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UFO Phil: a hilarious 10-episode series with music, aliens, and out-of-this-world surprises. With all the media hype about UFOs, the time is NOW for this show. UFO Phil says,"THEY ARE OUT THERE," and we follow him as he sets out to prove it and reinvigorate his own status as a sci-fi cult celebrity.

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Mission Statement

UFO Phil is a prequel to the exciting feature film we plan to shoot in 2025. The story highlights UFO Phil's attempt to rebrand himself and get "out there" for a new audience. It's a hilarious, fun, and heartwarming story about growth and what can happen when you resist the inevitability of change.

The Story



“Can You Keep A Secret?” – UFO Phil

As a viewer, sometimes we just need good old-fashioned entertainment. UFO Phil is exactly that! It's delightfully fun. funny, and heartwarming story we all need during this time of regurgitated Superhero Films and overdone canned VFX visual drudge. Our story, with its hilarious twists and turns, will keep you engaged from the start of Episode One through Episode Ten's surprising finale.


But, UFO Phil doesn't rely on cheesy slapstick comedy or pranks. We bring the humor organically without making fun of anyone (except maybe ourselves).  

We don’t want to give away any spoilers for UFO Phil – The Web Series. But, what we can tell you is that the show begins in the office of determined publicist-to-the-stars Krystal Summers (played by original GLOW wrestler Roxy Astor) as she sets out to inject new life into UFO Phil's career as a beloved sci-fi cult celebrity. From there, everything goes south! Every episode builds on the craziness of the previous one, raising the stakes until it all reaches a hilarious crescendo.

You won't want to miss out on not only being part of this incredible project but also the chance to say you were there from the start as we segue into a series of UFO Phil feature films shortly following this series. Yeah, we're talking about bragging rights here.

Also added to the mix is a bonus music video for 'Alien Love', a brand new song by UFO Phil from his forthcoming LP 'Different Worlds'. The video will be filmed not only as part of this series but as its own standalone short-form musical film as well. And, you'll get to experience the behind-the-scenes action and the finished music video!

Some of the talent we have attached to the project:

Trace Meltzer as Krystal Summers, the Publicist

Jessica “Sugar” Kiper as Alana, the Recording Engineer

Ara Celi – as Dr. Gesellschaft, The Psychiatrist

Madeleine Wade as Juliette, The Dating Coach

Dan Magnus 2x World Champion Kick Boxer

Patricia Summerland (Sunny The California Girl) as Marie - The Esthetician

...and we are lining up many more special guest appearances which will be updated here at Seed & Spark as they're announced.


Since we are filming a comedic sci-fi web series, we will keep it cinematic…think Bowfinger meets Spinal Tap with a hint of The Blair Witch Project.

The above films give you an idea of the tone and style we're aiming for. And, with our talented cast and crew and your support, we're prepared to knock it out of the park!

We will be shooting on the Red Dragons 6K camera with rented lenses to capture all the texture, richness, and color of the story. We'll be using ten locations in total to achieve the most stunning visual impact. Each episode takes us to a separate location and our lighting will reflect the mood of each scene: depth, mystery, high key, and beauty.   


The UFO phenomenon is everywhere right now! Governments around the world and here at home are only now opening up their TOP SECRET files regarding confirmed UFO sightings and even extraterrestrial contact! And, people are opening up about their own experiences with spaceships and aliens without being seen as crazy. But, long before all these recent developments in the news, there was UFO Phil! A quick web search will prove that our protagonist UFO Phil has been out there touting the extraterrestrial phenomenon for nearly 25 years; talking, lecturing, making radio and television appearances, and, yes, even writing songs about it.

Simply Google "UFO Phil" to find multiple news articles detailing UFO Phil's real-life escapades, along with his catchy songs which have appeared on radio, television, and film around the world.

UFO Phil's story is more relevant than ever. And, the time for this web series is now.


As you know, filmmaking is an expensive endeavor. This is why we need your generous contribution to get the web series made.

The Ask:

UFO PHIL will be filmed at ten different locations in the Los Angeles area in May 2024 for 8 very long days. Post-production such as editing, music tracks, visual effects, and so forth will also take place in Los Angeles, with completion slated by June. The total budget will be about $50,000. 

Along with a notable cast, we have assembled an experienced crew that is diverse, with women and people of color in most key positions. Funds that we raise will support all of our departments, from casting to catering. Our Director owns a full Camera, Grip, Lighting, and Rigging company which is asking for zero-dollar payment to save production money. We are shooting at several practical locations for authenticity. 

We are seeking $47,425 for production (filmmaking isn't cheap). We could try to make this series "bare-bones" for around $30,000, but $47,425 gives us some breathing room without cutting corners and sacrificing quality or asking cast and crew to work for peanuts. If there is any leftover money after production, it would go into post-production, where there is always a need for additional funding.

This series will be filmed under SAG-AFTRA's new media agreement, allowing cast and crew to work for lower rates where agreed, while still being compensated fairly. It also allows writers and producers to volunteer their time in favor of paying the cast and crew. In short, we have assembled an incredible, passionate team that will work hard to create a fun series that is guaranteed to be family-friendly while making you laugh -all while staying under budget.

But we can't do it without your help!

We invite you to join us in supporting UFO Phil – the web series. You'll be proud that you did.

If you are unable to help us with actual funding you can still support us in other ways, by spreading the word on Social Media such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

To make it easy, we've even written the verbiage for you!

"UFO's and aliens are everywhere these days! The truth is out there! That's why I'm supporting UFO Phil and you should too!"

Thank you!



You can read up more on UFO Phil here: https://en.everybodywiki.com/UFO_Phil


Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.

Above the Line Talent

Costs $11,000

This is for all our talent in front of the camera.

Production Assistants

Costs $1,225

Without PA's, a set would be in utter chaos. They are the grease that keeps the wheel turning.

Art Department

Costs $2,400

This is for the people that make what sits in front of the lens look good. Without them, we would just have white walls and a card table.


Costs $15,100

Locations are vital to helping tell the story otherwise it would be a chair and card table would be sitting in a white room.

Grip and Electric Team

Costs $4,000

Without these guys basically it would be a radio that you would be watching.

Hair and Makeup

Costs $2,500

These is the department that makes our talent look good. Not they arent beautifull already!

Insurance and Contingency

Costs $6,000

The backup and the just in case. Vital to any production to cover the unforseen expenses.

Camera and Sound

Costs $5,200

This is to cover the camera and sound team plus lens rental and whatever additiional expendables may be needed.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

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David Navarro

Eric Lee Huffman

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Chirs Stevens - Our Director has worked with Chris Stevens for over ten years as they both came up through the filmmaking ranks together. Chris is a true visual artist and friend. Have a look at his IMDb to see the body of his work.

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