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Action, Drama

Nazir Alston

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The series follows teenager Valerie Reeds as she adjusts to her parent's recent divorce. Along with struggling with her changing household she also struggles with her sexuality, which begins to raise many questions from family members as she becomes more secretive.

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Mission Statement

The project will high light several social issues that young adults deal with in the real world. The series has many female characters, with one of them being the lead. The majority of the cast and crew are students! Most of our team is from a tough city, which will help address the tough topics

The Story

Social Issues

that will be addressed in the series are the following: 

Racial Profiling - The series kicks off with the death of a teenager who was murdered by a white police officer. 

Sexual Identity-The main protagonist Valerie struggles with her sexuality and throughout the season viewers watch her as she tries to find her place. 

Co-Parent Households- Valerie and her younger brother Cal struggle with the recent divorce of their parents. 

Suicide - In the series one of the protagonists attempts suicide and we see how people in school, including classmates and his friends, his family and the community react to his suicide attempt. 



Where is your money going?

We are asking for $1100 to pay for our cast, for food, for transportation, for props as needed, and for film equipment (camera, lights, boomstick, etc.) 

 A paid cast will ensure a better commitment to the series and a better commitment meaning a more efficient release of episodes. 

Money for food will be needed to feed our cast as we will put in many long hours to film the series. Feeding our cast will mean they will be more energized and ready to film. 

Transportation-We will need to transport our cast members to different parts of the city to film episodes and certain scenes. A variety of locations will be able to ensure better storytelling. 


Location - We want to have a great visual aesthetic to our film so we may need to pay people for using certain spaces.

Props-Props will be needed to give viewers a better visual into what they are seeing in the series. 

Film equipment -With better film equipment means better film quality when filming. 

Nakia Dillard
Nazir Alston
Robert "Hershey" Alston

Sandarrian Baptiste 


Learn more about the team Here 



Thank you if you made it to this point. We want to thank anyone in advance who may have contributed to this project. If you can not contribute to the project financially please do us the favor of sharing this project and continue to follow it to its completion!


For more following the Vigilante Chronicles and updates on the series follow us @TheVigilanteChronicles


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Costs $300

Our hardworking cast and crew need to eat! If you could assist with this we thank you!


Costs $500

Since we don't have access to a Hollywood studio we have to use other people house and offices.


Costs $300

We need specific items for our cast to where to help bring our audience into the world of the series

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team


Darien Woodard is a young screenwritter from philadelphia who want to address social issues through the power of art. 


Nazir Alston is a 19 year old award-winning Director and Producer. Known for creating the groundbreaking award-winning documentary "Incomplete Cell" about sickle cell anemia. Produced by his company NKA Creations, LLC at the age of 16.



Nakia Dillard is an Actor, writer, director, and entrepreneur, Nakia Dillard is a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Nakia has worked alongside with some of the most recognized and very influential names in the industry including actor and director Bill Duke. He has appeared as a frequent character in the critically acclaimed TV series "The Wire", which commenced his TV and film career. Today, Nakia is steadily fulfilling one of his lifelong dreams as an activist and entrepreneur in the community that propelled his career. He ageed to help produce the first episode of The Vigilante Chronicles.


Robert "Hershey" Alston  is the father of Nazir Alston. He is the COO of NKA Creations. Hershey attended Penn State and Temple University. Also he is the Associate Producer for The Vigilante Chronicles. Hershey helped Nazir produced two award winning documentary "Incomplete Cell" and "Men of Understanding".



Sandarrian Baptiste is a Film major at Georgia State University. He aspires to be one of the most creative film producers in his life time. Currently one of NKA Creations first in- house producers. The vigilante project would be his first large project that he would be helping produced.


Current Team