After the time has elapsed, your outcome will be displayed on the screen.

What Is CPS?

CPS or clicks per second defines the number of times that a person can click using their mouse during a specific time calculated in seconds. The most standard time frames are 5, 10, 60, and 100 seconds

Why Click Speed Is Important?

Many people think that click speed is not very significant or not essential at all, and on the grand scale of things, that might be true, but when it comes to gaming, things change drastically. 

Any game that uses mouse clicks for attacking and protecting can register a certain number of clicks per second or CPS and each time the player clicks, there is a certain delay of a few milliseconds until that click is registered within the game and while in most cases this can’t be seen or timed by the player, it becomes very essential and noticeable in the game itself.

Being able to do more CPS will let you attack more often. Thus allowing you to achieve combos when attacking and take down your opponent faster and without taking so much damage in return providing that your competitor does less CPS. 

This is particularly significant in PvP scenarios in competitive games and having a higher CPS count will let you a greater chance to win. It is essential to note that other factors such as the latency of the server and your internet connection play a big role as well, but that is not the topic here.

Click Speed Test World Record

Over the years, the click speed test has become a game on its own and many take it very enormously and put a lot of time and effort to become faster clickers. This has given rise to the competitive gaming scene. The CPS communities and many records have been set and broken ever since.

According to a website that lets players post records for pretty much anything called record-setter, a player called Dylan Allred from Las Vegas presently holds the most clicks per the second record with an outstanding 1051 clicks over 10 seconds.

Kohi Click Test

Kohi Click Test is a program developed by ‘hclewk’ that allows players to compute their estimated clicking speed by having them click repeatedly during a specific time frame. It was designed especially for Minecraft players to gauge and enhance their clicking speed and increase their in-game performance.

Butterfly and Jitter Clicking

Butterfly clicking is a technique of clicking that was only recently developed and implicates quick finger spasms. Players who utilize this technique, use two fingers alternatively to hit the mouse button to attain the highest number of clicks per second.


The technique applies to lifting one finger while simultaneously hitting the mouse button with the other multiple times.By utilizing the Butterfly clicking technique, players can score anywhere between 20 and 25 CPS. Jitter Clicking is just another method of clicking that was developed by the players to increase their CPS. 


The Jitter clicking approach needs the player to strain their hand or even the entire arm to click as many times as possible. This technique is not easy to learn and needs a lot of practice. 


It is very hard to control your aim and perform the Jitter clicking method but some players have mastered it to such an extent that it is hard to even notice the movements of their hands.

Characteristics of Click Speed Test

Clicking Speed Test

This game is designed to calculate clicking test speed and is a way to compute the number of clicks in given time variations. The Click Test suggests how can you speedily click on a mouse button.

Such an amazing activity you can play and test your clicking speed test. You can test your clicking speed again and again to defeat your score. Just challenge yourself, and improve your score to compete globally.


Give instant results

In this game, you can check your clicker test speed result immediately. If you are not satisfied with your score then you can play the game many times to enhance your results.


No lagging

We designed this game without any execution issues to enhance and maintain its execution. There is no point with lagging, no delay, and no hanging issue.

You play the game smoothly without any fear of lagging. You can play nicely and make progress without slowing, the game is free from any form of a technical problem.

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