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The best pitch videos...of the last 3 months

July 9, 2018

King Ester

Outside of showcasing the incredible footage the King Ester team already shot, the pitch video makes a compelling emotional case as to why this series needs to happen and also offers a crystal clear breakdown of how the money raised will help this project reach the next step.



In her pitch video for Spin, filmmaker Marielle Woods uses the opening of her pitch video to bring you into this specific world of sign spinners, as well as create the specific tone of her action drama. We're also total suckers for her use of spin-oriented puns.



Not for the squeamish, but if you can stomach it, you’ll get a wonderful glimpse into the hilarious mind of showrunner/actor M Rowan Meyer and his new series Patient. After you watch this, there’s won’t be a doubt in your mind that he can create the series he’s pitching...and that's exactly what you want your pitch video to do.  


The Thin Green Line

It’s a difficult task to balance such a heart-wrenching and emotional story as the immigration story featured in The Thin Green Line, but directors Max Cheney and Jeremy Scott never shy away from the tough subject matter without losing sight of the audience and how their support can get this important story told.


What Daphne Saw

Filmmaker Lizz Marshall does a fantastic job of showing not just telling (which she does well too!) how she’s using the science fiction genre to tell a complex, female-led story that will resonate in our current cultural moment with her feature, What Daphne Saw.


Desolation Center

Dealing with archival music and video costs are a pain no matter who you are, but director Stuart Swezey drums up excitement about these needs for his music documentary, Desolation Center, and clearly communicates why he needs your help to cover those costs.


You Are Going to Explode

Returning Seed&Spark filmmaker Tayler Robinson already made it into our pitch video hall of fame with her campaign for Garbage, and her pitch for You Are Going to Explode continues her flawless streak. She demonstrates a clear understanding that the tone and style of your pitch needs to match the tone and style of your film.



You’d be hard-pressed to find a stronger example of a filmmaker setting their pitch video in the world, tone and style of the film they're making than what Sahand Nikoukar achieves here with Driver 113.




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