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Drag Clicking Everything You Need To Know


Are you interested in learning more about drag clicking and how it works? Or are you just looking for the finest mouse for dragging?


If you're reading this, you've probably heard about how clicking your mouse in this manner can offer you an advantage in games like Minecraft, Roblox, and Clicker Heroes, where high CPS (clicks per second) can be advantageous. What makes you think that?


We'll go over everything you need to know about drag-clicking in this quick guide, including how it works, how it's done, potential drawbacks, and if it's worth it.


Then you may determine if it's something you'd like to incorporate into your gaming sessions.

What is Drag clicking?


You might be wondering what drag clicking is. Forcefully dragging your finger across a mouse button (left or right) to "trick" it into recording more clicks is exactly what it sounds like.


Other people may refer to it as Fazer tapping or tap clicking, but it functions in the same way.


You might be wondering how to tap clicking improves your CPS. Drag clicking, on the other hand, takes advantage of the friction between the mouse button and your skin when you slide your finger across the surface quickly.


This friction causes vibrations that are picked up by the mouse switch, resulting in more clicks being registered than would otherwise be possible.

Learn To Drag Click


You would think that tap clicking is an easy operation based on the previous description.However, dragging/sliding your finger across a mouse button isn't the only way to do it.


It takes practice, but certain mouse devices are better at performing and tolerating drag clicking than others. If you're serious about tap clicking, our guide to the Best Mouse for Drag Clicking is a good place to start.


These mice vary in terms of form and price, but you should search for two things: a matt gripping surface (to aid drag clicks) and high-quality mouse switches (Omron, Kailh, or Opticals) to endure the stress of drag clicking. You can't just use any mouse; you need one that has been well tested.

Tricks To Become Pro At Drag Clicking


The first step is to make sure your hands are dry and your mouse's surface is spotless. Sweat and dust might cause friction problems when dragging your finger across the mouse button.


Hold the mouse as normal, with your thumb on the left side and your ring/little finger on the right. Place your index (left mouse button) and middle (right mouse button) fingers above the mouse button's upper edge.


Simply flip your wrist at an angle while softly pushing the mouse button in a downward motion to drag click (towards the front of the mouse). Allow your finger to glide through the button without pressing too hard.


You'll know you're doing it correctly when you hear a "grinding noise." As you move your finger across the mouse button, you'll notice a little vibration.


You can use an online tool like a click counter to verify that your drag clicks are truly working. It's completely free to use, and there's no need to install anything on your computer.

Benefits Of Drag Clicking


Many people, especially competitive Minecraft players, find drag clicking to be a contentious matter. Some argue that in Minecraft, drag clicking doesn't make much of a difference.


After all, there are additional considerations in PVP, like weaponry, placement, and so on. If you're reading this, you're presumably hoping to get a competitive advantage by learning how to drag click.


Take into account that the average gamer's CPS is 6.51. Your CPS might be closer to 14.1 if you're skilled at it (The World Record, according to Google). It is possible to increase this number even more (32+CPS) by using drag clicking.


In a video titled "Intel Edits," a Youtuber named "Intel Edits" demonstrated the implications of a higher CPS in Minecraft PVP. He matched bots against bots with different CPS settings against each other.


As you can see in the video above, having a higher CPS allows you to punch harder while taking less knockback.


This may appear to be self-evident at first, but as it turns out, that benefit has its limits. It was discovered that the difference between a 20 CPS bot and a 1000 CPS bot was not significant.


Keep in mind, though, that in Minecraft PVP, a greater CPS isn't the only factor to consider.


As a result, your results may differ. In Minecraft PVP, for example, learning how to strafe a sidestep/dodging maneuver that makes it more difficult for foes to score a solid hit on you — is crucial.

Downside Of Drag Clicking


You should now have a decent understanding of what drag clicking is and how to accomplish it. However, there are a few disadvantages to consider before doing it:


Tap clicking exerts a lot of force on mouse switches, which shortens their lifespan.


Some Minecraft servers, such as Hypixel, SaicoPVP, and Mineplex, regard drag clicking as an unfair advantage and punish players that engage in it.


Check sure the server you're playing on enables tap clicking or doesn't explicitly forbid it before attempting to execute the strategy.



Does Drag clicking break your mouse?


Drag clicking will ruin your mouse over time, depending on how much you drag click and your consistency. This is where the importance of the right mouse comes in. Drag clicking might seem simple, but it's very difficult to execute.


Is drag clicking allowed?


The rule states that drag clicking or double-clicking will result in a cheating ban when it is not cheating.


Can all mouses drag click?


Not all mice can support drag clicking. Also, if you perform drag clicking on a regular mouse, they'll stop working in a few months. You'll need specialized mice for drag clicking.


Can the Model O drag click?


We do not officially advertise this mouse as drag-clickable but people have done it with success regardless of out of the box. Drag clicking mostly depends on the execution and technique. But yes people have drag-clicked on our Model O.

Final Thought


So there you have it: all you need to know about drag clicking and what it entails! The next step is to put it into practice and see if it makes a difference during your gaming sessions.


The trick, like with everything else, is to do it in moderation and to be aware of the risks.

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