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March 19, 2016

• Jen West

Things are picking up fast. I feel a strong gust of wind under our sails taking us in the right direction. March is a make it or break it month for aligning our ideal timeline for Electric Bleau.

By the end of March, we'll have a pretty good idea if we can stick to our summer schedule. What are we waiting for? Full funding. Isn't that what everyone is waiting for? :) We actually have a handful of very promising avenues that could come through in time to save the day. The next few weeks will be full of critical meetings. But we aren't solely relying on those, so we are still actively pursuing other potential partners and opportunities as well.

I'm proud to report that I wrapped up a pretty significant script revision that's been met with positive feedback so far. I worked my ass off for that one. I'll sit on this version for a few weeks before revisiting again. I plan to get some notes in the meantime from some experienced writers that I have on standby.

We've officially signed on two more producers to Electric Bleau, for a total of three. As you know, James Martin has been with me since the get-go. We recently announced that Autumn Baily-Ford is attached to the project as well, and our third is soon to be revealed. Why so many? Each producer brings a talent or resource to the table that is invaluable to our production. When you have less money to work with, then a desired credit is something that can be given… especially when they believe in the project. Of course it has to be given with careful consideration, as a producer credit is one of the highest you can bestow on someone. We've been very particular with who we invite on our team. They have to prove themselves to be critical to the project, while also connecting with us on a personal level. It's the greatest compliment of all to have another respected industry person want to attach themselves to what you are doing.

Speaking of which, we are even closer to attaching a talent that I think will rocket launch our film to the next level. I can't help but have this feeling that when things start really moving, it's going to explode into bigger than life collaboration of film magicians.

How am I holding up? I'm pretty exhausted, but in a deliriously happy kind of way. I'm trying to stay ahead of the game, which I think I'm doing a good job of. I am finding that I'm waking up super early with my mind racing, so rest is something that I'm trying to make a priority. I have found the whole process so far to be exhilarating. There are no's around every corner, but that one yes makes it all worth it. My eye is on the prize and end goal, which is to tell a story that sparks the imagination and mind.

Lastly, we have a new website! This too will be a growing thing, but it's off to a great start.


Jen West

Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, Jen West is a writer and director living in Atlanta, Georgia. She is known for writing and directing Piece of Cake (2006), Crush (2011), Bubble (2013), Call Me (music video for St. Paul and the Broken Bones, 2014), and Little Cabbage (2015). She is currently in preproduction on her first feature called Electric Bleau. She studied design at Jacksonville State University and film at The Art Institute of Atlanta



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