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A cocky news anchor team, with a major on-camera chemistry problem, is about to get an education in humility when, in a last ditch attempt to save their flagging public image, they get stuck "mentoring" an at-risk teen. Shenanigans and Dastardly weather conditions ensue...

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Mission Statement

Diversity is the heartbeat and life of our story. Originally inspired by an "at risk" teen in the BolderOptions.org mentoring program, our journey over the last decade has been together. This is a story that inspires new ways we can live, love, laugh and connect with each other.

The Story

"Minneapolis” uniquely casts our city, its way of life, and its volatile weather as central characters in this fast-paced hometown comedy set in the world of television news.  

Hello!   I'm Christine Clayburg, the lead screenwriter for Minneapolis.  What follows is a timeline of the ideas and cast of characters over the last decade or so who have been helping me work toward getting this movie made!  

BolderOptions.org Mentor and Mentee


 2002 - I move to Minneapolis from NBC in Boston to take a morning weather gig that will allow me to launch an outdoors show. I arrive in JANUARY and fall in love with walking to work at 2:30 am when it's -13 below!  And then Ice Fishing and  Severe weather season! And Summer and Fall and just everything about life here! I never want to leave! 




2003  I also had the opportunity to mentor a young woman with www.BolderOptions.org and I start to really wish others could share this experience too.  


2004  I've learned by now that to work BEHIND the Camera too... I'm gonna have to suck it up , and move to LA.  As it turns out it's HARDER for me to get work behind the camera in LA than it is in front of it!



 2005 - The idea of Minneapolis as a movie first sprang to life, as a director's desire to feature the skyways.   Pete Shaner was a pioneer in Digital film (He'd just shot the first 24p digital feature on the same camera that was then used for Star Wars).  


I truly had no idea what I was getting myself into.  But I figured if the guys thought I could write a feature film, surely, it must be so.    Peter Meech (who plays Dave in the short, WAS a professional screenwriter and helped me with EVERYTHING, most importantly my confidence, that sure, I could do this!).


 2006. I hack away at that script.   In my heart it's about the eye-opening experience of seeing life through the eyes of a young  black girl I'd mentored in Minneapolis, and about the responsibility we have to care for each other, but there was no way that movie was going to get made and seen by a mainstream audience back then.


I was encouraged to write what I knew from news but  I was determined to make the story work for BOTH. No one had ever asked me for MY perspective before and suddenly I had so much I wanted to say.   At some point the guys decided telling a story from a woman's perspective was TOO MUCH WORK and moved on to other projects! (and to be fair they were right).  But I wasn't giving up that easy.

Even while working on the short, I started to see how quickly any people of color fell by the wayside, either by location, income, work schedule, network, time or other areas that led to unintentional exclusion. I became more and more determined to be more proactive about diversity.  I was also trying to build a storyline for my news anchors about faithfulness, but everyone helping me with the script was SINGLE. Including me. 



Dec 2006 - Me and my cat drive back to Minneapolis

I take a steady job at a local network affiliate & hunker down to crack that script.  It's SO good to be home!   But once I was home...I had more and more ideas.  Like 220 pages of them.  

(a screen play should be about 90 pages long).


MAY 2008 - By this I was getting almost to old to enlist with the Air National Guard.  But, as a 5th generation Military Veteran,  I thought surely I could do my job, fly a few missions a month part-time, occasionally deploy and still get this film made.



What could possibly go wrong? ; )

 April 2009 - Two weeks before I am scheduled to leave for Basic Training I am laid off.  There will be no job to come home to!  Whoohooo! Talk about commitment to the mission!  ; )


Oct 2009 - Not to worry!  I was sure when I started flight school in Arkansas that I'd find a screenwriter there.  I needed a REAL writing partner with a disdain for rules and a sense of cavalier confidence to balance my methodical approach to things!  It was my crazy new Facebook friend Cary James  from North Carolina, who finally agreed to help!  

 Feb 2010 -  Cary takes 2 months off his job to stay in a cheap apartment by the air base.  Every day after flight school, while the kids are playing video games in the dorms, we chip away at structuring the script.   What a gift Cary was to the story!  Me, the gun-toting conservative and him the veal-boycotting liberal. We had to argue and argue til we found a point in each scene we could BOTH agree on.  In every way it made our first draft of the script something to truly be proud of!  


2011 By now I've realized no post-recession TV station wants to hire anyone who might deploy.  I'm darting back and forth between Minnesota LA, consulting, appearing in TV shows, deploying a lot, and trying to get funding for that script!  A producer was interested...but wanted to make it in VANCOUVER!  Screw that.  I decide to produce another test short at home to pursue investors. 

