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What to watch: March new releases

April 17, 2017

Looking for something new to watch? Take a look at these fresh movies and shows, all new releases this March available to stream right now on Seed&Spark. 


Bliss Blue (2016)

A woman with a secret is forced to face figures from her past and return home for a difficult task.


Extinction (2017)

A struggling single mother is forced to choose between morality and the law when she finds out that a gentle farmhand is more than what he seems.


Half Light (2014)

In order to deal with her husband's death, a woman revisits his life through memory.


Hallow Gate (2015)

Bea and Jo see an opportunity to escape the holds of their dying cult, but just how much are they willing to sacrifice for their freedom?


Hard Broads (2015)

Three friends, one dead celebrity and a stupid plan all come together in this short reminiscent of USA’s Up All Night.   


Hijabi (2016)

Alia, a Muslim American teenager, is caught between her Islamic upbringing that teaches her to don the headscarf and a sexually-charged Western atmosphere that tempts her to take it off in this short also crowdfunded on Seed&Spark.


Precious Cargo: Season 1 (2016)

Two sisters -- a type-A aspiring actor and a free-wheeling free spirit -- help tiny one-percenters stay on top in modern Manhattan.


Tadaima (2015)

A Japanese-American family returns home to rebuild their life after years in an internment camp.


The Space Between (2017)

A woman is confronted by a tragic loss in her past, while forced to choose between love and motherhood in this short that also crowdfunded on Seed&Spark. 



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