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‘do you remember me?’ tells Nicky's story of a brutal gang rape 37 years ago, and her fight back to manage the trauma through love. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and creative strategies, this story will deliver a powerful message of pain and resilience.

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Mission Statement

For millions of survivors of sexual violence, it - the trauma - never goes away. However, like the same millions - survivors learn to live, albeit more cautiously. This film, based on the director's true story, will unmask what rape victims feel and give voice to the healing and love that can exist.

The Story

Based on the filmmaker's true story, do you remember me? follows Nicky as she faces the trauma of a rape that occurred more than 36 years ago. Although decades have passed since this traumatic experience, Nicky learns to cope with the impact of the rape even though she has trained herself to live without the daily reminders of what happened to her at 18-years-old. That is until she opens her social media account to see a friend request from one of the four men who attacked her on May 4, 1987. Upon staring at the man looking back at her on her computer screen, Nicky, visibly shaken, types a message to Dale via a chat box "do you remember me?"

The men who attacked Nicky that night didn't just take her innocence; they took her drive, her dreams, and her love for herself and others. It took many years for Nicky to regain these things, but nothing has erased the haunting of that evening. Like millions of survivors of rape, incest, and sexual assault, it - the assault - never goes away. However, like the same millions - you move on ever more cautiously in a world that allows people like Dale to exist. This powerful story has already received two screenplay awards: The 2022 LaCoy Production Fund Award and placed as a quarter-finalist in the 2023 Scriptation Showcase.

The project aims to create a collaborative partnership with the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center to raise awareness about critical issues through compelling visual storytelling and impactful campaigns. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and creative strategies, the project will deliver powerful messages to engage and educate the audience.

(Tonia - 18 years old, before the rape)

Tonia - present day, working on script)

(Tonia - present day, award-winning producer/director)


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Cast/Actors Fees

Costs $11,600

Compensation for Actor's fees for working in this film. A SAG•AFTRA Micro Budget Agreement allowed us to secure the actors at this cost.

Intimacy Coordinator

Costs $500

Cost for securing an Intimacy Coordinator for this project.


Costs $550

Cost for hair, make-up, and wardrobe, as part of this film portrays scenes in the 1980's.

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About This Team

Hull Bay Productions is an independent Film and Video production company, dedicated to telling stories of purpose. We thrive in helping audiences connect with individuals whose lives provide a transformative story of hope and triumph. Our team consists of creative individuals with a passion for our unique storytelling.

Productions’ second feature-film documentary, More Than Our Skin, a story featuring five women living with the auto-immune disease, Vitiligo, is making its way through the film festival circuit, and has already garnered distinctions: Finalist, New York International Film Awards; Finalist, Essence Film Festival; Best Documentary Feature, Los Angeles Film Awards; Finalist, Manhattan Film Festival; Official Selection, Roxbury International Film Festival; Nominee, Toronto International Women Film Festival; and Official Selection in the International Motion Picture Awards.

Our team, consisting of the award-winning duo of Gregory and Tonia Magras, will lead this talented team of Fitchburg State University students as this film is developed. "We believe in the work these students are producing under the leadership at FSU, and we want to tap into this talent to tell this important film about rape on college campuses."

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