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Best pitch videos of far.

May 15, 2018

Ahma in the Bardo

Filmmaker Siyou Tan shoots a brilliant pitch video on her iPhone by selecting a free location that fits the magical world of her film. Small touches like playful graphics and family photos give audiences a sense of tone, style and story that make Ahma in the Bardo seem like an irresistible film. 


By intercutting footage of her protagonist alongside media-style shots, Rolla Selbak's pitch video for Choke powerfully connects her film with our current political culture in way that immediately grabs your attention. 


Life At All Costs

By including footage that's already been shot for her project, the pitch video for Life At All Costs lets the creator of this documentary series really break down why this series is important and the personal, emotional stories that are at its core. 


Looking for Leia

In a tight two minutes, Annalise Ophelian covers all the basics and manages to also convey all she and her team have done to get Looking For Leia to this point, and why crowdfunding is what's needed to bring the project to the finish line. Plus, Star Wars! 


Made Public

Made Public delivers a wonderful example of how you can turn your pitch video into a sample of the film you're trying to make. 


Michael and Michael Are Gay 

Michael and Michael show that they're more than suited to make a comedic web series by making their pitch video hysterical without skimping on the all the important campaign details. The special cameos in the video also showcase a deep knowledge of their audience. 


Musicals With A Message

Through simple rehearsal footage and a simple camera set-up, filmmaker Mary John Frank shows audiences she has all the skills it takes to make an incredible musical series in Musicals With A Message.


Straight Up

While a direct-to-camera address isn't typically the best approach to a pitch video, James Sweeney brilliantly finds a way to transform a tired format into a meticulous, quirky and funny video that makes us feel like we'd watch his full feature Straight Up even if it was just him sitting (or lying down) talking to the camera. 

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