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Sing it from the rooftops - representation matters! In front of and behind the camera, Black, female, and queer voices are leaders in this production. MOONIE will be the binge-worthy series where authentic Black, queer characters joke about the absurdities of life and embrace their flawed humanity.

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Mission Statement

Black. Queer. Female. Check, check and check. In front of and behind the camera, the comedy web series MOONIE places the power in the hands of our community. But this sitcom is about more than just checking boxes. MOONIE is about experiencing a loud and proud spectrum of stories with a smile.

The Story

If 'Seinfeld' is the show about nothing, MOONIE is the sitcom about the little somethings, poking fun at the microaggressions and annoyances of everyday life for a group of early 30-something Black queer friends. Prank-loving butch comedian, Moonie, is at the center of this immature crew that never shies away from escalating the absurd to the outrageous.

We plan to stream this episodic comedy series on YouTube and Amazon Prime Video. 



Moonie (she/her) is a Haitian-American lawyer turned stand-up comedian and screenwriter. In nearly two years of honing her newfound craft, she has made it to the finals of Saturday Night Live’s Kenan Thompson’s 2022 National Comedy Competition and she has opened for comedy legend D.L. Hughley on numerous occasions. While live comedy was on pause during the pandemic, she co-wrote the screenplay, Butch Baby Mama, with her sister, Jess Desvarieux. Known as the LinkedIn of the entertainment industry, Stage 32 named Butch Baby Mama a finalist in their 2022 Comedy Feature Screenwriting Contest. Moonie is also the co-creator of the episodic web series, MOONIE.


Glo Butler (she/her) plays the character of Lesley, Moonie's prankster loving best friend. Glo is a Brooklyn based comedian/reiki practitioner who has performed all over the country. She most recently was featured in the New York Comedy Fest and the Black Women In Comedy Laff Fest. Time Out Mag selected her as one of the top “LGBTQ POC Comedians You Should Know.” 


Stephanie Alexandria (she/her) plays the role of Kym, Moonie's vivacious and outspoken roomie. As a native New Yorker, Stephanie has always loved the stage and found her way to it later in life. Now, she has a variety of credits in musical theatre and works as an award-winning journalist on your favorite cable news channel. 


Christopher Rand (he/him) plays the role of Tyson, Moonie's fun-loving, instigating brother. Christopher is a queer performer, actor, songwriter, music producer and DJ. While he has performed his work in front of several live audiences, he is elated to be making his on-camera debut in MOONIE. Christopher currently lives in Brooklyn, NY with his roommate and a shitzu named, Chico.


Jess Desvarieux (she/her) is the co-creator, head writer, and director of the comedy web series MOONIE. From working as an international reporter for TIME Magazine to launching her own law practice, nothing compares to the thrill of seeing characters come to life. During the pandemic, she birthed two babies, her daughter, Vivian, and the screenplay, Butch Baby Mama, which she co-wrote wtih her sister, Moonie. Known as the LinkedIn of the entertainment industry, Stage 32 named Butch Baby Mama a finalist in their 2022 Comedy Feature Screenwriting Contest. 


Marvens Belidor heads social media engagement for MOONIE. He is a rising sophmore at Howard University and hails from Queens, NY. He is excited to share the web series with you all!



**NOTE: Distribution & Marketing is a seperate item of $2,000 that we are hoping to raise in our $20,000 budget. Covid costs are also another line item. While restrictions have eased, we are still committed to keeping everyone safe on set. All crew and cast are required to have the COVID-19 vaccination, and we will providing our team with PPE and tests.**

OUR STRETCH GOAL IS $25,000, which will increase the production quality.


Why Us?

I guess the question should really be, "Why not us?" For far too long, our communities have been on the periphery of stories, playing the sidekick, stereotype, or worse yet the silent bystander. We know that in order for us to see characters who look, sound, and interact with the world like we do, we have to be the one's telling the stories. 

Please check out the Team Section above to learn more about the creators! 

Why This?

Everyone likes to laugh -- but comedies can also help us navigate the shared awkwardness and absurdities of life. MOONIE is about experiencing a loud and proud spectrum of stories, while placing a group of friends' hilarity and humanity front and center. 

Why Now?

We are making a series that we would love to see on screen. MOONIE is a celebration of friends, family, and the human spirit. It's also a reminder that independent voices are still struggling to be heard in the entertainment industry, but we’re going to get there, starting with this web series.

Why You?

No one can make it alone, and we need support from people like YOU - who understand the value of true inclusivity. 




This is totally free and makes all the difference. Seed & Spark rewards us for building our audience with festival fee waviers and all types of discounts on products and services. 



No pledge is too small. For real. Choose one of our incentives or just give anything that fits your budget. Every dollar helps!



If you can help us with any of the listed items, please contact us ([email protected]):

  • Locations (NYC metro area - smoke shop, bookstore, dance studio) 
  • Craft Services (snacks, coffee, beverages, etc.)


Don't be greedy - share! We need to reach beyond our networks to make this series happen.

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Have you heard of this new comedy MOONIE? It’s a sitcom that follows a butch comedian and her whacky queer friends - it looks hilarious! You can contribute to the project on @seedandspark:



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Catering and Craft Services

Costs $3,000

We are looking to be able to feed our cast and crew WELL.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0


Costs $3,000

Everything from editing to color grading. We need to take all that magic and package it.


Costs $6,000

Teamwork makes the dreamwork. Behind the camera, these folks take MOONIE from the page to the screen


Costs $4,000

We need equipment. Everything from our camera to all of our lights.


Costs $2,000

Locations. Locations. Locations. We need places to set our story.

Distribution & Marketing

Costs $2,000

Once we complete the project, we want to make sure that we get the WORD out!

About This Team


We're sisters, and we came up with the idea for the series MOONIE like most of our good ideas (after drinking a bottle of wine). Seriously, these episodes are based on the stories that bug us, tickle us, and get us on the phone, starting with, "You would not believe..."

Thank you for supporting our vision, and we know that with our grit and determination, we will make a show that you'll be proud to say, "Oh, I've been on that since the jump!" 

Stay tuned, MOONIE plans to come to a streaming service on your preferred screen.

See our extensive biographies under THE STORY tab.


Current Team