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April 11, 2015

• Nicole Malek

Why I loved it:
“You bred Raptors?” is a short documentary about an eclectic band finding its way in NYC. The band manager and bassist, Peat Rains, narrates the film, describing their journey and band philosophy.
I can write paragraphs and paragraphs about why I loved this three-and-a-half minute short. That’s how good it is. But it has been a challenge for me to put my finger on exactly why I loved it. Was it the beautiful “Velociraptor blues” music that they played throughout?  Was it the theatricality of their performance? (Each band member wears a mask for the duration of their shows.) Was it because their band name involves dinosaurs? No, my friends. I love this movie because I love people that love what they do. And Peat Rains, speaking for the band throughout the film,  LOVES what he does. It is such a rare, magnetic pleasure to see someone who is so lovingly obsessed with their profession. As Peat says toward the end of the film, “This [making music] is the only thing that makes me completely happy. I’ll do it until my fingers fall off from the elements.” Watch this film and behold a lucky man.
Why you should watch it:
It’s incredible what talented filmmakers can do with a short amount of time. Jenny Schweitzer crafts a beautiful snapshot into the lives of these musicians in the time it takes to make microwave mac n’ cheese. I want to see what she can do in 90 minutes!
Where you can watch it:
Who made it:
Jenny Schweitzer is a prolific director and producer. “You Bred Raptors?” is part of 'Rhythm in Motion,' her series of short films centered around the subway musicians of New York City.


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