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Selling at Sundance

January 18, 2014

• Emily Best

Everyone wants to know the secret: how do you sell your film at Sundance? 

Spoiler: there isn't one. (Darn.)

If you DO sell at Sundance, what is likely to happen to your film - when will it release, and how might that influence box office?

There can't be a simple answer, and I love a good collaboration. So when I met Giorgia Lupi at Media Evolution Conference last year and saw what her film Accurat could do to help visualize incredibly complex sets of data, I knew we had to be friends. We got talking about movies, taste, art and how her special sauce of art-inspired data visualization could help us learn about what's happening in independent film. Accurat worked to help us look at as many factors influencing the sale and box office of the films that have sold at Sundance in the last 3 years. Below, you have what I hope will be the first in a series of collaborations with these exceptional artscientists. You can find this in print in Bright Ideas Magazine, currently circulating and Sundance and Slamdance, and soon to be seen at True/False, SXSW, Tribeca, and SFiFF.

We'd love to hear your takeaways in the comments!



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Emily Best

Emily loves movies and the people who make them. She's trying to help.



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