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We Hate to Say We Told You So...

September 15, 2016

• Emily Best

So, after we made the first season of F*ck Yes! and it got so much attention, it was clear it was clear that we owed our audience a second season (at least!). And thank goodness! We loved making every episode and all eight of us creators feel passionately about using what we know how to do (make moving pictures) to promote healthier conversations about sex (because we ALL need reminders).




I spent a few thousand dollars I had earned from a voiceover gig to make the first season. We all donated our time and energy. But the second season clearly requires more: more episodes, more cast, more crew, and we want to make sure everyone is appropriately compensated for their time. And because we had been contacted by audiences around the world that they wanted to chip in any way they could for more episodes – we knew this could be an excellent project to crowdfund.


So OBVIOUSLY this was a scary prospect because Erica, Julie and I literally teach the class on Crowdfunding. (And Julie, Blessing and Eve are also among the co-creators of the series! We run DEEP Seed&Spark on this one.) If we were going to run a campaign, even for our small webseries, we’d have to be awesome at it, right? So, we followed our own class guidelines almost to the letter. After all, the education the class provides to filmmakers is responsible for the highest campaign success rate in the world (that’s a fact about Seed&Spark, it’s over 75%).


And of course we were nervous. A lot of what we talk about in the class is that crowdfunding is a lot of work. It takes organization, division of duties among the team, tons of outreach to audiences, partners and press. You have to get to 30% as quickly as you can (preferably in the first three days). This stuff is always hard for creators to hear. But we did it all. And you know what? IT WORKS.


Not only does it work, it’s SO SO GRATIFYING. We have already received the support of our friends and family, of our filmmaking community, and now we’re starting to receive the support of folks we’ve never met before: sex educators, feminist porn stars, and just folks who like what we’re doing. We’re building relationships with these people that will last not just for this season of F*ck Yes!, but for all the seasons to come. Ahem.


Watch the video for more details about what it has taken to set up the F*ck Yes! campaign, how we’re dividing and conquering, and how that’s going so far…


Emily Best

Emily is the founder and CEO of Seed&Spark, and co-creator of F*ck Yes! the webseries. 



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