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Ten Digital Tips For Filmmakers with Throwing Fruit

August 18, 2015

• Seed&Spark

Renée Olbert is the Chief Content Officer at the media platform startup, Throwing Fruit. Her journey to reach this point in her career has taken her down many different roads and uniquely positions her to provide interesting insight to filmmakers. Olbert, a graduate of York University in Toronto, is a former actor and producer, whose credits include working with greats like two-time Academy Award winning director Malcolm Clarke. She is also the award winning creator of the successful web series "Seeking Simone." She hung up her red carpet dress a few years ago to address the systemic failures she faced in the industry by co-founding and running content at Throwing Fruit. The platform is a content management and creation system which provides filmmakers the tools they need to create native mobile apps using their content. This enables filmmakers to control their own distribution as well as create interactive communities for their fans via mobile devices. 
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Six Tech Tools For Filmmakers

August 11, 2015

• Emily Best

It’s been too long! This installment of "Six Tech Tools" is devoted to interesting audience building tools you may not have considered or may not have even heard of…yet. We’re always collecting what we think are exciting new tools for engaging your fans and where we’re seeing a lot of success may surprise you: Just because you’re in movies doesn’t mean 100% of the way you engage your audience has to be about movies. Building a brand—the world of inspiration and storytelling that is your unique optic on the world— extends far beyond moving pictures. So, we’ve put together what we hope is a not-entirely-obvious list of tools you can consider. Most of them are super easy and all of them are really fun to use. But we also want to hear from you! So, leave us your favorites and why in the comments.
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What to Do with Your Data

July 14, 2015

• Jessica Jalsevac

You've got data coming in from your distribution platform and you’re ready to start being "data-driven". But what are these numbers really telling you? Let’s break down some common metrics and what you can deduce from them.
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