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Stefan Liner

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A biologist finds a woman living alone in the forest who claims she's been imprisoned by a shapeshifting demon that feeds off her soul. However, the biologist begins to suspect the woman is somehow connected to his mentor's missing wife when clues arise that suggest she is lying about her identity.

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Mission Statement

When you fund Raven's Bluff, you become a part of creating wholesome, hope filled entertainment for generations to enjoy, as well as creating a revenue stream committed to helping victims of human trafficking and single mothers in crisis.

The Story

Max, is a burdened biologist working on a research project as a legacy to his recently deceased professor and mentor, Bruce Hartman. While hiking along the Appalachian Trail alone, Max ventures off the beaten path and has a terrible fall that leaves him unconscious. When he wakes, Max finds himself in the care of a beautiful young woman named Arabella, who lives alone in a secluded cottage deep in the forest. Arabella’s odd behavior and disturbing stories of a murderous demon prowling the forest lead Max to attempt a premature departure. However, Arabella convinces him to stay due to symptoms suggesting he suffers from a severe concussion. As time passes it becomes clear to Max that Arabella is being controlled by a very powerful, sinister entity. As clues continue to arise, Max comes to suspect Arabella and the evil that controls her are responsible for the disappearance of his late mentor’s wife who went missing twenty years earlier. As Max investigates further, he comes to believe Arabella is, in fact, his mentor's wife, Belle Hartman, but somehow 20 years younger. Arabella explains she is under a blood bound curse that allows the evil force to feed off the years she has already lived. As Max struggles with his own internal pain he is convinced his being there is providential and sets out to help Arabella escape. Good versus evil takes a fresh spin in this modern day fairytale.

"Raven’s Bluff takes us on a mystery-filled, heartwarming journey that reveals there is freedom for captives when promises kept overpower promises broken."

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A classic fantasy film with tons of heart!

With strong themes of hope, redemption, forgiveness, freedom, and light overcoming darkness;

Raven's Bluff has similarities with the following popular movies.

Arabella Hartman

Arabella came to Raven’s Bluff in her 40’s, searching for a way to cure a terminal disease. That’s when she met Laird Raven. He promised to cure her if she made a blood pact with him. Desperate, Arabella agreed. Her symptoms began to subside, but at the cost of freedom. She’s been trapped in the Laird’s domain ever since and with each passing year turns one year younger. Time is running out for Arabella and even worse, she’s all alone.

Max Winthrop

Max recently survived a chronic kidney failure because his brother offered one of his kidneys for transplant. However, Max’ brother didn’t survive the procedure and now Max struggles with knowing his life came at the cost of his brother’s. When Max meets Arabella and discovers her plight, he is determined to help, but things get complicated when he realizes the only way to set her free will require the ultimate sacrifice. Is he willing to pay for it?

Laird Raven

Laird Raven is a cunning shape-shifting wraith who feeds off desperate souls foolish enough to enter into a blood pact with him – the promise is always to cheat death but the price is always their freedom. As he feasts off the years they’ve already lived they regress in age, tormented all the while. When a host turns 13, he lures in another to serve as their caretaker until they become an infant and can no longer survive.

Tone & Style

Vibrant, warm and enchanting will be the feel of Raven's Bluff.

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Concept Art

Design & Storyboard frames by Ethan Liner

Sounds of Raven's Bluff

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Stefan and Robin Liner are an award winning mother and son filmmaking duo who wrote, directed and produced their first project in 2016, an award winning web-series called "When Fact Met Fiction". In 2022 the Liners won again with their Sci-fi, Mystery short-film titled "Eddie & The Lizard Man". They are scrappy and hardworking, finding creative ways to bring meaningful stories to life. They know what it takes to finish ambitious projects with few resources. For example, during the first season of WFMF they filmed 120 pages in four days proving the Liners understand what it takes to efficiently and effectively run film set that results in entertaining content with a powerful messaging. Stefan and Robin's ability to capture the heart of a story while under intense time constraints make them the perfect team to take Raven's Bluff from script to screen!

Madison Garris

IMDB, Instagram, Website

Stefan Liner

IMDB, Instagram, Acting Reel, Eddie & The Lizard Man (Short Film)

Steve Gustafson


Primed for success

Two important things are converging for independent filmmakers:

  1. Easy access to domestic and international audiences demanding wholesome entertainment.
  2. Distributors willing to make deals on high quality genre films (i.e. Supernatural, Fantasy) even if they lack star talent.

Why is this happening? Because content is king! The opportunity couldn't be better to make a film like Raven's Bluff right now; audiences want it which means distributors will buy it which means RB has the potential of doing something very special, something we call "Media on a Mission."

"Media on a Mission" (MM) is where we commit a percentage of the profit from a project to financially benefit worthwhile efforts within the local and international community. Here's an example of what that looks like:

Recoup & Payout Waterfall Example

The great thing about MM payouts is they never expire. Which means as long as RB is making a profit, MM partner organizations receive the financial support required to keep doing what they do. For Raven's Bluff, we have partnered with two outstanding efforts with awesome track records:

Shores of Grace

Rescuing and rehabilitating victims of human trafficking.

