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CHAT is the story of a woman who meets a charming man online and develops a flirtatious relationship with him until the tone changes and things take a strange turn.

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Mission Statement

CHAT is a passion film project for us as the #MeToo movement continues to gain traction. The CHAT team are committed to Diversity, Inclusion, Women in Film and fair pay, along with the tenet of creating a high quality film with a message.

The Story

CHAT is the story of a woman who meets a charming man online and develops a flirtatious relationship with him until things take a strange turn.

It's meant as a warning to anyone thinking it's their right to terrorize another person either online or in person. 

As an awarded, sold, optioned screenwriter, Kim originally wanted a filmmaker to buy the script, film it and take it to film festivals. Somewhere along the way, Kim was unable to let it go and decided to produce it herself.

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Here is what we are all about:

The script made Coverfly's Red List in 2020 and 2021 in the Short Thriller category and had several placements in prestigious screenwriting contests like the quarterfinals in Oscar Qualifying HollyShorts Screenwriting Contest. 

After being a Top Ten Finalist in Shoot Your Short and a quarterfinalist (2nd Round) in Austin Film Festival two years in a row, Women In Film Seattle member, Kim, decided to produce CHAT herself. When Brad Johnson made a bid to direct, the two partnered to develop the project.

In the fall of 2021, Kim and Brad talked about how to make this film and what it would take to turn out the best version on a budget. Luke Zwanziger, a Portland filmmaker and screenwriter himself, signed on as Assistant Director and the producers felt like they'd hit the jackpot. Luke can do everything and brings a wealth of talent and know-how to guide the team. Luke's Filmmaker Reel

By the end of 2021, CHAT had it's lead actors and the excitement grew. Eryn Rea of Grey's Anatomy and Amazon Prime's The Scottish Play, would take the lead, Julia. Josh Price of TURN: Washington's Spies and Devious Maids, was offered the role of her pursuer. Antonio Mitchell, from Seattle's Theatrical Scene signed on to play Burke in a supporting role.

Emmy Award-winning Cinematographer Madeline Down, a Seatttle powerhouse, also known as the Seahawks videographer joined the team and Seattle Sound Woman, Meredith Wylegala, was added. Tara Forth, President of the Seattle Composers Alliance will score the film and Trina Griffin Director of the Seattle Film Summit will be our Covid Compliance Officer and a PA on set. Derek Johnson, a Seattle filmmaker will be our gaffer. He documented 9/11 in NYC, which lead to 10 feature and 4 Emmy credits.

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In the age of #MeToo and calling out men who make women feel less than worthy with unwanted sexual advances, the producers hope CHAT sheds a light on how women see this attention as frightening, knowing it can escalate into something very dark.

On a personal note, Kim once had a stalker and this pursuit of a stranger contributed in some part to the story of CHAT. She wanted to make a film that highlights a woman's ability to fight back.

The film takes place mostly inside a backyard cottage office and around the house and cottage.

The story chornicles the evolution of an online relationship so there are many shots of two people interacting at their desks. We wanted the cottage office to have a charm that would be in opposition to the theme. 

Shooting a film in the time of COVID, is tricky but we have a very small cast and crew and one location. Our Covid Compliance Officer will ensure safety and cleanliness on set. Protocol will be followed. In the case of a positive test before filming, we have alternate people to step in. 


Films cost money. It might be possible to make CHAT for less but then it would look like we cut corners and we wouldn't be able to pay our crew or actors fairly. $12,800 means we have top talent and crew. The money raised isn't a number we pullled out of the air. We did a strategic budget allowing for paychecks, equipment rentals, accommodation, insurance, permits, and post production costs like editing and music.

Although Seed & Spark has been around for awhile and is well-respected in crowd funding circles, especially for films, we understand not everyone will want to jump on board and be part of CHAT at first. We hope you'll come around.

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What people say about the script...

Feb 23, 2021 - Filmmaker Cari Haim - Twitter

Ho-lee-crap! Just read .@kimhornsby's short 'Chat' and I am in AWE. Did NOT see those #twists coming and I completely understand why this is an award winning script. #specscriptshoutout

Feb 25, 2022 - U of Memphis Film Professor Marty Lang - Twitter

Brad showed me the script - I loved it!


