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Our New Year's Resolutions!

January 5, 2015

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Happy New Year! It may seem cheesy, but we think it's healthy to spend a little time articulating your big creative, business, and personal ideas for the year to come. We wanted to share ours and invite you to share yours in the comments— if there's a way we can build more, and better, to help you with your 2015 resolutions, let us know!


Nicole, Community Manager:

Spread the word (in person and on social media) about EVERY indie film that I see and love.


Simon, Lead Developer:

Improve the Seed&Spark platform so that independent filmmakers can promote, fund, and distribute their projects more quickly and easily.

Understand what Jodorowsky's Dance of Reality was about.


Max, Czar of Operations:

Collaborate on at least two multidisciplinary projects. Musicians, dancers, poets, scientists, etc, etc.

Watch as many films by women and minority directors respectively as by white dudes.


Greg, Director of Business Development:

Watch more documentaries, particularly on subjects I know nothing about. 

Watch and make note of more films with female directors and cinematographers. 


James, Editor in Chief of BRIGHT IDEAS:

In 2015, I resolve to promote films made by people beholden exclusively to their own visions. And I also resolve to help those weirdos make new weird things.


Erica, Director of Crowdfunding:

To collaborate creatively on at least three big projects.

To get our funding success rate up by another 10%.


Eve, Chief Creative Officer and Director of Content: 

In 2015, I resolve to watch more films with other people, sharing the viewing experience. And therefore get to generate more discussions about those films.


Emily, Founder and CEO:

To finish the rewrite on my feature screenplay and get it into development for 2016 production.

To learn something new every day from a member of our film community.



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