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January 16, 2015

• Nicole Malek

Name: "Sumi"

What I loved about it: 

This short is weird and unapologetic about its weirdness, which I can get behind. It opens inexplicably on a busy frame populated by tree branches, a magenta curtain, many tiny human figurines, and one larger zebra statuette. Unsuprisingly, the rest of the film is just as eclectic. "Sumi" never stops to give you answers, just plows ahead and expects you to catch up.

Why you should watch it:

At just over 10 minutes, it’s the perfect length for you to get your daily quick fix of weird filmmaking. 

Where you can watch it:

Right here in the Seed&Spark Cinema! 

Who made it:

It was directed by Rachel Grace and was written by and starred Hye Yun Park.


Nicole Malek

Community Manager, Seed&Spark



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