One Percent

Miami, Florida | Film Short

Comedy, Thriller

Amalia May Valle

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"One Percent" is a visually stylized, dark comedy short film about the flashy funeral of a billionaire "one percenter". The film humorously explores the dark side of the privileged 1% class and the consequences this privilege has on marginalized communities.

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Mission Statement

We're a mostly female-led production team – female writer, director, and producer - quite unique for a normally male dominated industry! Our main characters are also mostly female, as one of our film's themes is female empowerment. We also have an incredibly diverse and talented cast attached!

The Story

Written by Amalia May Valle

Story by Amalia May Valle & Katrina Morris


Billionaire John Van de Berg’s funeral is the Miami society event of the year. Champagne is poured, guests network, influencers make videos for their Instagram accounts - #VandeBergFuneral!


John’s widow, Kristin Van de Berg, has mixed feelings. She’s not exactly sad, but she does feel guilty. See, John was just about to leave Kristin before his untimely death. For his pregnant mistress. Leaving her next to nothing, thanks to their ironclad prenup. As you might guess, Kristin was not going to take this lying down.


Tatiana Molotovna, John’s mistress, is also attending the funeral. Tatiana was officially John’s secretary and she’s not even pretending to be sad. An undocumented Russian immigrant with a dark past and a young child stuck in Russia, Tatiana was entirely dependent on John’s power, connections and blackmail. Tatiana attends the funeral with the man she really loves…

Michael Washington, Tatiana’s boyfriend (unbeknownst to John). Michael is a police detective – a good cop with a good heart and a strong moral compass. But…while investigating John Van de Berg with his partner, Jackie Lopez, and discovering his web of corruption that feeds juveniles into his for-profit private prisons…Michael is starting to realize that morals are not always black and white...


Influencer Ariana Ruiz is constantly interrupting the funeral with her endless selfies. As we'll find out through her flashbacks, Ariana has some serious beef with John Van de Berg herself.

And tough but sassy lawyer Grace tries to cover up her lack of grief at her best client's death...


Meanwhile, Michael's partner, Police Detective Jackie Lopez launches a serious investigation upon learning of John Van de Berg's insidious schemes...


So…who killed John Van de Berg? There’s certainly no shortage of motives!



The tone of “One Percent” is “Knives Out” meets “Parasite”. 

The film takes place in Miami and the city itself will be a sort of character in this film, in the vein of the films “Manhattan” for New York City and “Lost in Translation” for Tokyo.


“One Percent” is the single most narrative film about the shocking (and very real) Kids-for-Cash scandal in the U.S. - the human trafficking of juveniles by judges bribed by privately-owned for-profit prisons.



We believe that our film will make a contribution to society, as it is a strong commentary on the injustice of income inequality and of the mass incarceration system which specifically preys on marginalized communities. Additionally, the film explores the concept of female empowerment and women helping one another to step into their own power. "One Percent" follows the point of view of four main characters. Each character is from a very different background and community and yet we see that ultimately, they are all connected.

We are at a moment in time where our society, and particularly our country, are craving change on so many levels. Our story is written in a humorous manner, as it is a fun way to engage audiences and inspire them to care, rather than just lecturing on about a corrupt system. 

Now about safety...

We have our eyes on the prize for this one. Our goal is our dream festivals - Sundance and Cannes!! 

However, we are also targeting other highly respected festivals that we feel will be a good fit for our film, such as SXSW, the Austin Film Festival, The Orlando Film Festival, The Fort Lauderdale Festival and of course - The Miami Film Festival! 

After running the festival circuit, we plan to distribute our film on a streaming platform. 


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We have a small but stellar cast! We are a SAG film and will pay SAG rates.

PPE and COVID Compliance Officer

Costs $5,000

SAG (rightfully) has rigorous COVID safety on set protocols to keep everyone safe.


Costs $5,950

We are a small and talented crew!


Costs $800

We need a 1-ton G&E truck.

Sound Gear

Costs $500

Basic audio package

Catering/Craft Service

Costs $3,000

We've gotta feed the cast & crew! Safely.

Production Design

Costs $1,500

We've got a big funeral scene to set and we'll be dressing up 1 location as many different locations

Camera Gear & Lighting Rental

Costs $1,000

We will shoot on an ARRI Alexa - a beautiful camera!

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