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A bite-sized audio adaptation of the horror classic Dracula, Re: Dracula will drop an episode each day something happens in the story, narrated by voice actors you know and love, with sound design that will send a chill up your spine.

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Mission Statement

We're a small team bringing a story we love to life thorough a modern day lens - not changing the text, but approaching outdated sections with nuance and exploring the queer subtext within the story.

The Story

About Re: Dracula

Re: Dracula is a bite-sized audio adaptation of the horror classic Dracula.

We're taking the famous horror tale, breaking it up chronologically (every entry of this epistolary novel has a date), and sending the story directly to your podcatcher as it happens. Every time something happens to the characters, Re: Dracula will publish an episode, in as close to real time as possible. The first episode will drop May 3, and the final episode, November 7th. Some entries will be brief, and others will be long and intense.

We intend to be a faithful, text-accurate adaptation, featuring a full cast to tug on your heartstrings and sound design to keep you on the edge of your seat. We'll have content warnings at the top of each episode, and while we aim to follow the text of the novel as much as possible, we will be removing unnecessary racist asides. But primarily, we'll be looking at the novel thorough a modern day lens - not changing the text, but approaching outdated sections with nuance. In Re: Dracula, we want to experiment with grounded readings of Dracula, the sort of intimate acting that audio drama so often excels at. 

This project was directly inspired by Dracula Daily - a newsletter that delivers the story into your email inbox. We're big fans of this ingenious way of reading the novel, and we wanted to take it to its natural next step and do a podcast. The show will be released for free, but those who help us fund the project will get additional perks, including ad-free episodes, a full audiobook, digital downloads, and more!

If you like:

  • Getting emails from your good friend Jonathan Harker
  • Yelling at Dr. Seward for his medical crimes
  • Oddly soothing horror audio drama
  • More vampires in your life
  • Immersive sound design
  • Full cast voice acting
  • Independent audio fiction
    we think you'll like this show!


Quincey Morris: Giancarlo Herrera

Arthur Holmwood: David Ault

John Seward: Jonathan Sims

Renfield: Felix Trench

Van Helsing: Alan Burgon

Lucy Westenra: Beth Eyre

Mina Murray: Isabel Adomakoh Young

Capt'n of the Demeter: Alasdair Stuart

Jonathan Harker: Ben Galpin

The Correspondant: Sasha Sienna

Dracula: Karim Kronfli

Additional Voices: Ben Meredith, Bonnie Calderwood Aspinwall, Nathan Blades, Graham Rowat, & Casper Stokhuyzen


Re: Dracula is produced by Tal Minear, Hannah Wright, Stephen Indrisano, Ella Watts, & Pacific Obadiah. Between the us, we've worked on podcasts including Doctor Who Redacted, Inn Between, Sidequesting, Someone Dies In This Elevator, What Will Be Here?, The Orphans, and more! This isn't our first show or our first time crowdfunding. We know exactly what's in store when it comes to producing this show, and we're excited about it! Find out more about us by clicking over to the "teams" tab on this page!



For supporting the show, you can get such goodies as:

  • The full Re: Dracula audiobook
  • Access to exclusive discord channels in the show server
  • Bonus audio, including a compilation of Dracula memes read by our VAs
  • A digital calendar that details episode drops
  • A shout-out on social media
  • A Dracula Recipe Zine
  • Re: Dracula stickers
  • A postcard from Dracula Castle
  • A TTRPG digital bundle of vampire-themed games
  • An exclusive t-shirt 
  • A friendship bracelet from Jonathan Harker
  • A thank you in the show audio

Here's the shirt:

This design will also be a sticker, alongside our cover art!


We estimate that this production will cost $22k. You'll note our goal is $12k - this is because we've recieved $10k of external funding outside of this campaign!

Here's our budget breakdown: 


Stretch Goals

$15k: Original Music! - MET!

$20k: Bonus Episodes! - MET!

$25k: Concept Album! - MET!

If we hit $15,000 (which, with our external funding, totals $25,000), we can bring on a composer to create original music for the show, including more songs like Bite by Newt Schottelkotte.

