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Nun Habits is an original series about a weed-smoking nun, Sister Cecilia, who befriends a gay High School senior, April. As April comes to terms with her sexuality, Sister Cecilia learns how she can truly help the world as someone who has devoted her life to serving God and those around her.

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Mission Statement

As an artist, progressive change in the form of dialogue between separated groups is incredibly important to me. This story also celebrates LGBTQ+ Catholics and is produced by a team of primarily female filmmakers.

The Story


A weed-smoking nun befriends a gay high school senior. Together, they reconcile their personal beliefs with the teachings of the Church.



Nun Habits is a story about connection, acceptance, and faith. It is close to my heart as a practicing Catholic and an artist. It is a story about women standing up for one another and leaning on each other to discover their identity, purpose, and worth. 

This story is meant to bridge the gap between communities and give LGBTQ+ Catholics a voice. The goal is to represent the experiences queer Catholics go through, but also normalize being a queer Catholic. It is especially a story for those LGBTQ+ Catholics struggling with their identity within the Catholic Church and/or within the LGBTQ+ community.  The hope is to begin a dialogue and conversation between the LGBTQ+ community, the Catholic Church, and those who struggle somewhere in-between.



APRIL - a 17-year-old gay artist attending Catholic school, struggling with self-acceptance and her sexuality. (played by Alice Marcondes)

SISTER CECILIA - a weed-smoking nun who befriends April and helps her on her journey of self-discovery. (played by Samantha Proctor)

SISTER AGNES - Sister Cecilia's advisor in her first year of being a nun, strictly adheres to Catholic teaching. (played by Grace Procopio)

MEGAN - April's fellow student in her art class. They aren't friends, but April has a crush on her. (played by Monica Arsenault)

CARL - April's Dad. Follows very traditional Catholic teaching and cares about April doing well in school.

SISTER FAUSTINA - One of the nuns at the convent with Sister Cecilia and Sister Agnes



You can learn more about the project by going to our website:


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Cash Pledge

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Catering and Craft Services

Costs $1,500

We want to make sure we can feed our cast and crew on set.

Makeup and Wardrobe

Costs $400

Making our actors look like their characters!

Art Direction

Costs $1,000

Transforming locations into beautiful sets!

Travel and Lodging

Costs $1,500

When we travel to New Jersey, we want to make sure everyone can travel there and stay there.


Costs $6,000

We want to make sure that we can pay our crew for their services and talents.


Costs $600

Props for scenes


Costs $1,000

We're filming in NYC & NJ, in an office space, a church, two apartment buildings, and a coffee shop.

Equipment Rentals

Costs $2,000

We want to make sure that we have the proper equipment to make our series look amazing.


Costs $500


Marketing and Crowdfunding

Costs $500

To fulfill incentives, market the series and the crowdfunding campaign

About This Team

Monica Arsenault (creator)

Monica is a writer, director, and actress based in New York City. Nun Habits is close to her heart as it address the Catholic Church teachings she has personally questioned her whole life and can't wait to explore the answers, conventional or otherwise, with the characters in her series. Monica graduated from Atlantic Acting School's 2.5 Year Full-Time Conservatory in December 2017 after attending the School of Visual Arts for 2 years. Learn more at


Melissa Victoria (producer)

Melissa is a Los Angeles based actor and writer. She is a graduate of the Atlantic Acting School and is thrilled to join the Nun Habits team as a producer. She looks forward to contributing to a story that is, at its core, about love and understanding. 


Danny Epstein (producer)

Danny Epstein loves doing things, and in his expert opinion, Nun Habits is definitely a thing. He will graduate NYU Tisch School of the Arts in May of 2018.  After finishing his training at the Atlantic Acting School, he became a founding member of Prismhouse Theater Company and can be seen in their on-going improv shows.  Before he moved to New York, he lived in LA where he produced and acted in the award winning series Make It Happen, which can be viewed on Vimeo.  Currently, Danny is part of a sketch comedy team with StoneStreet Studios.  His goal is to some day make a positive enough impact on the world that he will be the first Danny Epstein on IMDB.  In the mean time he is happy to share the same name and come in second place to the late great composer of Sesame Street.


Sonja Cirilo (director)

Sonja is an actor and director from St. Croix USVI. She obtained her BFA in theater performance from Randolph College in 2015. After graduation, she moved to New York City to continue her acting training with the Atlantic Theater Company's Full- Time Conservatory. Sonja is honored to become a part of the production team for Nun Habits as a director and looks forward to creating beautiful work. Learn more at


David Siciliano (director of photography)

David Siciliano is a freelance DP, Editor, and Producer based out of New York City. He's worked on projects of all shapes and sizes from TV to Instagram and is stoked to be a part of the Nun Habits crew. When he's not shooting and editing he's out backpacking the Rockies. His dog Kira is his best friend, but he likes humans sometimes too. Learn more at


Tess Forestieri (assistant director)

Tess Forestieri is a multidisciplinary artist based out of New York City. She works primarily as a freelance Producer / Director, but loves to dabble in all things Production related. Besides her dedication to being a global nomad of the arts, Tess is also an avid traveler, dog lover, coffee snob, and yoga enthusiast. In her spare time she listens to podcasts and  analyzes her past social interactions. Learn more at


Boris Palacios (sound production)

Boris Palacios is a sound mixer and audio producer. He is based out of Bushwick at Danbro Studios where he does all of his studio recording and post production audio work for film and video. He graduated from City College of New York with a BFA in Sonic Arts and Audio Production. His education was quickly followed by a 6 month internship at Billboard Magazine leading to a permalance position for Prometheus Global media as an audio engineer for their online video content (Billboard Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter, Adweek). This lead to freelancing for the Hearst Corporation and Conde Naste as a sound mixer for their online content (Cosmopolitan, GQ, Allure, Golfers Digest, Vanity Fair). Currently, he is the sound mixer for Oprah's BTS crew for the O Magazine cover shoots and frequent collaborator in The Actors Green Room.


Samantha Blinn (assistant camera)

Sam Blinn is a Brooklyn-based actor and photographer, with her MA in Classical Acting from The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) and her BFA in Musical Theater from Syracuse University. She has worked professionally in NYC for the last three years and is a Founding Member of Ducdame Ensemble, an NYC-based theatre company comprised of graduates from LAMDA's MA program. As a photographer, Sam specializes in behind the scenes and performance photography and is beginning to break out into the world of headshots. For samples of her work, please visit


Devon Padley (social media)

Devon is an actress, singer, writer, dog lover, and social media aficionado. She is very excited to be joining the team as the social media strategist, and hopes if you haven’t yet, you go and follow @NunHabitsSeries everywhere!! Learn more at


Emma Asher (illustrator/graphic designer)

Emma Asher, a twenty-two year old lady. New graduate of American University with a degree in Film & Media Arts with minors in Graphic Design and Psychology. Young person,  fast talker, non-practicing aries. Learn more at


Derek Jordan (musician)

Derek Jordan is a songwriting, recording and performing music artist and fitness advocate based out of Los Angeles, CA. He founded the organic rock band Decoded in 2012. Decoded toured much of the West Coast before disbanding in late 2015. Their single "Topanga" received national radio play on over 120 college radio stations and reached #1 for 4 weeks at 88.7FM WPCD. Stylistically, Derek's songs have a full rock ensemble feel.  Combining the punch of Foo Fighters, with the vulnerability of Twenty One Pilots and the unorthodox nature of AWOLNATION, while refusing to let guitar solos die. Learn more at

Current Team