Life Centers Global, Inc.

Providing practical support and resources to single mothers.

How cool is that? To be a part of a making a film you can be proud of while at the same time helping establish a revenue stream for non-profits that are doing amazing work for real people in need. That's awesome!

Campaign Goal

Currently Raven's Bluff is slated to film in May of this year (that's in less than two months!). The goal for this campaign is to raise funds necessary to get Raven's Bluff through production; the portion of the project where all assets (visual & audible) required for assembling the movie are captured. Once we've got production "in the can", we will launch another campaign to raise funds for Post Production and a subsequent campaign for Distribution. Below is a chart illustrating Raven's Bluff's projected path from Pre-production through Distribution:

Current Progress

We are so convinced of Raven Bluff's importance and the good it can accomplish through it's success, that we've already begun converting a portion of our backyard into a fantasy world complete with a mysterious forest and quaint cottage (remember, the Liners are scrappy). Liner House has already invested thousands of dollars in set construction costs and over 720 hours in labor since the Summer of 2023 when we decided to "go for it".

Watch "Making Raven's Bluff" videos on Liner House YouTube Channel

Donations of Materials and Services in Kind

We've also been fortunate to have amazing people in our network donate their time, talents and resources to make this film possible. Here is a list of items and services that have been already been donated to this project:

  • Shoot Locations, valued at $42,000
  • Above the Line Personnel (Producers, Directors, Cast) valued at $25,800
  • Below the Line Personnel (Crew), valued at $21,000
  • Script, valued at $10,000
  • Set Construction labor, valued at $10,000
  • Set Construction materials, valued at $5,000
  • Wardrobe design by Camille Cornell of April Cornell, valued at $5,000
  • Storyboards by Ethan Liner, valued at $4,200
  • Production Equipment, valued at $3,500
  • Production Prop Art by Janice Huse, valued at $1,000
  • Production Prop Art by Madalyn Rogers, valued at $1,000

These donations and discounts valued at over $128,000 are allowing us to produce Raven's Bluff for a fraction of the cost. However, even with the amazing support we've already received there are a few items we still need to spend money on. Visit our "Wishlist" to see what those items are.

Funds raised during this campaign which exceed 100% funded will be allocated in the following ways:

  • $28k - $40k | Camera Package, Below the Line Personnel pay, Food, Cast pay
  • $40k - $70k | Post Production (Editor, Special FX, Compositing, Animator, Composer, Sound Design, Colorist, Packaging)
  • $70+ | Distribution (Deliverables, Festival Submission Fees, Rep Fees, Air and Travel costs)

Join the Team!

Together we can do something amazing.

Every dollar counts, no pledge is too little!

Follow this campaign as well as Liner House social account to stay up to date.

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Three great ways to spread the word!

1. Share a post on your social!

2. Text a friend this link: https://seedandspark.com/fund/ravens-bluff-movie

3. Send an email. We have even written it for you below, just make it your own!

Subject: Help the Liners make their first movie!

Body: Hello, Some friends of mine are raising funds to make a fun indie film with a powerful message of hope. But the coolest thing is a percentage of proceeds from the film's success is committed to helping victims of human trafficking and single mothers in crisis. You can learn more about the project here: https://seedandspark.com/fund/ravens-bluff-movie . Please consider helping this project reach it's goal by visiting it's campaign page and selecting whatever pledge amount you feel comfortable with.

Let's make a movie that will make a difference!


Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.


Costs $1,957

These are the people responsible for bringing the characters to life.

1st Assistant Director

Costs $2,065

The person who makes sure production stays on schedule

Lighting & Grip Equipment

Costs $3,533

These are tools we need to control light and how our story is illuminated.

Camera Package

Costs $4,348

These are the tools that help us capture the story in images.

Camera Department Personnel

Costs $6,087

These are the folks responsible for operating the equipment that captures the images that tell the story.

Sound Mixer

Costs $2,609

This is the person responsible for capturing the sound that will bring the story to life.

Hair & Makeup Artist

Costs $1,522

This is the person responsible for making the actors look good when they need to look good and look bad when they need to look bad.


Costs $3,000

This is the thing that makes it possible for us to turn the lights on and charge camera batteries... among other things.

Location Rentals

Costs $951

A 20x20' event tent to provide shade and a dry area during rain. (2) Porta-Potty for well... you know what.


Costs $1,848

This is the stuff that lets our cast and crew know that we're really grateful for their help in telling this story!

Hard Drives

Costs $721

These are the things we store the story on.

Crew Lodging

Costs $1,577

This is the place our crew will rest... when they get the chance. =)

Production Insurance

Costs $217

This is for, well... just in case.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

"Every great endeavor needs a great team!"

Below are some of the amazingly talented people who have joined this wonderful project. Many more will be added in the following days and weeks leading up to production!


Madison Garris: IMDB, Instagram, Website

Stefan Liner: IMDB, Instagram, Acting Reel, Eddie & The Lizard Man (Short Film)

Steve Gustafson: IMDB



Dusty Abernathy (DP):

John Schroter (Colorist / Finishing Editor):

Current Team