If we hit $20,000 (which, with our external funding, totals $30,000), we'll be able to publish bonus episodes to the feed on weeks that updates are slim. These bonus episodes would take the form of interviews with experts, behind the scenes features, and other dracula fiction! We'd love to sink our teeth into Dracula lore, exploring the novel in ways beyond simply adapting it. The additional funds will allow us to pay experts, creatives, and guests!

If we hit $25,000 (which, with our external funding, totals $35,000), we'll publish an original Dracula concept album. A digital download will be available to all backers at any tier. We’re in talks with The Blasting Company (who you might know from the Over The Garden Wall soundtrack) to potentially make a song for this album, as well as seeing which members of our cast would be interested in lending their voice to a few musical numbers. Stephen has also promised to write a cowboy ballad for Quincey Morris and Newt has promised to make a villain number for Dracula if we hit this goal. 

Other Ways To Help

Can't support the show monetarily? You can help us tremendously by spreading the word about our campaign!

  • Like/Share/Comment on our social media posts to please the algorithm, and tag people on your social media posts and ask them to share the campaign!
  • Share our trailer on your podcast!
  • Write a blog post about the show!
  • Tell your friends about how much you love the show!
  • Tell your enemies about how much you hate the show!

Telling everyone you know about it will absolutely make a difference, especially if you tell them why you think they should support us. 


What sets you apart from other retellings of Dracula?
This podcast is told chronologically and in bite sized bits, making it easy to consume the story. As a podcast, it’ll be accessible to all via RSS feed, and with accessibility in mind we’ll be including content warnings at the top of each episode and transcripts for each release. Re: Dracula looks at the novel through a modern day lens. We plan to cast our voices diversely, engage with the queer subtext, and approach the outdated sections of the book with nuance. In additon to a full cast, this telling of Dracula will also feature immersive sound design. We want to lean into the horror of the story, and combine it with the intimate medium of audio drama. We know we're not the first people to take on Dracula in a podcast format, but we think what we're doing is different, and will stand on its own. 

Does Dracula Daily know you're doing this?
Yes! We asked Matt Kirkland for permission - the novel is public domain, but we didn't want to use his idea of chronological drops without talking to him. Matt said it was all good, so here we are!

When will the podcast come out?
If we hit our crowdfunding goal, the podcast will release its first episode on May 3, 2023. It'll be free for all to listen, but supporters of the show will get additional perks.

Have a question we didn't answer? Our Tumblr Askbox is open!


Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Voice Actors

Costs $3,000

We'll be paying our VAs a set hourly rate.

Audio Production

Costs $5,000

This goes to our dialogue editors and sound designers.


Costs $2,000

This goes to our producers.


Costs $1,000

This goes to our directors.

Perks & Fees

Costs $1,000

Miscellany, including physical perk costs and crowdfunding fees.

About This Team

Re: Dracula is produced by Tal Minear (they/them), Hannah Wright (she/her), Stephen Indrisano (he/they), Ella Watts (she/her), & Pacific Obadiah (they/them).

Between the us, we've worked on podcasts including Doctor Who Redacted, Inn Between, Sidequesting, Someone Dies In This Elevator, What Will Be Here?, Seen and Not Heard, The Orphans, Feminist Fairytales, and more! Our favorite Vampire media includes Carmilla, The Lost Boys, What We Do In The Shadows, The Southern Book Club's Guide to Slaying Vampires, and Carpe Jugulum.

Crew Breakdown

Executive Producers: Tal Minear, Stephen Indrisano, Hannah Wright
Associate Producers: Ella Watts, Pacific Obadiah
Showrunner: Tal Minear
Directors: Ella Watts, Hannah Wright
Script Editors: Stephen Indrisano, Hannah Wright, Pacific Obadiah
Dialogue Editor: Stephen Indrisano
Sound Designer: Tal Minear
Lead Songwriter: Newton Schottelkotte
Additional Songwriter: Ester Ellis
Artist's Representative: Giancarlo Hererra
Social Media Manager & Graphic Designer: Tal Minear
Website & Cover Art: Tal Minear
Additional Art: Chandler Candela

Current Team