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A Round Up of Bright Ideas 2012

December 26, 2012

• Seed&Spark

Just in case you missed these Bright Ideas in 2012, we rounded up our 7 favorite articles from 2012:

1. We're obsessed with audience building. Holly Herrick wrote a great piece in March on how to leverage your festival run to build your audience.

2. We heart Sean Holmquest from PBS's POV. He's really smart about social media. In April, he wrote Six Golden Rules for Filmmakers on Social Media. You must read this, no matter what role you plan to have in a movie. This is essential for any artist in this day and age.

3. Prolific (and incredibly highly regarded) indie producer Mynette Louie wrote to her fellow producers in June "Innovate or Die." (We agreed!)

4. In an interview with indie producer Kavita Pullapilly, she runs down a really important list of things to think about before production. It's a solid checklist. Use it.

5. If you're thinking about crowd-funding for that film, you MUST MUST read the amazing Laura Goode's 8 Ways to Crowdfund Hard.

6. Our own Founder and CEO Emily Best wrote a piece on Fair Trade Filmmaking and how independent filmmakers must take responsiblity for quality control if they don't want to have to pay 88% of their film's revenue to brokers. To wit:

7. Ted Hope pointed out how only 12.88% of indie film revenue gets returned to investors. That's not going to drive growth in our business. Let's fix it. We need to make indie film work for investors!

Our New Year's resolution for 2013 is to build a truly independent fair trade filmmaking community that benefits filmmakers, audiences, and investors. We believe it's possible. Join us!

And just for fun here is a round up of round ups for 2012:

Ted Hope's "15 Really Good Things About Independent Film" (we're #8!)

And then, of course:

Ted Hope's "The Really Bad Things in the Indie Film Biz 2012"

While it's been an unprecedented year for women in film, we can still do better! But here is the incredible progress report for this year:

Women and Hollywood's list of women-directed films in 2012

And of course, some people's opinions. We always love these lists.

IndieWIRE's Critic's Picks for Best Movies Released 2012

Total Film's 20 Best Movie Scenes 2012 (this is FUN)

The Best Undistributed Films of 2012 (let's make sure there aren't any of these in 2013!)

What did we miss?









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