Vulveeta: The Music Continues

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Maria Breaux

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Spinal Tap with POC and queers, anyone? This project is an homage to anyone who grew up in riot grrrl, punk, hard rock, and other “alternative” music scenes. It links this ethos to the wave of inclusion overtaking the country—only we’re louder and own more second-hand clothes.

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Mission Statement

We’re here, we’re queer, we’re making this movie. Everyone in front of the camera is either LGBTQ and/or a person of color. We also have a predominantly LGBTQ and POC crew.

The Story


“Internally washed” lead singer Grrrilda Beausoleil’s turning 50, and all she wants is a reunion with her 1990s riot grrrl band—the one she abandoned 20 years ago. Can they get it together to play a big reconciliation show? To document the experience, Grrrilda has a videographer come along for the ride to capture their successes, failures, and mood swings. 


The band didn’t break up on the best of terms. In fact, Grrrilda disappeared just as they were about to "go big." Now, she has to convince the band she’s ready to rock, as it were, and overcome the band’s demons.



How will they integrate Gordon, who’s transitioned since the band’s heyday? Can Jett Groan ever trust Grrrilda again? Will their formerly two-year-old drummer (so punk!) continue to go hard in her 20s? Will they draw a crowd with the old methods of wheatpaste, stickers, and 'zines, or are those passé in the digital age? Will Grrrilda fulfill the band manager’s dream of making it big so that her son can go to college?


Most importantly, does the band have enough of a following anymore to pull off a reunion show, especially in a city that's changed so much since the 1990s?


Completely improvised, this "mockumentary" explores the nature of trust, the strengths (and weaknesses) of community, social and cultural changes in San Francisco since the first dot-com boom, aging as an artist, and what it means to keep pursuing a dream, against all odds.



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About This Team

Grrrilda Beausoleil is the lead singer of and mastermind behind Vulveeta. Since her disappearance 20 years ago, she's done deep work and had a rigorous reawakening involving acupuncture, Chinese herbs (both the pill and plant kind), psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, sand tray therapy, meditation retreats, colonics, an ayahuasca trip to Peru with a shaman—actually two shaMEN—ear candling, muscle stress testing, labyrinth walking, and past life regressions. She's totally ready for a comeback. Strike up the fucking band.


Vulveeta guitarist Gordon Garcia has lived in San Francisco for 25 years, and started his transition journey at age 32. Vulveeta was family to him, and he developed a deep bitterness after Grrrilda’s disappearance. When his first band, Hard Meat, were rejected from the 8th-grade talent show because of the name, they just played under the name Tough Skin and let it go. Gordon likes to think he lives according to the same ethos—“let it go”—but tends not to forgive so easily in practice. He happily works at 


Jett Groan plays bass in Vulveeta. They stopped playing music when the band broke up in the 90s, and is desperately overjoyed that the reunion is finally happening. Jett’s influences include Bikini Kill, Team Dresch, Grace Jones, and Wham! Jett currently satisfies customers for AppThingy, a San Francisco-based startup that makes apps that make other apps. In their free time, Jett also enjoys cats, Sci-Fi films, and thinking about doing something to overthrow capitalism.


Killer Child totally wailed on the drums back in the 90s. When Vulveeta put out a call for a drummer, the audition tape her mom sent in was so cool that the band hired Killer Child on the spot. Plus, they thought it’d be “punk” to have a two-year-old drummer. Now, after no longer being able to attend college due to "a lack of funds," she’s taking a gap year to discover who she is and what she can do now. She's not fulfilled by her solo leaf-blowing company, Leaf. Me. Alone. Will Vulveeta be her ticket to the top—again?

Harriet never left the club scene, although it left her. She’s maintained work alternately as an ID checker, cash taker, bottle waitress, and bouncer at various clubs, large and small, around the Bay Area. Her main gig is as a nanny, taking girls through her Mindful Moshing™ program that focuses on consent, respect, and eye contact. Despite her club and music connections, Harriet’s never actually been in a band—will Vulveeta give her the chance to prove her true punk worth?

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