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We believe in GREAT storytelling; capturing that pure form of imagination that exists in every child's mind. Willie, Jamaley & the Cacacoon isn't just an idea, it's a home movie that we made as kids. Now, 10 years later, we are prepared to bring it to the big screen as a feature film.

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Mission Statement

The heart of NANO Pictures has been, and always will be, to entertain and inspire the world. However, in an age where Hollywood whitewashing and perpetuating stereotypes has become a normality, we are committed to work against it and create equal opportunities for ALL in our cast and crew.

The Story

A Note From The Minds Of NANO Pictures:

Hello! Thank you for your interest in Willie, Jamaley & the Cacacoon. We make movies to move and amuse you. On behalf of NANO Pictures, we couldn't be more excited to get our next script up on the big screen. The only thing left is a little bit of help from you! Read below for more about our project and how YOU can be part of our next fun and imaginative adventure. - Tyler, Ryan, Sam, and David

 About The Film:

Willie, Jamaley & the Cacacoon follows two blue-collar bumpkins who team up on a quest for a local mythological creature known as the, ‘The Cacacoon’. Creature enthusiast, Willie, is caught up within his wild imagination and has become the laughing stock in town. He wants nothing more than to prove himself as a true ‘Creature Catcher’. After learning of a nearby creature convention (CreatureCon) Willie embarks on an adventure to claim it’s grand prize, enlisting the help from his old friend, Jamaley, who reluctantly agrees to participate. Soon, the duo discovers that they aren't the only two out on the hunt, and are challenged by a lingering presence of renowned cryptozoologists, Rusty Waters, and his mute henchman, Truman. It’s a race to find the beast as the unlikely group are forced into a game of wits (and fruit leather), while the fate of The Cacacoon’s existence lie in their traps.


WJ&TC takes place in the rural towns and historical woods of Eastern Pennsylvania where our characters drive, hitchhike, camp, and explore the locale on a hunt unlike anything you've ever seen before. We plan to shoot next spring, blending our film into the beautiful east coast greenery. We are keeping our crew small and our shoot short, in hopes to get every dollar onto the screen.



Our Mission:

WJ&TC is not just an idea, it is a tale that we once created back when we were kids on our old camcorder. We believe that there is an essence of the imagination that is most present when young, and hope to inspire the storytellers, young and old, that anything is possible when you have those who are important to you by your side. Nothing would make us happier than to bring our childhood home movie back to life in a bigger and bolder way than we ever could have originally produced.

Character Portraits:


The Short:

Below is a sizzle that was cut from our original ten minute short film. Feast your eyes on its greatness, and become immersed in the world of THE CACACOON!



The History Of NANO:

In 2005, a little website called YouTube was born, and thus the channel NANOshorts Entertainment was brought to life. Created by Tyler Schnabel, NANOshorts became the HUB of all of Schnabel's zany short films that acted as an outlet for his thesbian nature.



Throughout high school and college, Tyler brought together likeminded friends who shared similar goals in wanting to create, write, act, and direct. After college, Tyler moved to Los Angeles and made one short every week for an entire year with his NANO team (that's over 50 shorts!). In that time, NANOshorts Entertainment has won video contests and produced content for multiple brands and start-up companies.  Then, in 2016, as filmmakers they went the distance and produced their first ever feature length film. This was the turning point for NANOshorts and was thus rebranded as NANO Pictures.


To check out some NANOshorts, click the Media tab, above. To learn more about their Award Winning film, Frazier Park Recut, you can visit its website at www.frazierparkfilm.com. 



 Less Is More:

Here at NANO Pictures, we believe that less is more, and the hundreds of no-budget short films that we've made are proof of that. We know how to stretch the dollar. We know how to troubleshoot. With over ONE MILLION views on our YouTube videos, we've built a production company around making something from nothing, and learned how to always finish what we've started. Big budget movies nowadays are typically too long, and don't hold the attention of today's current audience, which is why we thrive to produce quality feature length films at a shorter length. This is exactly how we intend to tackle WJ&TC.


The NANO Promise:

Every film comes with some hurdles, but we are prepared to leap clear over every single one of them. With your help, we are jumping over the biggest one of all - raising the money to get the movie made. Because of our long history with making low budget shorts, we are masterminds at solving problems, and have built a network of industry professionals who we trust and are here to help when things get tough. We have zero tolerence for "unfinished projects" and we invite you to trust in our promise to not only finish this movie but make sure that its the best movie it can possibly be. We can't begin to express how excited we are to start our next journey as filmmakers, and are honored to have you on board for the ride.



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