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We have some questions about Sony Hack

December 18, 2014

• Seed&Spark

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What if, in 2014, the Sony hacking scandal finally laid bare the systemic racism and sexism that we’ve always suspected, but didn't have the email chains to prove?


What if the theaters pulling The Interview under threats of unknown proportion—by an organization with (actually) unknown motives—leads to the largest VOD release in studio film history?


What if the strides forward that hackers and pirates have made in highlighting new potential business models (by spotlighting a lack of audience access inside the current system) are set back 10 years because of the actions of the Guardians of the Peace (of whoever the hell they are)?


What if anti-piracy lobby groups have an unprecedented year of fundraising to pursue pirating as a criminal act? What if public opinion supports it?


What if the reaction to potential hack attacks, instead of prosecutions, were better systems of communication, greater accountability, and radical transparency inside the studios?


What if all of this is a giant distraction from the progress we might actually make in civil rights, equality, and the safety of our people?


What if GoP's (or perhaps North Korea's) successful censorship of The Interview opens the floodgates for hackers/terrorists (depends on your politics) to control our freedom of speech?


What if films suddenly have the power to incite international incidents?


What if James Franco planned all this? ;)


What if The Interview sucks?


(What are your questions? Leave us a comment here.)




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