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Evie Ingle, trapped in grief and a continuum of abuse by the men in her life, takes matters into her own hands using her art as a dark catalyst for change. Through visual and sonic storytelling, the audience will experience Evie's inner world without the use of dialogue.

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Mission Statement

Our work with Screaming into the Wind revolves around the struggles of humanity and hardships of life. Using the medium of storytelling, our mission to explore life's complexities using art continues in effort to help give voice to those who have felt alone in their experiences of grief and abuse.

The Story


Screaming into the Wind is the story of Evie and Russ Ingle who are struggling from the loss of their daughter to still birth. The loss causes them both mental, physical and emotional trauma and eventually becomes a drain on them both. Evie uses her talents as a welding artist to heal from her grief and escape the abuse in her home.


KEVIN: Screaming into the Wind came to me over 20 years ago after meeting a friend in Los Angeles who was in an abusive relationship. Her situation was dire, and I was watching her disintegrate before my eyes. I asked her “why don’t you just leave?” Now that I’m older I’ve come to realize that it’s not as easy as that. Women and men can be placed in harm’s way if they leave a relationship of an abuser - their partners can become more violent and sometimes even lethal. I wanted to write this story to remind women like my friend that there are options, their life DOES matter, and there is a way out.

MELISSA: As a young actor during my training in New York, I was exposed to some of the best storytelling in the world and learned quickly how art can be used as a catalyst for change. Serving as the President of the Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance, I worked with dozens of talented artists to raise money for women and children across the globe, using the medium of performance art. Years later, when I started WinniePeg Productions, I wanted to establish a mission that represented who I want to continue to be as an artist and filmmaker. Our slogan, "For the greater good of creativity", was born out of this mission. 

My personal connection to this story runs deep. In order to access the complexities of Evie, I have confronted my own experiences of loss, grief, and the profound calling to find my voice again. The portal into this character has allowed me to harmonize healing through storytelling, as I set out to do as a young artist years ago. Although the choices Evie makes to free herself from a metaphorical cage are different than the choices I would make, exploring a dark side of this character still allowed space for finding humanity in her despite darkness. 

Melissa McNerney (Evie Ingle) on set for an emotional rehearsal.


Supporting this film is an invitation to help shine a spotlight on the themes of abuse, loss, and hope. Right now in the world, the rate of abuse among women in the world is at a remarkable level. There is never a better time to help give a platform to women-centered stories than now. Film Festivals have done an excellent job over the years creating a dedicated space for films and filmmakers who have done the hard creative work of telling difficult stories with the themes we explore in Screaming into the Wind. We need your help getting this film made and carving out a place for this story to be seen on the global festival circuit. 




We are now in the beginning of "Post-Production"

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  • SOUND DESIGN (really REALLY need you!) 
  • MUSIC COMPOSITION (WOW are so close and NEED everyone!!)
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We are asking for your help and the help of your networks to get our project fully funded AND THEN SOME! We know we can do this and we need your help to SURPASS OUR GOAL OF $12,000.


We have a precious 30 days to capture the funds needed to complete Screaming into the Wind. Please copy and paste the below information and share it with your friends and networks. Any contribution will get us to the finish line on Day 30!

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With the help of our supporters, it is our plan to have a healthy festival run over the next year! Follow our Facebook page for information on a screening in your area!!


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The World of Evie Ingle

Costs $500

A small but humble budget to create the home of Evie and Russ Ingle.

Cash Pledge

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Lights, Camera, Sound!

Costs $5,500

Camera Package, Lighting Package, and Sound Gear.

Post Production

Costs $5,500

Sound, Composition, Editing, and Color. This film will truly come to life in post production!

Creating Characters

Costs $500

Makeup & wardrobe to create the very important visual imagery around each of the four characters.

About This Team

Kevin J. O'Neill, Writer and Director

Kevin was an actor in Los Angeles from 1984 – 1996 where he was cast in over one-hundred national television commercials and numerous television and film roles. During his ten-year career in Los Angeles Kevin studied acting with some of the best teachers available. This would create the foundation for Kevin’s work as a film director in the future. Kevin is an award-winning film director, screenwriter and producer who has been writing and directing short films for the last sixteen years. His films have been nominated for 39 awards and have won 59. Kevin has continued to write what he knows as a screenwriter. Many of his film scripts tackle real stories from his past, from his father’s dementia and alzheimer’s to his mother’s brain tumor and his real life coming-of-age story Trestles. Kevin has written six feature film scripts that range from comedy to drama to coming-of-age and he is currently pitching two television series in Los Angeles that he is the creator and writer of, “Grace’s Diner” and “Gone Dark” that he co-wrote. Kevin has been teaching acting in schools for the last thirty years and has been a Course Director at Full Sail University for sixteen years where he teaches and mentors Directing students in the bachelor’s program.

Melissa McNerney, Producer and Lead Actress

The founder of WinniePeg Productions, Melissa McNerney works both in front of and behind the camera as an actor for over 15 years and a producer. Her years of experience in production work spans from producing feature and short films, as well as mainstream editorial and commercial work filmed in locations across the US. Her work has been given spotlight amongst national brands, on the global film festival circuit, in notable publications, on major television networks and streaming platforms. Melissa moved to New York to study Acting at Marymount Manhattan College. During her time at Marymount, she served as the President of the Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance where she led efforts to support the needs of women and children in the community of New York and around the world. 

A native-Floridian, Melissa McNerney returned to her Florida roots after launching her career working on shows including The Good Wife, All My Children, and Boardwalk Empire. Recent film roles include Jacey in Spider & Jessie (with Mckenna Grace and Jesse Williams), Michelle in Celebrity Crush (with Oliver Robins, Poltergeist) and Chloe in Fingers (with Michael St. Michaels, The Greasy Strangler). Appearing in over 20 commercials and working as a guest host on the Home Shopping Network, Melissa’s time in front of the lens remains diverse and expansive. Melissa has been a member of Women in Film and Television Florida since 2016, serving on the board and as the branch chair for Tampa Bay from Winter 2018 to Spring 2021. Melissa is also a proud member of the Screen Actors Guild since 2011.

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