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I SEND YOU THIS PLAYLIST ...along with some thoughts on audience outreach and the day-and-date release

June 13, 2013

• Andrea Sisson & Pete Ohs

I Send You This Place Playing at ReRun Theater in Brooklyn and streaming in our Cinema!
I SEND YOU THIS PLACE husband-wife filmmaking team Andrea Sisson & Pete Ohs composed, performed, recorded and arranged their own original music for the soundtrack and - lucky us! - have decided to share a selection of the tracks with Seed&Spark via Soundcloud! Just like the film itself, the music was recorded in and inspired by Iceland--and is something they are very often asked about by audiences after screenings of their intimate experimental documentary.
On June 7th they debuted their DVDs, kicked off a week-long run at reRun Theater in Brooklyn, and launched their film on Seed&Spark.  We caught up with them to see how the Day&Date release plan was going - and of course to find out more of what's behind this unique score.
Seed&Spark: So what made you two decide to go with the simultaneous DVD/VOD/Theatrical release?  
Pete & Andrea: The internet is connecting all places at all times.  The news and reviews about the film reaches everyone at once so it only make sense that, essentially, the film should too.  This seems especially true on the smaller indie level where we don't have the resources to reach lots of people multiple times.  When we start shouting "Hey, look at this!" and people start to look, we didn't want to say "Okay thanks, now wait a month."  We had been doing that for the past year since the film first premiered at Full Frame.  A year later, with our limited theatrical release in Brooklyn, we also wanted to be able to share it with everyone that's NOT in NYC.  So whether they're in Ohio and want to order a DVD, or they're in Indiana and want to watch online to what we're all talking about, it can happen.
S&S: Between your production, music, and direct distribution it sounds like you've had a busy year managing all aspects of your film yourselves.  What do you feel you've gained by this hands-on approach?
P&A: For us, the most rewarding experience, hands down, is being at the screenings.  It's talking to people face to face, shaking hands, LISTENING, hearing how they've connected to the film.  It's a personal film for us, but also for those who see it, and we like to be there for them after they do.  The other night we had a young woman who responded so strongly to the film.  It was very emotional for her and it reminded us (two years after finishing the film) why we made it in the first place… and who we made it for.  It's amazing to find, in this great mass of people, that one soul who connects with the film so strongly.  We also generally feel really close to these audiences: it's our first film and they are our first fans.  It's exciting each time we hear from someone who loved the film, so we suggest to any filmmaker, take the time to meet your first audiences. 
We've also enjoyed picking up the phone and calling people we think might be interested in the film - which was something we had long avoided.  We learned that sharing our film with others (or essentially self-promoting) is actually not such a painful thing to do.  Every time we've spoken to someone, they've responded SO positively.  They're glad we called, glad we took the time to recommend something.  There's a lot of information to sift through in the world and online and it can be difficult to find what we're actually going to like.  Talking about the film to specific groups or people and sharing why we specifically called them has been an unexpectedly enjoyable process.
S&S: Finally, the soundtrack!  What bands were you listening to while you were in Iceland, and which track of this selection is closest to your hearts?
P&A: Iceland is overflowing with musicians.  We were often listening to music from Bedroom Community - Nico Muhly, Sam Amidon, Puzzle Muteson.  We also felt connected to Sufjan Stevens' "Age of Adz" album which is about a schizophrenic.
Of all the tracks, Nananaalowna Hrisey is our standout.  We actually recorded it during the first two weeks we were in Iceland.  We didn't have an apartment yet and so we were staying at a friend's place.  She had a wonderful, old upright piano in her living room.  While she was gone during the day, we messed around and recorded some stuff in Garageband. We only spent an hour or two playing, but did did it by just piling all the different parts on top of each other, one after another.  Months later, all the parts got unraveled and became Nananaalowna Hrisey.
I SEND YOU THIS PLACE has its closing night screening this evening, June 13th, with a Q&A moderated by Seed&Spark's Director of Content, Amanda Trokan, and possibly featuring some bubbly.  Join us!!
But first stop, look, and listen!


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