Total disaster. The very experienced (male) director I hired tells me I'm the only one who can envision what I've written.  He encourages me to direct it. Which sounds to me like insanity. Later, I piece together the best shots that aim toward what I'd intended.


2012 - 2015  I'm darn near a full time C-130 Loadmaster now.  In retrospect, I am so thankful for all the flying experiences I've had, but at the time I was just worried about keeping my home, on newly enlisted wages, during the Great Recession, like darn near everyone else.  

2015  I meet Ken Lazebnik, during the Veterans Writing Project at the Writer's Guild of America.  He's THE screenwriter of A Prairie Home Companion and Head of a new LOW residency MFA in  Screenwriting.  After some convincing on his part, I realize maybe NOW I can finally get the Minneapolis script where it needs to be to get made.

Meanwhile, Veronica Wayne, another veteran who served in  my unit convinces me to do a film race with her and brings bunch of other Veterans. After learning some new words (and swear words) we don't use in news, I'm now a successfully produced, award-winning, screenwriter and director as well.  

2016-Present  I start the MFA. I have to write other scripts FIRST because I'm not allowed to work on the same one I've been hacking at for the last 12 years (oh the humanity).  NOW I get to polish Minneapolis with the Legendary Brian Bird!


So what does supporting this film have to offer you?  Determination!  Discipline! Persistence!  A heartfelt commitment to diversity and generousity of spirit in every aspect of our project! 

Best,   Christine


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Gas Money for Ann Pritchard

Costs $150

Ann has been a tireless advocate for our film since 2010. This will cover all her trips downtown!

Feed Cast and Crew for weekend

Costs $300

Because Costco. That's why. ; )

Cinequipt Rental Stuff

Costs $1,250

Because Begging and Borrowing is ok but stealing is very naughty!

Stipend for Lead Cast

Costs $850

We want to pay our key talent a few sheckels for sharing their talents!

Stipend for Crew

Costs $1,150

Cause they bring their gear, work their butts off, and walk thru duck poop.


Costs $300

We DIY whenever we can, but sometimes we need a pro.

Props and Set Dressing

Costs $850

To create a polished TV news look we may need to create a few props we can't borrow.

Replacement Parts for Diana & David's Drone

Costs $150

Because if there's a way to write in a shot that forces it into a crash, Christine will find it.

Promotional Materials

Costs $700

We're pretty green but we need to create some hard copy presentations too.

Editor Stipend

Costs $300

Cause this is SUCH a thankless job!

Taxes and Legal Stuff

Costs $1,000

Tax & Legal supervision for stuff we can't do ourselves.

Boom Operator

Costs $200

Because quality sound is EVERYTHING!


Costs $800

Because there's always something....

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team



Ann Pritchard - Producer & Casting Supervisor


Ann Pritchard is an Award Winning Author, Illustrator, Songwriter (BMI and Actress. Chosen as "One of the 50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading!" Ann has been in productions at the Des Moines Playhouse, in Des Moines, IA under direction of Ted Kehoe, Outdoor dramas such as ‘The Wataugan’s’ presently known as ‘Liberty’ , Nils Cruz, Director and 'The Lost State: A Frontier Chronicle' C. Warren Robertson, Director in East Tennessee. Also, has been in commercials for Tennessee Tourism and was in the Minneapolis the Movie test trailer, Peter Kelley, Director. Ann plays the role of Grandma in, ‘The Christmas You Don’t Know’, by Award winning directing team Amber Patton and Christine Clayburg. She plays the role of Lila in,’The Wrath of Grapes’, Amber Patton, Director and the role of Grandma in Enigma Lake, Jared Elkin, Director. Ann is from a family of 16 children whom are all talented of 7 girls and 9 boys. She is very proud to be the sister of five brothers who are Military Veterans.


Christine Clayburg - Screenwriter

Christine has hosted, anchored, forecast and headlined newscasts for top rated stations across the country including KABC in Los Angeles, WCCO and KMSP in Minneapolis, and WHDH in Boston. Her live severe weather coverage and severe weather programming has garnered several station Emmy Awards and her work as host of "The Snow Snow" in Minnesota led to a Hirsch Broadcasting award for Sports programming in it's first season.

She has also appeared in movies and television series including It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, 90210, The Closer, Hallmark, Lifetime, and 4 seasons of Desperate Housewives. Christine also serves in the Air National Guard as a combat airlift loadmaster on the C-130 Hercules. As a loadmaster she supervises all aspects of loading, weight and balance, preflight and airdrop operations. She is an expert marksman who has deployed twice for Operation Enduring Freedom, completing many successful combat airlift missions in Iraq and Afghanistan.


