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January 19, 2016

• Jen West

With every step taken toward the ultimate goal of making Electric Bleau, my first feature, the more I realize that I've got my work cut out for me. I'm spearheading this charge without an agent or any kind of representation. I'm solely relying on my ability to learn at lightning speed and on the hard-earned wisdom of friends who have been down this path before me. I eagerly welcome mentors and those who can shed light on this journey.

During the holidays I prepared an aggressive plan of attack for the new year. I realize that my dream production dates of mid June through mid July might be a stretch, but I'm still gunning to make it happen. If they need to be moved, then so be it. We will adjust. However, I'll be damned if I don't give it everything I have to stick to the original plan. The biggest obstacle is finding our funding for 1.8 million. In order to stick to our timeline we'd need a confirmation on those funds by March, and available by April. It's a catch-22 to raise that kind of money - most people will tell you that you need name talent to secure those kinds of funds, but a lot of big names won't commit unless you're already financed. So what's the answer? We are just going to have as many conversations as we can on both ends and see which happens first. Right now I rely heavily on introductions and existing connections. The many years of networking are now coming into play. We have a few big meetings coming up, so keep your fingers and toes crossed for us.

On top of all of this, our Seed&Spark campaign launched last Thursday to raise $28,500 for development funds. This may seem like a tiny amount compared to the 1.8 million we ultimately need, but every cent moves us forward to taking the bigger steps immediately ahead. For an ambitious number like $28,500, we need to have a reach outside of our family and friends. For this we've reached out to press in the punk rock space, and we've also planned out a paid ad campaign on Facebook. You can easily reach thousands more people with a post boost for not a lot of money. We will experiment with audience targeting as we go. As for you, our dear Seed&Spark reader, If you feel compelled to help us make this film we promise to make you proud and make every dollar count.

One of the smartest things we did early on in development was hire a great entertainment lawyer. Stacey Davis not only provides an immense amount of intelligence in areas that I'm not so fluent, but she’s been an unbiased sounding board that we can fully confide in. Creating a feature film, no matter the budget, is an intricate landscape and you’d better be armed with folks who know what they are doing... otherwise you'll certainly face an untimely demise in the language hidden in the fine print.

Below are a few more Electric Bleau promo images that we will be using during our crowdfunding campaign. Also, if you'd like to read the first 17 pages of the script (the rest is under wraps!), you can do so here. Until next time, full speed ahead!


Jen West

Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, Jen West is a writer and director living in Atlanta, Georgia. She is known for writing and directing Piece of Cake (2006), Crush (2011), Bubble (2013), Call Me (music video for St. Paul and the Broken Bones, 2014), and Little Cabbage (2015). She is currently in preproduction on her first feature called Electric Bleau. She studied design at Jacksonville State University and film at The Art Institute of Atlanta.



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