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Everybody Needs Music

May 7, 2013

• Vince Lynch

I grew up in a ghost town that used to make cars; to drown out the sound of poverty we made music. Music was an escape that allowed us to become completely entwined in the moment, those moments became practice, the practice became a skill and eventually I landed a job at a radio station. I was 18 and producing network album premiers and a major market breakfast show. I have since realized that youthful confidence is jet fuel. I didn't know enough to realize I didn't really know a damn thing.

Vince Face _0.jpg

This is Vince, making things happen.

I went on to launch a new station called KROCK which went straight to #1 in its first ratings period. This led to more job offers and I took the least sensible one (according to my Irish mother) in England. By 25, I landed my dream job as Creative Director at Virgin Radio. Then something weird happened, I got bored. It turned out it was the hustle that I loved. That's when I found the second best industry for hustlers…music publishing. Suddenly, ideas became interchanged for copyrights, broadcasts, and royalties. I partnered media companies with publishing companies to create new music libraries that could scale and producers with streaming services to create branded content. Everything was coming up roses until I tried to explain music licensing to non-music people. They looked at me like I had dropped in from outer space when I used terms like ‘most favored nations’. I realized just how complex music licensing was for people who needed to license music. So, I did what any person (strung out on the aforementioned jet fuel) would do and tried to fix the problem myself. I discussed it with everybody until I found two other geeks that got it.

Synkio logo bl on white.jpg

Through a few evenings in London pubs, we came up with a technical solution to the complexities of this industry and called it Synkio. We have this theory that music licensing can be like every other industry in the world. If a person is prepared to pay for your stuff, you should make it easy for them. Synkio is a platform that allows people to license the right piece of music by opening up communication. Now a producer or director can create a ‘smart brief’ which creates a license that is sent out to the music industry. The music industry can then respond to the aggregated briefs. People looking to license music can choose who they want to work with based on reputation, profiles and submissions. Synkio opens up the music discovery and licensing conversation with an easy-to-use web app so everyone can get back to work. Licensing music is difficult, Synkio is here to make it simple. That's where I am now. Still hustling, but now with the help of the crowd.


Vince Lynch

Founder of Synkio.



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