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May 3, 2017

We did it. We came together as a film community through #100DaysOfDiversity and made collective progress to increasing representation in entertainment in 100 days. Want to see how we did?


More than 100 projects launched, garnering more than 17,000 followers and raising nearly $1 million for new movies and shows actively addressing inclusion in front of and behind the camera. Our success rate — already the best in the biz at 75% — grew to 87% during #100DaysOfDiversity, proving that filmmakers and audiences are willing to take action to make change.


The initiative had great results for increased gender parity, especially when it comes to who is in front of the camera.  Two-thirds of projects featured a female protagonist, and 46% included people of color in the major cast. Behind the camera, 72% of producers, 50% of directors, and 48% of writers were women.


While some progress has been made for racial diversity, more work needs to be done: 22% of producers and 20% of all directors were people of color. (Of producers, 18% were women of color, and 4% were men of color. For directors, 11% were women of color and 9% men of color.) More work is to be done to address representation in writing: only 11% of all writers were people of color. And it’s even more dire in the traditional entertainment system. As Women in Hollywood pointed out just this week, female characters are predominantly white despite the fact that diverse casts deliver the highest return on investment at the box office.


Clearly, our work as a film community actively increasing representation in entertainment is just beginning. #100DaysOfDiversity showed we can make measurable change, and that more is needed. Seed&Spark is committed to increasing diversity in entertainment every day, continuing to build the crowdfunding and streaming service to support diverse creators and audiences who are ready for movies and shows to finally reflect the vibrancy, complexity and diversity of our world.


And we’re not alone: our dozens of #100DaysOfDiversity partners (including The Blacklist, Film Tools, G-Technology and Vidiots) have committed to indefinitely offering perks to crowdfunding filmmakers putting inclusion at the the forefront of their projects, making it even more beneficial for creators to explore new stories and highlight diverse characters (beyond the fact that diversity behind and in front of the camera generally just makes better creative stuff).


What can you do? Start a project to make your own diverse movie or show. Support one (or more!) active crowdfunding campaigns  — each campaign explicitly displays their plans for inclusion on camera and behind the camera. And even subscribing to watch movies and shows makes a difference: in addition to 75% of your monthly fee going directly back to filmmakers, every movie and show on Seed&Spark is curated to reflect the multi-faceted, intersectional world we live in.

And most importantly, speak up. Help us continue the conversation about increasing representation in entertainment. Share your thoughts and suggestions. Check out the stats. Spread the word. Because together, we can make change happen for all of us.



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