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Cash Pledge

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Crew Wages

Costs $2,200

Assistant Director, COVID Compliance Officer, and PA.


Costs $3,000

4 days of filming

Lighting & Sound

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Sound and lighting are crucial Equipment & Wages

Location Rental

Costs $2,200

We'll rent a house/property where we'll film all scenes and accommodate our out of towners.


Costs $2,000

Camera and equipment Director of Photography

Insurance and Fees

Costs $400

We need insurance for our expensive equipment rentals. Fees for permits and SAG

Props & Costumes

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We need items to outfit our actors and to dress the sets.

Food for Cast & Crew

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10 hour days -- Meals for Cast & Crew = Better Film!

About This Team

Kim Hornsby, USA Today Bestselling Author and multi-awarded, professional Screenwriter, Kim is a Producer and the writer of CHAT. Having produced Stage Shows in Maui and Whistler BC, Kim has vast knowledge of production and chose Brad to direct and co-produce because of his talent and vision for the project. She invites you to board the CHAT train, hoping for a stop at Sundance or Cannes in 2023.

Brad M Johnson is the Director and a Producer of CHAT and has been actively involved in the world of independent film for more than 20 years. A recent transplant to the Pacific Northwest, Brad is passionate about character-driven storytelling and exploring the psychological aspects of our darker impulses. He recently formed his own film production company, Daisy If You Do Productions, and is honored to be part the amazingly talented and diverse group of people coming together to bring CHAT to life.

Luke Zwanziger is our 1st Assistand Director and Editor. Having guided projects from pre-production through post, he has worked in these roles many times as well as DP cam-op and sound. As an editor Luke has assisted on projects for Adobe, Apple, Nike, Sundance.

Madeline Down is a two-time Emmy-award-winning Producer out of Seattle, WA. She found her love for production in an edit bay at the University of Washington and now co-leads the Video Production Department at the Seattle Seahawks where she leads the Feature side of the video presence – longform and creative work. She also directs the live in-game show for the Seahawks at Lumen Field. She worked as as Assistant Camera on the Oscar-qualified film, Desmond’s Not Here Anymore and is shooting several short films Spring 2022 as the DOP.

Meredith Wylegala used her background in music production to pivot to location recording and post-production audio, which she has been working on in Seattle for 4 years. She has a variety of projects both upcoming and in post-production, and greatly looks forward to working with the team on CHAT.

Trina Griffin is our Production Assistant and Covid Compliance Officer. As the Director of the Seattle Film Summit, Trena brings on-set experience in every aspect and is committed to keeping our crew safe and Covid free.

Tara Forth will compose the score to the film. As the President of the Seattle Composers Alliance, Tara brings not only the talent and experience but a dedication to Women in Film where film composers are mostly men. A life-long music creator, her expansive library of work includes film scores and custom commercial music for leading global brands.

Derek Johnson,  film producer, director, cinematographer, gaffer, sometimes writer, and the founder of Kaifilms a boutique film production company. His first achievement in film production was documenting 9/11 in NYC, which lead to 10 feature and 4 Emmy credits. Currently, Derek has several films in production and an episodic true crime docuseries. Derek has agreed to join our crew as gaffer.

Eryn Rea will play Julia, the lead. Known for Mermaid Down, Grey's Anatomy, Shrill and Amazon Prime's The Scottish Play, which she also produces, Eryn goes between Seattle and Atlanta keeping busy with her production company and acting gigs.

Joshua Price, will play opposite Eryn as he stalker. Josh is an American actor best known for his work on TURN: Washington's Spies, It's Fine, Devious Maids, and A Crime to Remember. A screenwriter and producer himself, Josh plays "creepy" amazingly well for a nice guy.

Antonio Mitchell is in the supporting role of Burke. Antonio is a triple threat performer, finishing his MFA in acting at the University of Washington and is currently in Beauty and The Beast at Seattle's 5th Avenue Theater.  

Current Team