She is certified Meteorologist with a B.S. in GeoScience, an Air Force instructor, and Award-winning short film director and producer, and is now in her 2nd year of an MFA in TV and Film Screenwriting with Stephens College.


Mary Tan - Marketing Manager


Mary Tan is a freelance broadcast journalist who has worked in television markets all over the United States. She has reported and anchored in cities such as New York, Atlanta, Las Vegas and Minneapolis. She has also appeared on CNN and the Fox News Channel during major news events. Tan has won numerous awards, including from the Minnesota Broadcasters Association and Women in Communications. She was the first reporter to gain an exclusive interview with boxing heavyweight Evander Holyfield after his infamous ear bite.
Mary also has a passion for pets, especially homeless animals. She writes a pet blog called Whisker Fabulous from the perspective of her cat, Farley Waddlesworth and Josie the dog. The trio serve as brand ambassadors for several pet companies.


Travis Lohmann - Composer


Travis Samuel Lohmann (b. 1988) is a composer for film who resides in Las Vegas (but loves to visit Minneapolis), NV. His body of work ranges from short films to feature films, as well as mobile games and web commercials. Travis’ original music can be heard at film festivals including: Sundance Next, United International, GI Film Festival, and the Dam Short Film Festival. He has also has a variety of music placed on TV networks such as: Bravo, Discovery ID, and TLC. Additionally, he is an active composer and published member of the Piano Pronto method and its Composer Community. Travis is also active as a performer, having played venues such as: The Joint at Hard Rock, Planet Hollywood, and the Orleans Resort and Casino.



Roger Bartow - Editor




Now a freelance editor, Roger has, in the past, worked several jobs, from bartender to airline pilot, even serving two combat tours in the Middle East with the Army. All of these experiences have taught Roger the importance of hard work, attention to detail and teamwork. It has also infused him with the ability to thrive in fast paced high pressure environments.


When he isn't working, Roger enjoys biking, sailing, hiking, going to the movies and writing about himself in the third person.




 Nick Koppy - Executive Producer


Nick Koppy is a native Minnesotan, who grew up in Worthington.  He attended Saint John’s University.  During his junior year, Nick was selected for a study abroad program, to Madrid, Spain.  He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science.  After college, Nick relocated to the Twin Cities, and attended Mitchell Hamline School of Law, where he earned Juris Doctor degree.  He was admitted to the Minnesota State Bar in 1999, and entered private practice, at a small firm in Saint Paul, where he specialized in business / transactional law and litigation.  For the last 4 years, Nick has been with a large law firm in Minneapolis, where he currently serves as the Director of Sourcing & Vendor Management .


When he’s not in the office, you’ll likely find Nick with a camera in his hand.  Photography is one of his creative outlets.  Nick is an award-winning photographer, who enjoys shooting everything from sports to portraits to airplanes to landscapes to cityscapes to wildlife and nature scenes… and more recently, stills from various movie sets.            


Nick’s love for movies dates back more than 30 years.  But when he had the opportunity to help out on the set of a short film, about 8 years ago, his passion for movies evolved from watching them, to wanting to actually make them.  In his spare time, Nick has since produced or executive produced several short films, including The Christmas You Don’t Know, The Wrath of Grapes, and Enigma Lake.


Non-Profit Partner - Bolder Options




Bolder Options Youth Mentoring program prevents young people, age 10-14, from going down the wrong path by providing positive opportunities, guidance and support that empowers them to make the right turn.



The mentoring experience through Bolder Options is comprehensive and includes more than just the physical improvements. Exploration of opportunities; giving back to your community; growing, cooking and eating healthy foods; achieving academic, social and personal goals; and strengthening the family bond, are all elements of our program that will help to create a full-circle of health and well-being that will help kids choose a more positive path toward a brighter future.



Be BOLD...All it takes is ALL you’ve got!
Sign up to become a Bolder Options mentor today.


Corporate Partner - 1600 Executive Suites





Melody Hach

Melody has been the President/Owner of 1600 Executive Suites (formerly 701 Executive Suites) since 2002. She has been in the Executive Suites industry for more than 25 years. In handling leasing, Melody helps tenants secure executive office space or virtual offices, and also helps when businesses need to expand or downsize. Melody’s experience with hundreds of companies in Minneapolis—ranging from start-ups to fortune 500s, is the reason businesses prefer 1600 Executive Suites. Born and raised in Minnesota, Melody, her husband, 21 year old baby girl, and 80lb lap dog Huggy Bear enjoy the summers most.  They enjoy boating, swimming, Harley rides, golfing, BBQs, bonfires, and the State Fair.


Current Team