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Trash Baby is a coming-of-age drama that follows 12-year-old Stevie as she navigates growing up, getting out, and the art of finding beauty in the ugliest of places. We are currently seeking funding to begin production in Portland, OR in Summer 2023.

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Mission Statement

This Oregon-based film is written and directed by Jacy Mairs, a fellow trailer park kid and Oregonian. Staying true to its roots, this project will be produced in the Pacific Northwest by a cast and crew primarily composed of Oregon talent.

The Story

Trash Baby follows a young girl as she navigates growing up, getting out, and the art of finding beauty in the ugliest of places.



Trash Baby is an indie drama that celebrates the kids who grew up amidst white trash culture in the early 2000’s. The film follows a young girl, Stevie (12), during yet another sweltering summer spent in Pine Park. After a run-in with the resident cool girl next door, Stevie strikes an unlikely friendship with wild not-so-child, Edie (20). Soon Stevie finds herself grappling with the natural desire to grow up and the reality of what we lose when we do.




This Oregon based film is written and directed by Jacy Mairs, a fellow trailer park kid and Oregonian. This project will stay true to its roots and be filmed in the Pacific Northwest, with a cast and crew primarily composed of Oregon talent.

Bold, cinematic, and rooted in authenticity, Trash Baby is a love letter to the beauty of one of America’s often dismissed communities, and an honest look at the people society openly calls trash.


Think We The Animals meets The Florida Project mixed with a little bit of Kids.





"As a kid growing up in a trailer park on the outskirts of a rich town, feeling like an outcast sort of comes with the territory. 

Back then I didn’t understand status, I just knew that my world looked nothing like my friends and had the looming suspicion that my house, my clothes, and the way that I spoke were communicating something that I didn’t want to say. Because of this, I began to harbor a disgust for the place that I lived. I felt ashamed of my world, and I felt ashamed of my shame. 

But something changed when I saw a film about people whose lives looked a lot like mine. Seeing my community represented in art made me realize my own life was beautiful enough to photograph. It took another artist to teach me that. This is when I decided to become a filmmaker and this is why representation will always matter.

To the trailer park kids, this film is a love letter to you. We may have to work twice as hard to be half as good, but the wins earned taste sweeter than the wins bought and the truth is, we will always be hungrier.

I’m moved by how many people have connected with this story already, and I’m honored to make a film celebrating anyone who’s ever felt socially unclaimed. Thank you to the artists who paved the way, may we follow in your footsteps and create something just as beautiful for the next generation of trash babies."

- Jacy Mairs (Trash Baby Director & Writer)




Coming of Age

The desire to grow up and the reality of what we lose when we do. The decision we sometimes make as children to stay young a little longer.

White Trash Culture

A montage of life for the kids who grew up in the trailer parks littered across the country. An acknowledgement of the beauty these dismissed communities possess, and an honest look at the people society openly calls trash.

The Underdog

A celebration of those who never stop fighting and those who prove we are all more than a statistic. 



The artistic approach for this film is raw, like that of the story we are telling. There are no explosions or airbrushed celebrities. There is no rom-com lighting tactics or resolutions wrapped in a Hollywood bow. This is a story about real people, and so we plan to embody the same grime, sweat, and texture of which our characters are made when molding our visual approach. 


The tone is gritty, raw, and embraces the look of 35mm film that is reminiscent of the time in which our story is set.




Stevie Miller

Stevie lives in a double-wide trailer in Pine Park with her single mother (Lana) and little brother (Kimono). She spends her days with the local park kids jumping on the trampoline and grabbing ice cream at the corner store. After a run-in with the older cool girl next door, Stevie finds herself in an unlikely friendship on the fast track to growing up.



Edie Sanders

20, greasy blonde hair, with big brown eyes and a devilish smile. She is white trash beautiful with a relaxed stomach and flashy acrylic nails. Edie is smart, wild, and lost. She spends her days aimlessly partying with friends and fighting with her Mother (Lynn) about her future.



Brad Dante

19, dark eyes, strong bone structure, slender by nature with unruly hair. Brad is another lifelong resident of Pine Park. He is a recent graduate, with plans of leaving his hometown as quickly as he can. He works at the local gas station most nights and looks after his mother who is unwell.

Brad is talented, kind and quiet by nature. He is often looked to in group settings as the voice of reason.





Our film takes a look at poverty in America through the lens of one of the most dismissed communities in the country. We’re telling a story that is rarely given the attention it deserves and shining a light on the beauty of a world often left socially unclaimed.


Trash Baby is a story about three generations of women, told by women, who’ve grown tired of having our stories of womanhood told for us.


Our team is comprised of a diverse cast and crew, not just in ethnicity, class and sexual orientation but in life experience. We have mortuary makeup artists, professional clowns, sex workers and trailer park kids, all of whom have fought tooth and nail to establish themselves in this industry and are excited by the opportunity to tell our collective story, one that is rooted in proving to the world we are all more than a statistic.





