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12 Pitch Videos We Loved In 2018

December 14, 2018

Don't Ever Let Go

Filmmaker Fabian Molina opens his pitch for "Don't Ever Let Go" with some super slick animation that gets us into the world and style of his film in an immediately exciting way. His direct address to camera is shot and edited in a style evocative of animation to hit all the essential pitch video beats and give audiences a peek into his unique process.

Ashley's Story

In the pitch video for "Ashley's Story" filmmaker Emily Cohen Ibañez connects the audience with the central figure of her documentary as well as the team working to bring this incredibly relevant story to life. It's also a great showcase for how to utilize film and crowdfunding to make a direct, social impact.

Matt and Dan Season 2

Less talk, more action is the name of the game in this pitch for Matt and Dan Season Two. The exceptional(ly weird, funny) execution let's you know they know exactly what they're doing. 

Black Girl Training

Series creators Santana Coleman and Emily Kuester flex those storytelling muscles to set the context for "Black Girl Training". They deliver all the esseential information and make you fall in love with them in the process. 


You'd be hard pressed to find a stronger example of how to set the specific tone of your film than Rolla Selbak's video for "Choke". It's compelling in a way that hits all the right beats and showcases her skills as a filmmaler. 


Creators/stars Rachel Leyco and Sheena Midori Brevig act out scenes from their series and break the fourth wall in the process in order to pitch their project, "Crazy". The results are equal parts hilarious and engaging. 


Trying to fund for animation without having the funds to create a full proof of concept? Creator Olu Ogunye Jr. cracks this chicken/egg situation in his pitch for "Frankenstealth" through compelling storyboard visuals, as well as great energy and passion for this animated short.


From its shocking opening, to its high level energy and precise editing, Alexandria Collins blends her personal story and specific sense of humor into the very DNA of her pitch video for "GOALS N'SHIT"

Inbetween Girl

Through her warmth, passion and commitment, Mei Makino's pitch video for Inbetween Girl immedaitely draws you in and leaves you 100% confident she's capable of delivering this fresh take on the rom-com genre.


If you stomach that opening shot, then it's clear you're the right audience for Rowan Meyer's "Patient", as the tone, style and irreverence of his series is there right from the pitch video's opening frame. 


Writer/director Philip Williamson stragecially weaves star Alexandra's comedy stand-up into the pitch video and prove "mor-ALe" is a series that will both make you laugh and inspire meaningful dialogue. 

What Daphne Saw

Through stragetic simplicity, writer/director Lizz Marshall communicates so much in her pitch video for "What Daphne Saw" and proves you don't need a big budget, fancy VFX or access to insane locations to prove you're capable of delivering on a sci-fi premise. 



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