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March 13, 2015

• Nicole Malek


"The Yellow Ribbon"

Why I loved it:

The setting of "The Yellow Ribbon" is beautifully on the nose for its genre: most of the action is foreground to a wide expanse of dry and infertile land, devoid of all color. But that is all that is traditional about "The Yellow Ribbon." Otherwise, the film works against what we have come to expect from Westerns, reinventing a dusty genre with a delicious dash of mystery.

Why you should watch it:

I don't want to give anything away, but if you watch the first two minutes and aren't interested in watching the rest, I will eat my hat.

Where you can watch it:

Right here in the Seed&Spark Cinema! 

Who made it:

Carlos Marques-Marcet is a director and editor from Barcelona. He is best known for most recent film 10, 000 Km (for which he won a Goya Award for Best New Director) as well as for editing Eliza Hittman's It Felt Like Love. He's definitely a talent to watch! We are all very exited to see what he makes next.


Nicole Malek

Community Manager, Seed&Spark



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