This campaign will fund our film’s 21 days of production beginning in Summer 2023 in Portland, Oregon. We already have a strong vision and a talented, passionate lead cast & crew on board - but we still need support from community members like you to make TRASH BABY come to life!

Your contribution will allow us to compensate our cast & crew, pay for equipment rentals, and purchase insurance to help keep our production secure and running smoothly. 


CAST: $17,500
CREW: $12,000
PROPS: $500
SET OPERATIONS (Crafty, Catering, Walkie Talkies, etc): $4,000
COSTUMES: $1,250
EQUIPMENT (Camera, Sound, etc): $1,500
LOCATION: $2,500
GENERAL EXPENSES (Grant Fees, Applications, LLC Registration, etc): $1,000


When you contribute to our campaign, you can take pride in supporting a project that:

+ Uplifts the voices of women

+ Highlights the female perspective

+ Raises awareness on social issues like equity and accessibility to resources in America’s forgotten communities.



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About This Team


Jacy Mairs is a multifaceted artist currently residing in Portland, Oregon. With a long history working in the commercial world as a one-stop shop producer, she has led campaigns and shot for clients such as Google, Canva, and Nike. Jacy is also the owner of local production company, Ryko Films, which focuses on artists, brands, and intimate moments. Here she has produced music videos for artists such as Two Neighbors, Alanna Weir and the Half Talls, and Pasha Mordena, while also producing a handful of short films.

Jacy has worked on an array of narrative features for studios such as Amazon and A24, with recent work as Associate Producer for Director Alex Lehmann’s film, Acidman, which went on to premiere at Tribeca. The film was later named the Grand Jury winner at Dallas International Film Festival, Naples International Film Festival, and Audience Award winner at the American Film Festival.



Karlee is a director / producer that's passionate about female-centric stories and carving out a space for women & queer folks in the indie film world. Describing her style as "retro aesthetics with a modern sensibility," Karlee's work is the culmination of her love for the 1980s, psychedelic rock, and feminist horror.

Since 2017, Karlee has worked on everything from music videos to reality TV to feature films. She is currently in post-production for her directorial debut short, NIGHT SHIFT, and developing a feature-length screenplay based on the film. When she isn't producing her own creative projects, Karlee works as a Production Coordinator & 1st Assistant Director for Bridge City Media in Portland, OR.



Claire Tuft is an Oregon/New York-based producer and writer. Select narrative projects include, Producer (p.g.a), SO COLD THE RIVER; Producer, IN FRANCE MICHELLE IS A MAN'S NAME (Grand Jury Prize, Outfest 2020 & Slamdance 2021); Co-Producer, MS. WHITE LIGHT (Official Selection, SXSW 2019); and Production Manager, THE MISEDUCATION OF BINDU.

She is an Associate Producer on the NYTimes Op-Doc short, CONTAMINATED MEMORIES and in production on its companion four-part documentary series, TRUE MEMORIES AND OTHER FALSEHOODS. Commercial and digital work includes projects with Spotify, Red Bull, Snapchat, Switzerland Tourism, among others. She is also a member and former co-leader of the NY-based independent filmmakers collective, Filmshop, and part of the producing team for the Indiana-based production company, Pigasus Pictures.




Sophia Phoenix is a model, musician and actress signed with The Option Agency in Portland and Ferrari Talent in Los Angeles. Along with being the on-camera talent, she creative-directed the vision of her two sold-out solo records and also her band Two Neighbors, which garnered 40+ million streams. 

Sophie has an eclectic work history ranging from stripper, vintage car museum manager, to mortuary makeup artist. She draws inspiration from many aspects of her past and contributes in dynamic ways towards the fashion, music, writing, and emotional intelligence of this project.



Laurel Sager is a prop stylist currently based in Minneapolis. She's had a blast working in the art department on projects such as Elementary (CBS), Someone Great (Netflix), The Irishman(Netflix), and Best Summer Ever (Hulu). She was also involved with The Rings of Power (Amazon) working as a VFX coordinator for a couple years.

She enjoys decorating sets and making props look nice n' fancy, while also illustrating, taking lots of photos, and jogging in cold weather. Laurel's beyond thrilled to serve as the lone member of the midwestern team behind Trash Baby and can't wait to see what's in store for this delightful film!



Yasmeen Magar (they/them) is an Egyptian-American filmmaker originally from Portland, OR, currently based in Austin, TX. First starting out as an actor, they've been in several short films, taking the lead in the feature "Fencesitters". Their approach to filmmaking is always making sure diverse voices are being heard, whether it's cast or crew.

Grief and complex family narratives are the current focus and drive for their screenwriting work. With “TRASH BABY”, they felt an immediate connection to the characters and story. Finding tenderness and moments of levity in the script, they knew they had to be on the project.

Current Team