Seed&Spark, SeriesFest, and Band of Outsiders present

New Voice Crowdfunding Rally

This crowdfunding rally is for original series in pre-production, ready to build their audiences and shoot their first episode or teaser.

Grand Prize presented by Mastercard.

Straight to Screen Prize presented by Fullscreen.

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We are in search of the next great series.  Are you making the next Mr. Robot, Transparent, or Insecure? Are you creating serial content about a cast of characters who have yet to make it to the mainstream? We want it. Here’s how it works...

Grand Prize

Awarded at SeriesFest in June 2017.

  • A television development deal with Band of Outsiders
  • $30,000 cash, plus pitching expenses (travel and board)
  • Coaching meetings

Fullscreen Straight to Series Prize

For projects with protagonists 18-25 years old. Awarded in early 2017.

  • $50,000 or more to make an entire series for Fullscreen
  • Premiere the series at SeriesFest 2017

Filmmaker Gift Box

For any project that reaches 1,000 followers

How to Join the Rally

1. Launch Campaign

Start a project and launch your crowdfunding campaign for at least $10,000 on Seed&Spark. You must raise enough to be able to shoot the pilot or teaser for your series. All campaigns will run from September 12 - October 14, 2016. Submissions are open now until September 1, 2016.

2. Build Your Audience

You must gather at least 1,000 followers to your Seed&Spark campaign by April 1, 2017. Followers include all contributors, but they also include anyone who clicks the “follow” button from your campaign page to receive email updates.

3. Engage Your Audience

To stay qualified, filmmakers must post 2 project updates per week during their 30-day crowdfunding campaign; at least 1 project update during your campaign must contain video content original to the campaign.

4. Shoot Your Pilot

Use the funds raised during your successful crowdfunding campaign to shoot the first episode or teaser for your series before March 31, 2017.

5. Grow Your Audience

Continue to grow your followers during production by posting a minimum of 2 video updates per month from October- April. The 10 finalists are determined by what is produced, as well as the greatest number of followers by April 1, 2017.

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What types of projects are eligible for the New Voice Crowdfunding Rally?

We are looking for original series in pre-production, ready to build their audiences and shoot their first episode or teaser.

What if I’ve shot some of it already?

That’s okay.

What if some of it’s out already?

That’s okay.

Can a second season of a series be eligible for the rally?


Can it be fiction?


Can it be documentary-style?


Can it be animated?


What if this is strange and no one’s made anything like this ever?

You have found your place. Let’s do this.

When can I submit and launch my project on Seed&Spark?

You can submit your project now through September 1, 2016; eligible projects must launch on September 5 and crowdfund through October 7, 2016. Your “submission” date is the date you click “Submit for Approval” of your Seed&Spark campaign.

What does submitting a project mean vs. launching?

Submitting your project means adding your project to Seed&Spark, preparing for your crowdfunding campaign, and beginning a dialogue with Seed&Spark crowdfunding experts.
Launching in the day you go live and begin collecting audience and funds.

What are followers?

“Followers” are those who financially support your campaign, OR follow your campaign by clicking the “Follow” button on your campaign page. In either case, followers receive project updates you send out from your Seed&Spark project about your campaign, your production activity, and your future projects.

Once I submit a project on Seed&Spark, how long does it take until I launch my project (make it go live)?

Once you submit your project, Seed&Spark’s crowdfunding team will provide personalized, comprehensive feedback so you can optimize your campaign. You’ll want to give yourself a week between submitting a project and launching your project to receive and incorporate vital feedback. We HIGHLY recommend aiming to launch in the first week of July 2016 to take advantage of the maximum amount of audience building time.

What kind of support would Seed&Spark and the other organizers provide to the participating projects during their crowdfunding campaigns and potentially afterwards?

Seed&Spark, SeriesFest, Fullscreen and Mastercard will be promoting all crowdfunding campaigns through paid and organic social channels throughout the rally and upon completion. Seed&Spark is committed to promoting all campaigns that consistently update their fans throughout the lifecycle of the film and beyond.

What happens after the crowdfunding ends?

All New Voice crowdfunding campaigns must end by October 14th, 2016. Projects that raise at least $10k will be expected to submit a project budget and pitch deck by November 4th, 2016, as well as an additional piece of short video content to show the judges a little more about the style, tone, or story of the series.

Between November 2016 and March 2017, all successful rally finishers are expected to complete production on their web series pilot / teaser. Expected completion date: March 31st, 2017. Teams must submit two update videos per month during production and continue to grow their audience!

When will the finalists be announced?

The 10 finalists for the New Voices contest will be announced in April of 2017, based on what is produced and the greatest number of followers. The 10 finalist teams will have a chance to meet with Band of Outsiders and Seed&Spark (in person or via phone, depending on location) prior to SeriesFest (June 2017.)

When will the winner be announced?

The 10 finalists will premiere their web series pilot / teaser at SeriesFest in June of 2017. The winner of the New Voice crowdfunding rally will be announced at this time. The Fullscreen Straight to Screen Winner will be announced between October 12th, 2016, and January 1, 2017.

What are the benefits for participants who do not move on to the finals or win?

All filmmakers who gather 1,000 or more followers are eligible for the Filmmaker Gift Box, worth over $8000 in production, post and distribution technology and services, as well as festival fee waivers. They also become eligible to distribute on Seed&Spark and through Seed&Spark’s output deals. Lastly, by raising funds and gathering an audience on Seed&Spark, participants take control of their creative future, creating a path to their own sustainable filmmaking career.

What role will the sponsors have with the winner of the competition?

Please see the Contest Rules for the full scope of Band of Outsiders, SeriesFest, Seed&Spark and Fullscreen involvement with the finalists and winning projects.

What are the details of the Fullscreen Media Straight to Screen prize?

Fullscreen is an SVOD platform creating premium content for the Millennial Generation. To be considered for the Fullscreen Straight to Series prize, which includes a $50,000 development deal with Fullscreen Media, projects must focus on protagonists between 18-25 years old and meet all of the other requirements of the completion of the New Voice Crowdfunding Rally.



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