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Great crowdfunding pitch videos

June 7, 2017

Want to know what a great pitch video looks like? We’ve rounded up some of our all-time favorites that showcase the various angles, approaches, styles and elements that take a just fine crowdfunding campaign video to the next level. 


The video for documentary Love, Hate, Church and State shows that it’s possible to create a pitch video about a serious subject using humor.


Student filmmaker Phillip Stilwell kind of takes the piss out of the whole pitch video convention in his plea for Tennis. Do you have any question what it will be like to watch this movie? Funny, cheap, effective while staying in the world of the film.


Karate Tortoise goes ALL. THE. WAY. The video feels like a bizarre short film that makes the sensibility of the filmmakers clear (if that’s entirely possible).


Hijabi shows us how the film may look and feel using a combination of computer and DSLR footage. Lesson? Showing audiences what you can do for 15 seconds (without spending a dime) not just creates the world of your film, it helps viewers understand the reward they might get for contributing.


You don’t have to be making a social justice documentary to make people feel things. We love this bright, sunny video for Learning to Drive — including the brothers and everything about how the project came together.  


It can be daunting if you’re raising money for a period piece! The filmmakers of Lily’N’Rose found a really creative workaround: they set their pitch video in the kind of retro shop where they might spend the money they raise, establishing the period of their film in their pitch video without having to pay for it. In doing so, they easily help us understand why they need our help! 


Abby and Tabby Alone in the Desert, a narrative feature film, showed us what their team is known for, and then delivered a tremendous amount of information as a catchy tune - keeping audiences engaged for some of the information that can seem boring to deliver.  


The Prayer knocks this out of the park. He manages to combine the feel of the film with his personal appeal right at the top. It’s an incredibly efficient use of time. Also, what happened in that car?!


You can’t help but get the feel of and need for this film in a pitch video that breaks all the rules and gives us all the feels. The Risking Light team gives us a good reminder that the subject matter and your capability are integral to a good pitch video. 


If you’re making a musical (and we always hope you are making a musical)about an underrepresented community, literally the best thing you could do is write a song about what the movie is about and why it matters to representing your community. Nanay Ko writer/director Mallorie Ortega shows us that she can write the music, lyrics, and move you.



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