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Lancaster Park
Directed by Lynda Reiss 18 minDrama

A single mother assumes the worst of her daughter. After destroying what she believes to be incriminating evidence she becomes lost in the desert where she learns that not everyone is as they seem.

Directed by Sarah Phillips 15 minSci Fi & Fantasy, Drama

The year is 2289, and all that’s left on Planet Earth is the domed city Old Centauri, roaming sun flares that scorch the land, and the nomadic tribes that mitigate the two. Kiirke comes from one such tribe, and she must travel to Old Centauri, along with her brother, to seek a small fortune to save her family.

Chicken Man
Directed by Chips Romagosa 13 minComedy, Drama

Chicken Man is a comedic, yet emotional drama that tells the story of a unique individual, a chicken man, who has suffered through many hardships due in part to his appearance as a chicken. In overcoming these hardships, he cultivates such an extreme desire to fit in that he will sacrifice anything to do so, but will it be worth is in the end?

The Pod Caster
Directed by Ian D’Amelia 8 minDrama, Sci Fi & Fantasy

It is the waning days of an earth destroyed by climate change. One man has the unhappy task of deciding who is worthy of salvation and who will be left behind.

Like Nothing Happened
Directed by Catherine Black 13 minDrama

A loving couple hopes to start a family but struggles to keep their marriage alive after a miscarriage leaves them isolated and alone.

The Light Thief
Directed by Eva Daoud 19 minDrama

When the essence of Love is snatched from someone and locked away in a vessel with no name, what happens to those persons, and how do they change? How can the broken-hearted souls break that curse and recover from their pain? Can they regain their spark by overcoming dark supernatural forces?

Directed by Yinghui Fu 8 minDrama, Foreign, Thriller

When a high school student apprehends a thief and the police become involved she must confront her conscience.

Christmas Roast
Directed by Alexander Baghdasaryan 21 minDrama, Foreign

Aram works in the enforcement service for Armenia's Ministry of Justice. He’s an efficient and ambitious conformist, who comes into contact with a variety of people who find themselves in desperate situations. But Aram isn’t ungifted; he’s a master at parody. His best parody is the Christmas Roast, where he becomes frozen in an ear-to-ear grin with herbs in his mouth. He can’t even imagine how he gradually turns into a dead pig on someone’s table.

Narrative Shorts Block 1 Q&A
Thursday, Oct 22, 2020 3:00pm - 3:45pm

Q&A with some of the filmmakers from the Narrative Shorts Block 1.

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