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July 14, 2020

Crowdfunding to Build Independence: Online Workshop


Essential Education

Panels and conversations about the many stages within the Creator Journey.


Creative Sustainability Series: Live streamed sessions with well-known industry experts who share their experiences and dig into the very real challenges Creators are facing right now. This series is an effort to provide access to Creators of all mediums to inspire them to build a truly independent, sustainable creative career.


Lunch & Learns: Weekly midday sessions that offer conversations with emerging Creators as well as practical tips for your creative projects from building an email list to designing events that help promote your crowdfunding campaign.


Cineola Festival Q&A


Creative Ideation

Navigating the idea-building stage



Setting the Culture

How to shape your project and your collaborators with equity and inclusion in mind



Getting your Legal Ducks in a Row

Note: we are not lawyers or legal experts. When in doubt, ask someone who is!



Audience Building

Perhaps the most important place to start your journey



Using Social Media

The operative word here is “social;” don’t post into the void, start conversations!



Pre-game Strategizing

Ready to crowdfund? Read a few of these first!



Building Your Crowdfunding Page

The following gives helpful tips for best practices with each section of your crowdfunding page. Feel free to read them all or go directly to the section where you could use some extra help.


Pitch Video


Mission Statement








Ready, Set, LAUNCH!

Tips for Creators who are actively campaigning


Hosting Crowdfunding Events

Events are an essential component to crowdfunding. With COVID-19 impacting our ability to gather, we strongly recommend offering virtual events when possible and taking safety precautions, including social distancing, for events that are live.



Production & Post Resources

All about actually making the thing



Navigating the Film Festival Circuit

Pro tip: cheap, throwaway submissions add up, so be thoughtful about where you’re submitting and how it helps your creative journey



Distribution & Sustainability

This isn’t just about your next project; it’s about your career



Project Case Studies

Learn from the titans that came before!






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