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December 18, 2014

• Ben Broad

Name: We Are The Best!

12:18 We Are The Best.jpg

What I loved about it:

Independent film can get a bad rap for focusing solely on the dark, heavy depths of the human psyche. This film turns that stereotype on its head. Want an indie centered upon the warmth of adolescent triumph? Look no further!

This is the most wonderful thing about We Are the Best.  It has some real heart—stemming mainly from the three leads’ support of each other in the face of middle school woes.

It’s also a well-executed window into the world of middle school girls in 1980s Stockholm. A particularly beautiful moment captures one of the leads, Hedvig, playing a punk song acoustically. The melancholy of the music and her enviable passion for it are touching. 

Why you should watch it:

If you ever felt alienated in middle school (didn't we all?) this is your perfect feel-good watch. You will feel all the goods.

Where you can watch it:

Lots of places! Amazon, Google Play, and iTunes.

Who made it:

Karl Frederik Lukas Moodysson is a Swedish novelist, short story writer, and film director. First appearing in public as an ambitious poet in the 1980s, he had his international breakthrough directing 1998's Show Me Love. In 2007, The Guardian ranked Moodysson 11th in its list of the world’s best directors, describing his directorial style as “heartfelt and uncompromising.”


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